Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen (All 12 Special Grade Cursed Spirits Ranked)

Strongest Cursed Spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen (All 12 Special Grade Cursed Spirits Ranked)

The Curses, also called Cursed Spirits, are a race of spiritual beings born from the agglomeration of occult energy, which stems from negative feelings. They are corrupted spirits with supernatural abilities that exist to haunt humanity and are the main antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen series. There exists a system of ranking Cursed Spirits, and the strongest and most dangerous among them are categorized as Special Grade Cursed Spirits. There are supposedly 16 such Spirits, but only 12 have been revealed so far, and we are going to rank all of them

12. Finger Bearer

Finger Bearer full body 28Anime29

Curses that consume one of Sukuna’s fingers transform into spirits known as Cursed Wombs, resembling each other and creating incomplete Domain Expansions after gestation. These S-class Pseudo-Curses, carrying Sukuna’s curse, exhibit combat prowess, cruelty, and significant Cursed Energy. While powerful, they remain localized at their origin points, lacking innate spells and falling short of Sukuna’s formidable strength.

11. Kechizu

Kechizu first appearance 28Anime29

Kechizu, an S-class Cursed Womb: Death Painting, is revived by Mahito’s group to aid in their plan to take over Japan. Despite being defeated by apprentice exorcists, Kechizu and Eso pose a threat to retrieving one of Sukuna’s Fingers. Kechizu’s unique power lies in his highly toxic and corrosive blood, with the ability to convert occult energy into blood, ensuring he cannot die from exsanguination as long as he has black energy reserves.


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10. Eso

Eso first appearance 28Anime29

Eso, an S-class Cursed Spirit summoned by Mahito’s group, aids in their plan to take over Japan and, along with his brother Kechizu, nearly defeats the students attempting to retrieve one of Sukuna’s Fingers. While Eso’s power surpasses that of his younger brother, both are inferior to their older brother, Choso. Eso’s highly toxic and corrosive blood, coupled with his ability to convert occult energy into blood, makes him a formidable foe, ensuring he cannot die from exsanguination as long as he maintains cursed energy reserves.

9. Smallpox Deity

The Smallpox Deity, an S-class Disease Cursed Spirit, is considered a rare and formidable entity in Pseudo-Geto’s collection of powers. Used as a benchmark by the Curse Master to test Mei’s abilities, this Cursed Spirit possesses the ability to manifest a complete Domain Expansion, trapping victims under a tombstone with a guaranteed hit. Despite its intellectual limitations due to being possessed by Spirit Manipulation, Mei, aided by her brother’s Cursed Energy, successfully exploits an opening to exorcise the Curse. The Smallpox Deity’s spell involves trapping the target in a coffin, followed by a strike that drops a giant tombstone, dealing significant damage and burying the coffin underground, with the threat of smallpox infection if the countdown reaches one.

8. Choso

Choso EP24

Choso, an S-class Cursed Spirit, possesses both massive Cursed energy and one of the most powerful and balanced spells, allowing him to create new techniques and refine existing ones. Despite his inexperience, he defeats seasoned fighters like Yuji and Naoya, showcasing his formidable strength. Choso’s physical prowess is augmented by his Flowing Red Scale technique, enabling him to severely injure Yuji and demonstrate immense Cursed Energy control, flooding a highway with blood during his fight with Naoya without exhausting himself.


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7. Tamamo-no-Mae

Tamamo no Mae

The Incarnation of Tamamo-no-Mae is an S-class Curse summoned by Suguru using the Maximum: Uzumaki technique. While its strength is acknowledged with its S-class rank, specific information about its capabilities remains unknown. Unfortunately, the Curse and Suguru were both defeated by Yuta and Rika’s final attack.

6. Dagon


Dagon is an unlisted S-Class Curse born from humans’ hatred of the sea. Initially weak compared to his companions, he revealed his full potential after losing his base form. Dagon demonstrated levitation, resilience to attacks, and the ability to fight even when wounded, as seen in his battle against Jujutsu Sorcerers. Possessing a vast amount of dark energy, Dagon unleashed powerful attacks, created a massive tidal wave, and executed Domain Expansion without running out of energy.

5. Mahito


Mahito is a High-level curse born from human hatred that can assume human form and seek to exterminate humanity. Sadistic and immature, it enjoys manipulating human emotions and believes life has no value. With the ability to perceive and manipulate souls, it sees them as objects, allowing it to transfigure bodies and turn victims into monsters in its service.

4. Jogo


Jogo is a high-level Curse born from humans’ fear of the land, it is a cyclops with a volcano-shaped head that erupts when overexcited. Impatient and ruthless, it kills humans without hesitation, considering them impostors. With the occult power to create mini-volcanoes, it controls powerful eruptions of fire to destroy everything in its path.


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3. Hanami


Hanami, an S-class Curse, possesses a tough body, plant manipulation, and the ability to hide its presence. Utilizing tactical abilities and evasion, it surprised Satoru and exploited Yuji’s vulnerability. Hanami played a key role in breaching the Jujutsu School, facing six strong apprentices and surviving Satoru’s attack, though fatally injured. In the final battle, Hanami’s strategic error and vulnerability in the eye branches led to its defeat by Satoru.

2. Cursed Rika

maxresdefault 2 1

Rika, an S-class vengeful spirit, possessed unmatched power and was deemed a grave threat by Jujutsu society. Even with only her arms manifesting, she could harm both non-exorcists and exorcists. When fully manifested, her power surpassed almost every other Curse, making her the undisputed queen of curses, according to Suguru. Yuta, with Rika’s help, defeated Suguru and overcame the limits of her Cursed Energy. However, after the battle, Rika’s curse disappears when she chooses not to punish Yuta for severing their bond.


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1. Ryomen Sukuna

Sukuna looking down on Yuji 28Anime29

Sukuna, an S-class Curse, is hailed as the undisputed king of curses, possessing immense strength and a formidable presence that froze opponents in Shibuya. He effortlessly defeated Jogo and even injured Mahito in a fit of anger. Satoru acknowledged Sukuna’s difficulty in combat, highlighting his status as the strongest Curse. Sukuna’s strength is unparalleled, with only a few, including Satoru Gojo, considered capable of challenging him.

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