Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen (All 12 Special Grade Cursed Spirits Ranked)

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen (All 12 Special Grade Cursed Spirits Ranked)

The Curses, also called Cursed Spirits, are a race of spiritual beings born from the agglomeration of occult energy, which stems from negative feelings. They are corrupted spirits with supernatural abilities that exist to haunt humanity and are the main antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. There exists a system of ranking Cursed Spirits and the strongest and most dangerous among them are categorized as Special Grade Cursed Spirits. There are supposedly 16 such Spirits, but only 12 have been revealed so far and we are going to rank all the 12 Special Grade Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen for you.

12. Finger Bearer

Finger Bearer full body 28Anime29

The Curses that have ingested one of Sukuna’s fingers seem to evolve into some type of spirits. These Curses notably all have a similar appearance. These spirits appear as Cursed Wombs. Once their state of gestation is over, they extend their living space without adding any spells to it, making their creation a kind of Domain Expansion, but incomplete.

These Curses, carrying the curse of Sukunam are very powerful. Since they were Cursed Wombs, they were immediately categorized by the exorcists as S-class Pseudo-Curses after apparition. So far, they’ve proven to be rather combat-savvy Cursed Spirits with a penchant for cruelty, finding pleasure in gambling with their opponents’ lives, much like Sukuna himself.

Although very strong, these blights tend to linger at their point of origin like normal blights and attack anyone who enters their living space. They also possess incredible amounts of Cursed Energy, able to fire bursts of energy that they can shape-shift, emit very powerful energy blasts, and even cast magical barriers with their Domain.

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However, despite this, they seem devoid of any form of innate spells and pale in power compared to Sukuna himself. So far, only two such Curses have surfaced; one at Eishu Juvenile Detention Center and the second at Yasohachi Bridge. Both manifested in June 2018, after Yuji ingested one of Sukuna’s Fingers for the first time.

11. Kechizu

Kechizu first appearance 28Anime29

Kechizu is an S-class Cursed Womb: Death Painting who was revived by Mahito’s group in order to help the Curses take over Japan. Although ultimately defeated by apprentice exorcists, Kechizu and Eso were tasked with retrieving one of Sukuna’s Fingers and nearly defeated the students tasked with doing so. Kechizu’s power is less powerful than that of his older brothers, but he managed to catch Yuji off guard with it.

Kechizu’s blood is highly toxic and highly corrosive. Moreover, Kechizu’s blood does not have the same properties as that of his brother Eso, the effects caused not being exactly the same. As one of the Nine Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, Kechizu possesses the unique constitution of being able to convert his occult energy into the blood. As long as he doesn’t run out of black energy, Kechizu can produce as much blood as he wants and cannot die from exsanguination.


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10. Eso

Eso first appearance 28Anime29

Eso is an S-class Cursed Spirit who was summoned by Mahito’s group in order to help the Curses take over Japan. Although ultimately defeated by apprentice exorcists, the brothers Eso and Kechizu were tasked with retrieving one of Sukuna’s Fingers and nearly defeated the students tasked with doing so as well.

Eso’s power proved to be superior to that of his younger brother, but both pale in comparison to that of their older brother, Choso. Eso’s blood is highly toxic and very corrosive. For a human, his blood is not immediately lethal. It is from the moment when Eso completely covers his victim. Moreover, although blood mortality is sobering, the pain caused by it is unbearable.

Moreover, Eso’s blood does not have the same properties as that of his brother Kechizu, the effects caused not being exactly the same. As one of the Nine Cursed Womb: Death Paintings, Eso possesses the unique constitution of being able to convert his occult energy into blood, like his brother. As long as he doesn’t run out of Cursed Energy, Eso can produce as much blood as he wants and cannot die from exsanguination.

9. Smallpox Deity

The Smallpox Deity is an S-class Disease Cursed Spirit, which makes its power extremely rare. Pseudo-Geto assured Mei that the Smallpox Deity’s power was one of the strongest in hiscollection. The Curse Master used it as a benchmark to test the Class 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer’s abilities to judge if she was worthy of facing him.

The Disease Cursed Spirit is very powerful, justified by its ability to manifest a complete Domain Espansion. Mei alone probably couldn’t have dealt with the Domain’s guaranteed hit that repeatedly trapped her under a tombstone. However, due to being possessed by Spirit Manipulation, the Smallpox Deity is intellectually limited.

He then acted on instinct and targeted the enemy with the most cursed energy. With Ui with her, a simple distraction from her brother’s Cursed Energy was enough for her to create an opening and exorcise the Curse. The spell of the Smallpox Deity initially allows her to trap her target in a coffin. Once the target is trapped, the Curse takes their left fist and strikes into the palm of their right hand.

This move drops a giant tombstone onto the coffin, dealing heavy damage and burying the coffin underground. Once the tombstone is placed, the Curse starts counting from three. If the number reaches one, the target will be infected with smallpox and die.


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8. Choso

Choso EP24

Choso is an S-class Cursed Spirit. He not only possesses massive amounts of Cursed energy, but also one of the most powerful and balanced spells in existence. He has enough affinity with his spell to create new techniques and refine the ones he already has. Despite being an inexperienced fighter, Choso fought and won against Yuji and Naoya, two strong and experienced fighters, cementing his position as a mighty scourge.

Choso has great physical strength. This is further enhanced by his Flowing Red Scale technique. He badly injured Yuji during their fight and punched him hard enough to smash the walls several times. With his blood-hardened fists, Choso was also able to injure him in the shoulder and even immobilize him. Choso has immense amounts of Cursed Energy which he constantly uses to fuel his spell without exhausting himself in the least.

Since he can convert his energy into blood, during his fight against Naoya, he was able to flood an entire highway with blood and use Supernova right after, showing that he didn’t have to use up all of his energy. Besides, his spells are of extreme pressure and speed, not only thanks to the reinforcement of cursed energy but also thanks to his skillful control over his energy and spell.

7. Tamamo-no-Mae

Tamamo no Mae

The Incarnation of Tamamo-no-Mae is an S-class Curse and this rank reflects its strength. However, we do not have any information regarding its capabilities. Suguru summoned him with his Maxiumum: Uzumaki technique, but the two were defeated by Yuta and Rika’s final attack.


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6. Dagon


Dagon is an unlisted S-Class Curse, just like Mahito, Jogo, and Hanami, born from humans’ hatred of the sea and its dangers. Although relatively weak at first, when compared to his companions, it was by losing his base form that Dagon was able to reveal his full potential. He was able, all by himself, to take care of three Jujutsu Sorcerers, including two from Class 1, and could have won against them if some people had not come to disturb their fight as well as his techniques.

Dagon has shown that he has been able to levitate which allows him to be able to quickly extract himself from enemy attacks and to be able in turn to retort with throwing techniques from the air. Dagon has also shown extreme resistance to enemy attacks. Even when Kento, Naobito, and Maki attacked him with several of their techniques multiple times, Dagon emerged undamaged.

Similarly, when Toji delivered a barrage of blows to him with the Playful Cloud, a cursed object that concentrates pure force, Dagon emerged almost unscathed. Although he is very resistant, we can also note that Dagon can fight even when wounded. This is the case during his fight against Toji where, despite having been stabbed in the eyes or having been injured in the shoulder, he was ready to continue fighting.

Dagon possesses a vast amount of dark energy since he is a plague. This isn’t just shown in its classification as an S-class Curse, as it was able to create a veritable tidal wave so large, that even Megumi’s shikigami, Max Elephant, pales in comparison. He was able to chain together powerful attacks simultaneously and even Domain Expansion without ever running out of energy.

5. Mahito


A high-level Curse born out of hatred of humans, it is capable of taking human form, its goal is the extermination of humanity. He is sadistic, immature, and enjoys playing with human emotions, even when his life is in danger. He believes that life has no value or meaning and therefore everyone should do what they want with it.

This mentality seems to come from his ability to perceive and manipulate souls, which makes him see souls (and by extension the heart) as nothing more than an object.

His occult power allows him to manipulate his soul and those of others by changing the shape of his body and that of others, thus allowing him to transfigure the bodies of his victims by transforming them into monsters in his service.


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4. Jogo


A high-level Curse born out of humans’ fear of the land. It is a cyclops whose head is shaped like a volcano. When he is overexcited, his “volcano” erupts and lets out a strong heat. He is impatient and too sure of himself and his abilities. Without scruple, he does not hesitate, when he has the opportunity to kill humans.

His occult power allows him to create mini-volcanoes, which generate and control extremely powerful eruptions of fire, capable of destroying everything in their path. He can speak normally unlike most plagues. He considers himself a pure human, that’s why he wants to eliminate all the humans he calls impostors and living counterfeits.

3. Hanami


Hanami is an S-class Cuse possessing an incredibly tough body, a spell that can materialize/control plants, and the ability to hide its presence. He was able to take Satoru by surprise and momentarily take advantage of Yuji’s vulnerability by using his flower field and a wooden monster in order to save Jogo and flee.

Hanami was able to achieve this feat due to the combination of his tactical abilities, evasion as well as his ability to mask his presence. Satoru himself praises Hanami’s ability to run away, being able to escape the great perception of the Sixth Eye, and even claims to find Hanami far more threatening than Jogo.

Hanami was able to break through the barriers of the Jujutsu School due to his unique nature and was the cornerstone of her group’s assault on the Institute. The S-Class Curse was able to take on six of the school’s strongest apprentices, rendering the majority of them unable to fight after facing him.

Additionally, Hanami was able to survive Satoru’s attack after he reached his limit fighting Yuji and Aoi, though he was fatally injured. During her final fight against Satoru, Hanami was his primary target due to their past confrontation. While Hanami was able to partially corner Satoru and was vital to his eventual sealing, he did not survive the battle.

He made a crucial mistake by switching between different types of spells that Satoru was able to exploit. Hanami’s eye branches are also his only weak points in addition to being very vulnerable. When the branches were completely pulled out of their sockets, Hanami’s abilities dropped significantly, rendering him unable to withstand another onslaught from Satoru.


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2. Cursed Rika

maxresdefault 2 1

As an S-class vengeful spirit, Rika’s power was unmatched. Fully manifesting Rika was seen as a grave threat by high dignitaries in the Jujutsu society. By only manifesting her arms, she could easily harm non-exorcists and exorcists. Once Yuta had enough confidence to allow Rika to fully manifest, Rika’s power eclipsed that of nearly every other Curse.

Suguru, a Jujutsu Sorcerer with over four thousand cursed spirits in his possession, believes that Rika is undoubtedly the undisputed queen of curses. He risked everything to gain her power and had he succeeded, Suguru could have achieved his goal of killing all the non-exorcists. With Rika’s help, Yuta was able to defeat Suguru and defeat all the curses the latter threw at him.

She backed him up with physical attacks and used her speed to shield him from danger. To counter Suguru’s Maxiumum: Uzumaki technique, Yuta exceeded the limits of Rika’s Cursed Energy, making her more powerful than ever. However, after the fight, Rika’s curse disappeared completely after she decided not to punish Yuta for severing the bond between them.

1. Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna looking down on Yuji 28Anime29

Sukuna is an S-class Curse. Considered the undisputed king of curses, Sukuna possesses incredible strength and presence, a presence that nearly froze his opponents when he awoke in Shibuya. He quickly overpowered and defeated Jogo, the strongest Curse of Mahito’s faction. Even Satoru acknowledged Sukuna’s strength, stating that fighting him would be difficult.

With each appearance, Sukuna has proven himself to be by far the strongest Curse of all time. He badly injured Mahito when he was angry, defeated Jogo without much difficulty, and even defeated Makora, the Ten Shadow Technique’s strongest shikigami. His strength is so great that Mahito and Jogo were convinced that Sukuna’s full resurrection could secure the Age of Curses. Sukuna’s strength is only rivaled by a small number of people, even among the S classes, Satoru Gojo being one of the only people who can claim to defeat him (as far as we know).