15 Strongest Fracciónes in Bleach Ranked by Power

15 Strongest Fracciónes in Bleach Ranked by Power

The Fracciónes are a special group of Arrancar in Bleach that serve under the Espada, thus mimicking the role that Lieutenants have in Soul Society. Their number varies, as well as their powers and abilities. For example, while Coyote Starrk and Nnoitra Gilga seemed to only have one Fracción under their command, Szayelaporro Granz had at least a dozen and Baraggan Luisenbarn has six Fracciónes under his command.

There are only a few Espada who prefer to fight alone – Ulquiorra Cifer, Zommari Rureaux, and Aaroniero Arruruerie – and they have no Fracción under their command. A Fracción’s loyalty to the Espada is even greater than that to Aizen. The Fracciónes are quite specific and in this article, we have decided to rank the 15 strongest Fracciónes among them by their power.

15. Nirgge Parduoc


Number: 27
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbarin

Our list of strongest Fracciónes in Bleach begins with Nirgge Parduoc. When it comes to combat, Nirgge relies mostly on his own strength and stamina, far more than his speed or the use of some of the Arrancar’s own techniques. Although Ōmaeda seemed to be putting all his effort into taking his opponent down, it took Nirgge a single smack (and one he threw rather half-heartedly) to accomplish what his enemy had failed to accomplish. Still, his strength proved to be an illusion, as Ōmaeda defeated him easily once he actually decided to become serious.


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We start off our list with this guy, one of Baraggan’s henchmen. Now, Nirgge fooled us into thinking he was strong because he played with Ōmaeda for a while, and we know that Ōmaeda is pretty much useless save for eating his cookies. But, once Ōmaeda got serious, Nirgge actually stood no chance and that is why we couldn’t give him a better position on our list.

14. Pesche Guatiche


Number: 41
Espada: Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Despite his weak and harmless appearance, as a former member of the Fracciónes, Pesche Guatiche is an Arrancar of some power, probably comparable to that of a Shinigami Lieutenant, based on the strength seen in other Arrancars similar to him.

Well, Pesche Guatiche is more of a comical relief than anything else, but in reality – he is quite strong. As Nelliel’s Fracción, Pesche has shown two sides – a mostly useless weak one (when Nel is a baby), and a serious and quite strong other side (when Nel returns to normal), the latter making him a formidable foe. The latter side is also the reason why Pesche is on this list.

13. Tesra Lindocruz


Number: 50
Espada: Nnoitora Gilga

Tesla’s abilities and his level of combat have not become very defined in the series, because the only time he got to fight was against an opponent who could no longer do much; his Zanpakuto was also released only once, so it is very difficult for us to determine its strength in its sealed state.

Knowing the performance of the other Fracciónes of the Espada, we suppose that Tesla should be able to rival a Shinigami Lieutenant, and the truth is that he was quickly defeated by a Captain. The only Arrancar technique Tesča ever displayed was a variant of Cero, with which he quickly found Nel Tu’s hiding place.

Best known as the guy killed by Kenpachi without the latter even blinking, Tesla is nevertheless an intriguing and powerful character. His loyalty to Nnoitora eventually cost him his life, but he has proven himself to be capable of facing Icihgo, albeit a weaker Ichigo, which is enough for a spot on this list, without a doubt.

12. Cyan Sung-Sun


Number: 56
Espada: Tier Harribel

Although Cyan Sung-Sun has hardly been seen fighting, we can venture that his level rivals that of a Shinigami Lieutenant, like most of the Arrancar members of a Fracción. It is about the member of Harribel’s Fracción with a more logical and analytical mind, acting coldly at all times and trying to contain the impulsiveness of his companions. In addition to the Sound, the only Arrancar technique that Sung-Sun has been seen performing has been the Cero, which in her case is generated on her right sleeve and is dark pink.


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The weakest of the Tres Bestias, Sung-Sun is simultaneously the most cunning and intelligent one. Mila Rose and Apacci are physical fighters, whereas Sung-Sun wants to preserve her body as well as her mind, which is why she usually attacks from a distance or when she is certain she will make a good hit. This is why she had to be on this list as well.

11. Franceska Mila Rose


Number: 55
Espada: Tier Harribel

Because Mila Rose fought with her two Fracciónes companions most of the time with only one Shinigami, the advantage they had was so evident that it is not easy for us to say if one of them alone would have been a rival or not. worthy of the Shinigami Lieutenant.

If we stick to the performance of most of the Arrancar components of a Fracción, the truth is that their level is comparable to that of a Lieutenant, so the same can probably be said for the Third Fracción. As far as Mila Rose’s fighting style is concerned, it is eminently based on the handling of her Zanpakutō, being able to finish off several Jagdarmee soldiers.

As far as Mila Rose is concerned, she is a very powerful Arrancar, although she best works with the other Bestias. Sure, she can hold a fight on her own, but when she combines her powers with those of Sung-Sun and Apacci, she becomes almost unbeatable, as the three of them are able to summon Ayon.

10. Yylfordt Granz


Number: 15
Espada: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Yylfordt’s Zanpakutō is named after El Toro and is activated by the Skewer command. To release it, he places the sword pointing towards his enemy with his arm flexed and in a lateral position. In the state of Resurrection, Yylfordt covers his torso (from the waist up) with a white armor reminiscent of a bull, even his face is totally changed. Yylfordt uses the sheer brute force that his release gives him to forcefully ram his enemies and impale them on his powerful long horns.

You’d think that Szayelapporo’s brother would work with Szayelapporo personally, but Yylfordt was simply a Fracción of Grimmjow’s and as such, he never had a major role, but we placed him on this list because it is impossible for Szayelapporo’s brother to be so weak; this is mostly based on Grimmjow’s expectations.

9. Findorr Calius


Number: 24
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn

During Findorr and Hisagi’s fight, Findorr fails to show any Arrancar techniques in the manga. However, in the anime adaptation, Findorr does manage to perform some of Arrancar’s basic attacks.


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This guy actually gave Hisagi a run for his money because of his amazing adaptive skills. Calius was a tactical expert and he used his skills to counter Hisagi’s powers and abilities, which was successful for a while. He ultimately fell to Hisagi’s blade, proving that he wasn’t as strong as he thought he was, which was enough for the ninth spot on this list.

8. Abirama Redder


Number: 22
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn

The case of Abirama Redder is certainly one of the most curious within the Arrancar since before even dealing a single blow to his opponent or measuring his strength, he chose to release his Zanpakutō and suddenly show his full potential, wishing to crush his adversary.

Therefore, we do not know if Abirama was capable of performing some techniques common among the Arrancar or his fighting style, and the only thing we can assume is that his level was close to that of the rest of Baraggan’s Fracciónes, worthy of competing and putting the difficult things to a Shinigami Lieutenant.

This flying Arrancar was described by Baraggan as one of the most skilled characters in the series. And while Kira, Redder’s opponent, certainly is a powerful Lieutenant, the members of this group were able to hold their own against similar opponents. It was ultimately his pride that cost him his life and that earned him a spot on our list.

7. Emilou Apacci


Number: 54
Espada: Tier Harribel

Of the three Arrancar that are part of Harribel’s Fracciónes, Apacci is the one who has had the most fight scenes with Matsumoto. Showing, in any case, to be at a level very similar to his, if not higher (although the fact that Matsumoto was at a disadvantage and fatigued after her enemies’ attacks).

Most likely, Apacci’s level, like that of Mila Rose and Sung-Sun, is similar to that of other Arrancar that make up a Fracción, and therefore comparable to that of a Shinigami Lieutenant. In any case, Apacci seems to be a fighter more oriented to hand-to-hand combat than her fellow Fracción, and especially to ranged attack, as she can launch her Zanpakutō and return it to her arm.

Although physical strength is definitely not her strong point, Apacci is certainly as strong as her peers. She is fast, reliable, and quick to act, which can also get her in trouble. Be that as it may, she is the most skilled among Harribel’s group and only lost when she – and her colleagues – faced Yamamoto himself.

6. Charlotte Chuhlhourne


Number: 20
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn

Despite having fought and been defeated by a Division Officer, it is not indicative to underestimate the strength of the Arrancar. The potential of Yumichika (whom we know is practicing to acquire the bankai) is much greater than it could at first sight. Likewise, he has also shown to have good command when using his Zanpakutō in his sealed state, being able to fight on par with Yumichika.

Charlotte has shown that she possesses great physical strength, being able to break one of Yumichika’s arms with just one of her attacks, despite Yumichika being in a defensive position.

Later, during his fight against Bambietta, Charlotte was able to stop and be able to throw Quincy against a building using one hand. He was able to stop a surprise attack from Yumichika by a reflex action of his arm, regardless of his will, to realize that his rival had survived.

This one just looks creepy and we completely understand why he wasn’t taken seriously by practically anyone. Still, in an actual fight, he was almost able to kill Yumchika had the latter not found some additional way to trick him. Baraggan had done his math right, and that is why Charlotte deserves this spot.

5. Edrad Liones


Number: 13
Espada: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Edrad’s Zanpakutō is called Volcanic and is activated with the command. Although it has also been translated as Get up, to release it he places his hand on the edge of the katana and pronounces the release command. In the state of Resurrection Edrad obtains two huge white arms with a hole in each bicep, as well as protectors on his cheekbones and part of his abdomen.

This is one of the first Arrancar to fight the Shinigami and he gave Ikkaku a lot of trouble, almost defeating him at one point. Edrard is a powerhouse, but he also has some neat abilities that complement his overall powers and skills. He was ultimately defeated only when Ikkaku decided to activate his Bankai.

4. Choe Neng Poww

219Poww defeats

Number: 25
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn

Poww’s fighting style seems to be based exclusively on the use of his fists, unloading powerful blows capable of defeating Ikkaku. A Shinigami who has already been able to develop a bankai, of destroying one of the pillars of the false Karakura and hitting one of the Gotei 13 Captains with a single blow.

Aside from this monstrous strength, the only abilities Poww has been seen to use over the course of their combat have been the use of Iron which allowed him to withstand a blow from Komamura. Which knocked him back without even bleeding, or the Cero which has used in his sealed state to hurt Ikkaku, and later to release his resurrection.


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However these events only occur in the anime, since in the manga Poww never gets to use his Cero, he only gets to charge it once he releases his resurrection, but did not get to use it because the Arrancar was terrified when he saw Captain Komamura’s Bankai.

This guy is so powerful that he literally turns into a humanoid whale; yes, he has that much power. He almost killed Ikkaku Madarame, who is a brilliant fighter and had already defeated a Fracción, but Poww was too much for him. Sure, when Captain Komamura intervened, he lost easily, but the fact that it took a Captain-level Shinigami to defeat him speaks for itself.

3. Ggio Vega


Number: 26
Espada: Baraggan Louisenbairn

Ggio Vega’s fighting style is quite similar to that of Soi Fon herself, something that he comments on during their match. Like her, Ggio has spectacularly developed his hand-to-hand fighting skills, his fight against Soi Fon was marked by agile dodge movements and a large number of kicks and punches. Ggio at times showed that he was capable of rivaling with which she is considered one of the best in Soul Society in this discipline.

Likewise, Ggio was shown to be very proficient with the use of his Zanpakutō in his sealed state, showing that he was capable of combining his melee attacks with the wielding of his Zanpakutō. Additionally, Ggio has been seen to have been an intelligent and analytically-minded combatant, displaying some diversionary tactics and escape maneuvers in adverse situations.

Baraggan is a character that prefers strength and he wouldn’t have picked Ggio were he not powerful. His strength was best demonstrated during his fight with Captain Soi Fon, where he was able to match her incredible speed and fighting skills, thus proving that he is definitely deserving of such a high spot on our list.

2. Shawlong Koufang


Number: 11
Espada: Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Shawlong Koufang is characterized by analytical thinking and intelligence rather than brute strength like the other Fracciónes of Grimmjow. Accordingly, he is also less brutal and, above all, much calmer. Still, it’s no problem for him to simply cut through Daiguren Hyōrinmaru at 20% of his power. Shawlong masters Sonido. It looked fast for Rangiku at first, but after the limit release, Toshiro is much faster with Shunpo and can easily catch him.

Shawlong is a very specific Arrancar who is as powerful as he is scary, and he is quite scary. He is the leader of Grimmjow’s Fracciónes and in that aspect, he is definitely among the most powerful ones. His strength was best demonstrated during his fight against Captain Hitsugaya, whom he almost killed in that fight.

1. Lilynette Gingerbuck

224Lilynette27s sword

Number: ??
Espada: Coyote Starrk

Despite being an Arrancar and also being the other half of the first among the Espada Lilynette’s performance has hinted that she is quite a weak character. Especially when compared to the other combatants who participated in the Battle of Karakura Town. Although her effort and impetus were irreproachable and worthy of merit, the truth is that her blows were stopped with great ease by Ukitake, and it was clear that she had no possible option with a Shinigami of her category.

In fact, Lilynette was repelled by a low-level Kidō spell, and not even being armed with a Zanpakutō was she able to inflict a single scratch on her opponent.

While Lilynette may not look like much – well, Ukitake managed to block her attacks without practically making any effort at all – she is Starrk’s only Fracción and in that aspect. She embodies part of his powers. With Starrk being the strongest among the Espada, Lilynette certainly deserves this place among the Fracciónes.