Division Meanings and Symbols in Bleach Explained!

Division Meanings and Symbols in Bleach Explained!

The Gotei 13 is the organization that most shinigami join in Bleach. It is divided into 13 Divisions (hence the name), with several Divisions having different specialties. For example, Division 4 is the Medical and Supply Division, the 11th Division is the Combat Division (specializing in Swordsmanship), and the 12th Division is the Science and Research Division. Due to their complex and intriguing structure, we have decided to use this article to explain the meaning and symbolism behind each Division of the Gotei 13 in Bleach.

Before we analyze each Division individually, here is a brief overview:

FirstShunsui KyōrakuNanao Ise
Genshirō Okikiba
ChrysanthemumsTruth and InnocenceDeep Purple
SecondSoi FonMarechiyo ŌmaedaPasque flowerSeek NothingDark Orange
ThirdRōjūrō ŌtoribashiIzuru KiraMarigoldDespairSpring Green
(Magic Mint)
FourthIsane KotetsuKiyone KotetsuBellflowerThose Who Grieve Are LovedPuce
(Dusky Pink)
FifthShinji HirakoMomo HinamoriLily of the ValleySacrifice, Danger, Pure Love,
Humility, Sweetness
Pale Turquoise
SixthByakuya KuchikiRenji AbaraiCamelliaNoble ReasonCobalt Blue
SeventhTetsuzaemon IbaAtau RindōIrisCourageDark Tan
EighthLisa YadōmaruYuyu YayaharaStrelitzia
(Bird of Paradise)
Everything is ObtainedRaspberry Rose
NinthKensei MugurumaShūhei Hisagi
Mashiro Kuna
White PoppyOblivionTenné
TenthTōshirō HitsugayaRangiku MatsumotoDaffodilMystery, EgoismDark Green
EleventhKenpachi ZarakiIkkaku MadarameYarrowFightLavender
TwelfthMayuri KurotsuchiAkonThistleVengeance, Strictness, IndependenceOlive Green
ThirteenthRukia KuchikiSentarō KotsubakiSnowdropHopeMaroon

Division 1


The official Frank talk!! with the 9th Division lieutenant, Shūhei Hisagi revealed the following about Division 1: “Since the captain who leads the 1st Division is the Head Captain Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, your first thought might be that this division is too hard for you. But actually, the captain throws a tea party once a month, and they hold really creative events in the lieutenant’s English-style classroom, and it’s a lot of fun! Plus, the 1st Division is near the bath house, and lately, the newspaper’s been doing a feature on stone saunas, which they also have. So for those of you who want to get stronger, but don’t want to get worn out, this is the division for you!

No special duties were handed down to the First Division. The First Division is the highest ranked among the 13 Divisions. Even simple soldiers of this Division are considered model Shinigami. Emergencies must be dealt with quickly; quick decisions and actions are essential. The First Division can analyze a situation and mobilize swiftly before an order is given. This is the true value of the First Division.

Division 2


The official Frank talk!! with the 4th Division lieutenant, Isane Kotetsu revealed the following about Division 2: “Well, if it’s about the 2nd Division, they’re most famous for their division offices undergoing remodeling after remodeling, and now the building is amazingly luxurious. Lately, there have even been stories that part of the training room under the division offices has been remodeled to dig out a hot spring. I definitely want one of those for the 4th division.

So far, no other special tasks of the Second Division are known, except that the commander is also the commander of the Onmitsukidō. The Second Division has been directly linked to the Onmitsukidō for 110 years by its previous Captain Yoruichi Shihōin, who was Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō before being promoted to Captain. As such, the special tasks of Soul Society have completely become the specific task that the division is tasked with. Members are assigned assassinations, police duties, arrests, and carrying messages.


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Division 3


The official Frank talk!! with the 6th Division lieutenant, Renji Abarai revealed the following about Division 3: “Since that incident, Kira’s seemed pretty down. Well, it’s pretty hopeless… Hey, any of you guys who’d think, “Anything’s fine! I just want to be helpful to Lieutenant Kira!” — join here!! Good luck, Kira!!!

So far no special tasks of the 3rd company are known, although the Third Division is in charge of all Necromancers, who open portals to other worlds and release anything formulated by Kidō spells.

Division 4


The official Frank talk!! with the 13th Division’s third seat, Kiyone Kotetsu revealed the following about Division 4: “Nee-san’s division is sooo busy! Sometimes I go there to pick up Captain Ukitake’s medicine, and I get the feeling that everyone is working hard with no rest! And Captain Unohana– ahhh, if you see her get angry it’s pretty scary! –That’s what Nee-san said, anyway.

The 4th Division is responsible for medical care for the injured Shinigami. They treat injuries and illnesses and are also responsible for other work in Seireitei, such as cleaning it. Furthermore, the 4th Division is divided into different squads that fulfill specified tasks. The members of the 4th Division are despised and harassed by those of the 11th Division. However, most of the members of the 11th Division were very afraid of the 4th Division’s Captain, Retsu Unohana.

Division 5


The official Frank talk!! with the 8th Division lieutenant, Nanao Ise revealed the following about Division 5: “H… Hinamori-san, is your health better now? If you have any troubles or concerns or that sort of thing, you can talk to me any time, just ask for me! Let’s read together again sometime.

No special task has been indicated for the Fifth Division, although its members are actually the courier unit of the Gotei 13. The members of this Division are also quite skilled in many fields, being trained by a Captain who is excellent at everything, including being ready for combat.

Division 6


The official Frank talk!! with the 3rd Division lieutenant, Izuru Kira revealed the following about Division 6: “The 6th Division, huh…? Their captain seems well, I’m a little jealous. It’s a good place, isn’t it, the 6th Division. And there’s a captain, too. And Abarai-kun… We have good memories together, he’s a really good guy. Not that bright, though.

The 6th Division is responsible for Soul Society’s central defense, but no other special tasks have been indicated for the Sixth Division. The Sixth Division is seen as a model division by all shinigami, and is known for its strict policy of adhering to the rules. They are also in charge of Seireitei investigations.


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Division 7


The official Frank talk!! with the 11th Division’s third seat, Ikkaku Madarame revealed the following about Division 7: “The 7th division, pfft. Guys who want to be more manly should come to the 11th division!!

No special task has been indicated for the Seventh Division, although they are in charge of the general defense of the Sereitei in case of an attack. This division is made up of sincere and unpretentious people who live life with pleasure. Both the former Captain Komamura and the current Captain Iba strongly believe in moral obligation and compassion. This ethical doctrine has been passed on to all members of the Seventh Division.

Division 8


The official Frank talk!! with the 10th Division’s lieutenant, Rangiku Matsumoto revealed the following about Division 8: “Nanao is reeeally strict. Anyone else who’s strict shouldn’t join. The 8th Division has a captain full of mature charm, and a sexy lieutenant, so it’s really exciting~! Everyone, come and play sometime. ♥

No special tasks have been noted for the Eighth Division and it is not known that they actually have any specific duties. Former Lieutenant Ise was known for her strict respect for the rules, whereas former Captain Kyōraku was extremely laid back and relaxed. It is not known if current Captain Yadōmaru has any special rules for their Division members.

Division 9


The official Frank talk!! with the 9th Division’s lieutenant, Hisagi Shuuhei revealed the following about Division 9: “Our captain isn’t here, but don’t worry! My dedication to protecting the 9th division hasn’t changed. Right now I’m focusing all my efforts on the unfamiliar editing work, but as one of the “Protection Divisions” and as the “publisher’s house”, we’re doing our best to stay together! For now, I’m welcoming everything you bring me! I’ll be waiting for your creative submissions!!

No specific tasks of the 9th Division are known so far, however, former Captain Tosen and Lieutenant Hisagi issued the Seireitei news earlier; whether Captain Muguruma continued this tradition is not known. But, they are always on the lookout for combat as they are the security forces of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, the 9th Division is in charge of arts and culture. For this reason, the Seireitei News Magazine was entrusted to this Division. All Gotei 13 division lieutenants have to submit their reports to the division.

Division 10


The official Frank talk!! with the 13th Division captain, Jūshirō Ukitake revealed the following about Division 10: “The 10th division is made up of the reliable Captain Hitsugaya and balanced by the gentle Lieutenant Matsumoto, so I think it’s a very good division. I recommend this division to those of you who want to keep refining your abilities. Hah, Captain Hitsugaya is the kind of guy who just keeps soldiering on no matter what you throw at him. And hey, look, his name kind of looks like mine. Whenever I see him I keep subconsciously wanting to give him candy. It’s really a good division.

In The Diamond Dust Rebellion movie, the 10th Division was tasked with escorting the prized King’s Seal. The order failed when Sōjirō Kusaka stole the seal. It is unknown whether that is their usual job. Generally, the Tenth Division is in charge of the military organization and is the tactical and strategic head of the Sereitei. Naruki City is under the jurisdiction of the 10th Division. There are no more special tasks that have been mentioned.

Division 11


The official Frank talk!! with the 12th Division captain, Mayuri Kurotsuchi revealed the following about Division 11: “The 11th Division? I don’t know. Why must I introduce people to the 11th Division? It’s just a gathering of thugs with pitiful intelligence who fight all the time. Besides, one time that lieutenant of theirs came into my research laboratory, and she climbed onto my chair and spilled disgusting candy everywhere, she touched all my machines with her filthy hands, she erased my data, she got water on everything when she went to wash her face– Why that wretched brat?! This is all Zaraki’s fault.

The task of the 11th Division includes combat operations. The Eleventh Division is a direct combat division with a specialization in sword fighting, leaving aside the other Shinigami arts and thus being one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. Thus, it is common practice for members of the division to charge your Zanpakutō at all times. They frown on kido powers.


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The division’s doctrine of combat dominance is what draws its members; they see combat as what makes life worth living. This is what separates the Eleventh Division from the rest of the divisions and makes it the strongest division. All members of this division are highly skilled in combat. They believe that if they are going to die at all, they have to die fighting gloriously.

Division 12


The official Frank talk!! with the 2nd Division lieutenant, Marechiyo Ōmaeda revealed the following about Division 12: “Huh, the 12th Division? I don’t know, I don’t deal with them at all. Don’t ask me! Direct all further questions to my personal secretary. I’m kind of the boss around here, you know. Bwahahaha!

The 12th Division is responsible for the Shinigami Research and Development Unit, i.e. for collecting and using data and information from all areas of Soul Society. They have been in charge of developing new technologies and spiritual tools for more than 110 years. Some of the major experiments conducted in Soul Society have been conducted here, including the notorious Project Spearhead.

Division 13


The official Frank talk!! with the 11th Division lieutenant, Kusajishi Yachiru revealed the following about Division 13: “Ukkii? There’s always really tasty-looking candy by Ukkii’s bedside. And there are reeeally big carp in the pond outside too~ Ehehe, I brought them there.

It is the task of the 13th Division to watch out for the human world or the city of Karakura Town in the event of major Hollow activities. Ukitake is also the one responsible for the creation of the Substitute Shinigami.

Source: Bleach Wiki

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