Gojo Vs. Jogo: Who Would Win?

Gojo vs Jogo: Who Would Win?

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Satoru Gojo is considered by most to be the strongest Jujutsu Kaisen character of them all. Jogo is a cursed spirit and an antagonist in the series. Who is stronger between the two? Who would win in a fight between Gojo and Jogo?

Satoru Gojo not only would defeat Jogo, but he has done it in both the manga and the anime. Jogo is powerful, which cannot be denied, but Gojo is simply on a different level and he would beat Jogo senseless without too much effort.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to compare Satoru Gojo and Jogo in more detail. Through several categories, you are going to see exactly who the stronger of the two is and why our answer is like it is.


Satoru is said to be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful exorcists in the series, wielding both immense amounts of occult energy and a dangerously powerful technique.

In the present, the power of Satoru is feared even by the highest dignitaries of the exorcist society, and it is such that he can overturn decisions made by the pundits like the capital punishment of a person.

He declares in particular that it would be easy for him to kill them all and to overthrow the current society if he really wanted to. Satoru even claimed that he could defeat Sukuna at his full power.

Gojo defeats Jogo 28Anime29

Jogo is an unlisted Class S plague, as are Mahito, Hanami, and Dagon, born out of humans’ fear of the earth and the volcanic processes it generates. According to Suguru, he will equal the power of at least 8 to 9 of Sukuna’s Fingers. He also showed that he was extremely strong, forcing the King of the Plagues to recognize his worth.

This comparison will end up being quite simple, as Gojo has already shown that he is superior to Jogo in every category, being able to defeat him with relative ease. This is why he gets the first point.

Points: Gojo 1, Jogo 0

Powers and Abilities

He has great physical strength and can fight against powerful plagues without problems, delivering powerful punches and even being able to throw them a great distance with a single kick. He has great speed, managing to keep up with the movements of an S-Class exorcist effortlessly, and throwing almost imperceptible punches and kicks.


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He has been shown to be able to move faster than the eye can perceive. Satoru has proven to be quite tactical and has shown that he is able to figure out what his opponent is planning with just enough information. He’s also shown to be extremely adaptable to pretty much any enemy he’s encountered so far.

Jogo confronts Satoru Gojo 28Anime29

Jogo has great strength. He can land powerful punches and was even able to create a big impact just by jumping when he appeared in front of Satoru for the first time. Jogo notably has high speed. He was able to catch Class 1 Exorcists Kento and Naobito as well as Maki by surprise and burn them all one by one without them being able to do anything.

Due to his S-Class nature, Jogo can easily strengthen his body with occult energy in order to regenerate lost limbs. Notably, he faced off against Satoru where he ended up losing his entire body except his head and managed to regenerate it with no problem after resting for a few days.


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This category also confirms that Gojo is superior in terms of skilly and powers to Jogo, as nothing Jogo had to offer could’ve helped him not lose to Gojo in their fight.

Points: Gojo 2, Jogo 0

Fighting Skills

The level of durability that Gojo has is unknown since there have been a few times in which he is injured or seen in dangerous situations, in addition to that, his technique prevents others from giving him some type of damage.

During his younger days, the only time his ability was exceeded was during his first confrontation with Touji Fushiguro, where he sustained injuries that nearly took his life. Still, he managed to recover from the multiple stab wounds to continue fighting.

Gojo vs Jogo: Who Would Win?

With an incredible level of durability, he was able to continue a fight even if various parts of his limbs were cut off or bleeding excessively. Likewise, he showed great resistance to pain, resistance that enabled him to endure long periods of time in combat.

During various clashes, parts of his limbs were cut off and he continued to fight without showing much importance to the matter. During his confrontation with Sukuna his limbs were severed several times in a row but that was no reason to give up and he continued to fight until the end much to Sukuna’s delight.


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Jogo’s not that great of a fighter in terms of hand-to-hand combat. He is not useless, but there are many fighters more skilled than him, as he uses his immense durability to his advantage in fights. Gojo, on the other hand, is one of the franchise’s best fighters in general.

Points: Gojo 3, Jogo 0


Satoru is known within exorcist society as the most powerful exorcist. He got this pseudonym because of the immense amounts of occult energy and powerful techniques he possesses. Satoru’s occult energy is large enough to use Territory Expansion multiple times a day, unlike other exorcists.

He has excellent control over his occult energy, being able to activate his Territory Extension in a fraction of a second, use the inversion spell, and even combine positive and negative occult energy.

Gojo shows Jogo the difference in strength 28Anime29

Jogo possesses a vast amount of occult energy as he is a curse. He uses his jujutsu in the form of fire and lava attacks. Jogo can even burn entire people. He also has skillful control over his occult energy as he possesses both Superior Technique and Territory Extension. His occult energy is so immense that he can materialize his attacks as the huge meteorite propelled into Shibuya.

And, the final category is just a cherry on top, as we once again simply have to confirm that Gojo’s Jujutsu powers are far superior to Jogo’s.

Points: Gojo 4, Jogo 0

Satoru Gojo Vs. Jogo: Who Wins?

The fight between Gojo and Jogo says it all. Satoru Gojo is simply stronger than Jogo. Jogo is a powerful Plague and had it been someone other than Gojo, Jogo would probably have been at better odds against his opponent.

But, unfortunately for the demon, he fought Gojo and Gojo even had the luxury of not using his full powers in the fight.

This is why Gojo is the clear winner in this scenario.

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