10 Strongest & Deadliest Ben 10 Villains Ranked

10 Strongest & Deadliest Ben 10 Villains Ranked

As far as traditional Western cartoons are concerned, Ben 10 is one of the most popular works in recent years. Throughout the series, a boy named Ben Tennyson, who finds a piece of alien technology containing the DNA of different aliens, which allows him to transform into each of them, fought a variety of powerful villains. In this article, we are going to bring you the 10 strongest and deadliest Ben 10 villains, ranked from least deadly to the deadliest.

10. Yenaldooshi


As Loboan, the werewolf shares many of its abilities with Blitzwolfer. The werewolf can create extreme sonic howls through its mouth, splitting it in half to amplify the sound. The werewolf has immense power.

9. Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo

Dr. Animo has the power to control animals telepathically or empathetically. This doesn’t include ordinary animals, but also their mutant monsters and aliens, even he was able to take control of the Null Guardians. According to the secret files version of The Secret of the Omnitrix, he learned of this power from one of Ben’s other enemies, Clancy, who could control insects and other arthropods in the same way.

In addition to this power, Animo is a genius and brilliant scientist, skilled in machines and genetic experiments, often using his knowledge to give him additional powers. His main invention, the Transmodulator and variants of it (such as on two occasions, a device he called a De-Evolution Bomb), allows him to turn animals into powerful and dangerous mutants who serve as his minions.

His other inventions include a machine capable of converting heat into energy which he uses to increase his stamina and durability (Projected) and a mind controlling gang extending his control over animals to be able to control creatures such as the Yeti.

8. Charmcaster and Hex

Tough luck

In the original series, like the Hex, Charmcaster uses magic, but instead of using a template, she has a magic bag from which she can draw all sorts of mystical magical items, such as magical explosives in bright shades of purple, purple throwing glowing leaves, or even a variety of clay animals that can be enlarged, magically animated and do your bidding. Although small, the bag seems to have something of a pocket of Charmcaster with her bird-like rock monsters within the dimension (basically a magical bag), allowing Charmcaster to store a wide variety of things within it that, logically, should not stay.

Hex is a master mage who possesses enormous magical powers. These include levitating self and objects, manipulating mana, projecting energy beams and forming shields, scouts (magical artifact locations), transforming matter, controlling the fire, earth, plants, and other elements, awakening inanimate objects to life, teleporting yourself and others, summoning stone creatures, clairvoyance of timeline changes, and other magical powers.

7. Ghostfreak


An ectoplasmic being, Ghostfreak is able to turn invisible at will, slip through solid matter, and fly. It also appears to have been able to move its eye or head around its body at will. It also had the ability to take over the bodies of other beings and control them at will. However, that was a potential that Ben rarely, if ever, used. He also later got telekinesis and could shoot rays from his tentacles, which may consist of plasma.

Almost incorporeal nocturnal beings are very sensitive to sunlight, which can easily destroy them. Originally, shadow monsters had a white protective skin, which was divided into different segments by folds. In certain places, Ghostfreak could open the protective skin to reveal its tentacles. In the second version of Ghostfreak, reabsorbed by the Omnitrix, this protective skin is no longer present.

6. Albedo

TFB1 283929

Albedo is highly intelligent, even more so than a common Galvan according to Dwayne McDuffie, and has a great deal of knowledge about the Omnitrix, managing to create a copy of it, which she later lost. He also has DNA mutation powers though, thanks to Ben’s meddling, he can only become a Galvan for a short time before reverting back to human.

In Omniverse, Albedo uses the parts he got from Weapons Master Techadon to turn his Omnitrix into an Ultimatrix that allows him to access ultimate forms. This Ultimatrix is not a real one, but a stabilizer to control his DNA mutation. Then Albedo would transform into Supreme Albedo, a super powerful being, with a supreme intelligence far superior to Azmuth’s, but would lose control over his body.


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5. Aggregor

No one escapes Aggregor

Being an Osmosian, Aggregor has the ability to absorb matter and energy from anything in order to use it in different ways. While Kevin currently relies more on his matter absorption powers, (due to his lack of control of his powers when absorbing energy), Aggregor has fully learned his powers, and prefers to absorb the energy of other life forms, gaining 10% of the powers of the original creature, without mechanical aid (this is the biological limit for Osmosians).

Unlike Kevin (at least until the moment he uses a machine made out of similar technology used by Vilgax, to increase his absorbing power) the powers and abilities he absorbs don’t drastically change his appearance (due to his advanced age): for example, when he absorbed the powers of one of Galapagus’s friends, his appearance remains the same, although he could now grow six holes in his torso to create wind attacks and fly at will. .

4. Reinrassig III

Reinrassig III

Reiny is a respectful person with a sense of pride like all of her kind. At first he seemed very self-centered, but in the end he shows great respect for the customs of his race which would explain his ego for being “pure”. He shows that he helps his friends even if he is in danger (such as having brought reason to the Highbreed Supreme, which would mean that he defies the chief of his race, thus forgetting his principles for his friends), he also forgets his principles for what who learns (also saves humanity, despite previously thinking they were impure).

Reinrassic possesses super strength (like all of his kind) enough to defeat Humungousaur, the ability to fire darts from his fingers, the ability to fly (not shown yet), grows stronger in the cold, and can burrow into the ground to find water; apparently; his only weakness is heat in large quantities; he also gains some of Swampfire’s powers (such as regeneration and firing fire, it is said that he can throw implosive darts) and retains his dart-firing power from his “grass” hand; he also has the political power to rule over the entire Highbreed population by being the Highbreed Supreme.

3. Kevin 11


Overall, Kevin 11 had access to the abilities of the first 10 aliens that Ben became:

  • Being part Tetramand, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Four Arms, such as enhanced strength and jumping. Technically speaking, Kevin 11 was physically stronger than Fourarms.
  • Being part Pyronite, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Heatblast, such as pyrokinesis. This is mainly because his upper right arm shares the same appearance as an ordinary Pyronite’s arm.
  • Being part of the Petrosapien, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Diamondhead, such as firing crystal shard projectiles, transforming his arm into weapons, and increased stamina. This is mainly because his upper left arm shares the same appearance as an ordinary Petrosapien’s arm.
  • Being part Lepidopterran, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Stinkfly, such as flying and spitting slime from his mouth.
  • Being part Kineceleran, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as XLR8, such as speed, agility, and enhanced reflexes. His tail was also prehensile, as he was able to use it to latch onto a Diamante’s leg after being pushed to the point of almost falling off a vehicle.
  • Being part Vulpimancer, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Wildmutt, such as enhanced senses and razor-sharp claws.
  • Being part Piscciss Volann, Kevin 11 shared many of the same powers as Ripjaw, such as underwater breathing, a glowing lure, and an expandable mouth with jaws that bend like steel and sharp teeth.
  • Being an Osmosian, Kevin 11 retained the natural energy absorption powers of his normal form, although he never trained to do so.

2. Dagon

Dragon Diagon

Dagon is an all-powerful interdimensional “demon”. His heart is said to have the power to rule the universe. He once demonstrated this, by changing all human beings on Earth into Esoterics. His known powers of him are superhuman strength (he was able to lift Very Large Supreme with his tentacles with ease) and superhuman durability (he was able to take several hits from Ascalon and Very Large’s cosmic rays.

Dagon also has a powerful fire breath, can fly, control the mind of other creatures (like the Lucubras) and can give a portion of his power to other beings such as Vilgax. Dagon can also emit powerful laser beams from his eyes and can summon storms at his disposal. He used acid rain to defeat Way Big and used lightning to kill Sir George.

Dagon can shapeshift into either taking the shape of an octopus (which is smaller than his “natural” form), a dragon form, and can also change his size. He can also regenerate damaged parts of his body and can transform into other Esoteric beings. He can instantly teleport anywhere he wants.

Also, Dagon is immortal, he cannot be killed by conventional means. Dagon also possesses a great knowledge of Magic. Along with his powers, he owns and commands an army of Lucubras and the Circle of Keepers of the Flame.

1. Vilgax


As a conqueror, Vilgax is adept at employing military tactics and weapon systems. He also eventually managed to look at the Omnitrix’s blueprints and research countermeasures, such as disabling the Omnitrix with just a single touch. As a result of his cybernetic reconstruction, Vilgax was granted various advanced abilities that made him a significantly more dangerous opponent than he was before.

In his current form, he possesses tremendous strength and endurance, as well as increased resistance to physical damage, allowing him to easily withstand attacks as powerful as Ben’s aliens. The pistons in his arms can be driven into Vilgax’s muscles, causing pain to increase his rage and increase his fighting power and resistance to enemy attacks. He also has the power to transform into a squid-like creature in water transform.

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