20 Strongest High School DxD Characters (Ranked)

High School DxD

As far as High School DxD is concerned, the characters are what essentially makes the show so great (and their interactions, of course). Now, we’re not saying that High School DxD has a bad plot – zombie flick lovers will adore it – but the characters are the essence of the whole show, and that is why we have decided to dedicate this article to the colorful cast of High School DxD.

There are several ways to approach this list, but we have opted to give you a list of the strongest characters from High School DxD from the whole franchise. We have decided to list 20 such characters, ranking them from 20th to 1st place. You will find out about each of them as well as their powers and abilities, which will also explain why we have ordered them as we have.

20. Hades


Hades is one of the strongest beings in the series and is, therefore, even superior to Zeus, the leader of Greek mythology, and Poseidon, god of the sea. Azazel even told his students to avoid direct confrontation with him.

19. Rias Gremory

Rias has all the usual abilities and powers of a demon. She demonstrated that she also has experience using spells such as draining powers to make Issei’s hand human again, healing, teleportation through magic circles, and others. Extinguished Star is Rias’ one-hit kill technique that she can create thanks to Issei’s influence, altering her demonic powers. Rias manipulates the energy from her Power of Destruction and compresses it into an unimaginable amount of demonic power, which then takes the form of an enormous sphere within which a massive aura of crimson and black energy can be seen.

18. Gasper Vladi


Being a dhampir, Gasper also possesses rare vampiric powers, such as controlling bats or turning himself into a swarm of bats, and uses these abilities primarily for exploration. He can also manipulate shadows and darkness, but he doesn’t have complete control over them. Due to his existence as a dhampir, he does not have the weaknesses of the pureblood vampire and does not have to fear the sunlight.

Gasper has the advantage of being a runner, knowing and using magic. He surpasses even human magics cast by mages. Originally clumsy in hand-to-hand combat, he later received tuition in this area after awakening the Forbidden Invade Balor the Beast Form.

Gasper’s fighting style is heavily influenced by Issei’s, as he runs forward and charges headlong into the fight. However, Gasper has the advantage over Issei in that he can immobilize his opponents beforehand using his Eclipse.

17. Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong Appears

Sun Wukong completely mastered ninjutsu, and according to his descendant Bikou, this is why he can be called a real monster. With this, he was able to rejuvenate Issei with a single blow of his staff. Sun Wukong is a tremendously powerful and skilled fighter, because he belongs to the main fighting force of Mount Meru and to the former vanguard of Indra. He was able to completely overwhelm the strongest members of the hero faction, declaring that they were all too young to stand a chance against him. When the Khaos Brigade made itself known to the world, Sun Wukong was sent out by Indra to repel the group, and he managed to stop several of their operations with minimal effort. He is a master in the use of magic and spells, especially those of ancient and legendary magic, which he learned through Taoist practices.


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He knows spells to command wind, divide water, invoke protective circles against demons, and freeze humans, demons, and gods alike. Sun Wukong can cast a spell powerful enough to destroy the Mist of the Lost Dimension. He helped Issei perform the Pailingual through Yasaka and Kunou, spinning his staff and tapping the ground.

16. Serafall Leviathan

Serafall Hero

Serafall specializes in ice-based magic, which goes against Sitri’s trademark use of water-based magic. This is Serafall’s proprietary technique that turns the land itself into ice. This technique was demonstrated when it turned part of the Underworld itself and the creatures created with Annihilation Maker entirely into ice.

As the current Leviathan, Serafall is an extremely powerful demon. According to Sona, her sister is capable of destroying Japan multiple times when she “glitters” like this. Serafall is considered the strongest female demon in all of the underworld. Since Serafall is a demon, she can use her wings to fly.

15. Ajuka Beelzebub

As the current Satan Beelzebub, Ajuka is one of the strongest demons in the underworld. To be precise, he is one of the so-called Super Devils, along with Sirzechs and Rizevim. Their power is said to surpass that of the original Satans and can be compared to that of very powerful gods. The power was demonstrated in the war against the Old Satan faction, whose members all consisted of high- and ultimate-class demons (which additionally increased their own power in an unknown way).

Zeoticus mentioned that because of such tremendous powers, for Ajuka and Sirzechs there was no other position more worthy of them than that of Satan. Ajuka’s powers are specialized in calculations due to his interest in calculation. His demonic powers are unique among demons and only he can create new things with his powers.

14. Sirzechs

As the current Lucifer and leader of the Four Great Satans, Sirzechs is the most powerful demon in the underworld. Along with Ajuka Beelzebub and Rizevim Livan Lucifer, he is one of the so-called Super Devils endowed with power surpassing even that of the original Satans. His father, Lord Gremory, related that Sirzechs and Ajuka were worthy of no position other than that of Satan because of their strength.

Sirzechs inherited the Power of Destruction from his mother, Venelana, who was of Bael clan descent. He is a master of the ability that allows him to destroy anything that comes in contact with him. Azazel related that the main reason Sirzechs was chosen as Satan was due to his perfect control over this power.

13. Albion

Albion anime flashback

As one of the Celestial Dragons, Albion has great strength. Before he was sealed in Divine Dividing, it is rumored that its strength far exceeds that of the current Dragon Kings. Albion is famous for dividing the power of its opponents and absorbing half of it.

Being a dragon, Albion is able to fly. It was revealed in Volume 16 that Albion is able, to a certain degree, to reflect attacks. In Volume 21, it was revealed that Albion’s true danger lies in his poison, which he can produce and which even gods feared, as it destroys both body and soul. The only one immune to this poison is Ddraig.

12. Vali Lucifer

Vali Lucifer

Vali’s Sacred Gear and his main and only weapon. Divine Dividing is a Sacred Gear and is one of the 13 Longinus. Sealed within is the soul of the Vanishing Dragon, White Dragon Emperor Albion, one of the two Heavenly Dragons. The Divine Dividing takes the form of two white wings on the user’s back, enabling them to fly at the speed of light.

These wings have the opposite effect of Issei’s Boosted Gear as they have the ability to Divide. This means Vali can halve his opponent’s powers every 10 seconds after touching them once. Half of the lost power is then inflicted on Vali until she reaches her limit; the rest of the excess energy is then shed through the wings.

11. Ddraig

Ddraig half body

As one of the Heavenly Dragons, he has tremendous power. Before he was sealed in the Boosted Gear, his strength was rumored to be far superior to that of the current Dragon Kings. Ddraig himself claims that he could destroy Earth multiple times with his brute force.

Ddraig is known for his ability to multiply his own powers and transfer them to other people or objects. Another ability of Ddraig that allows him to penetrate through any protection. Being a dragon, he can use his wings to fly.

10. Crom Cruach

Crom Cruach is considered the most powerful of the Evil Dragons. Through his years of training in the human and demon worlds, he even achieved a level of strength that is now superior to that of the heavenly dragons. This was demonstrated by his fight against Issei and Vali when he was able to stop them both with ease.

Furthermore, in one fight, he even forced Dulio to activate his Balance Breaker, although Dulio is actually forbidden from using it without Michael’s direct orders. Crom Cruach demonstrated that he could move extremely quickly, countering both Vali’s attacks, despite him moving at the speed of light in his Balance Breaker, and Issei’s attacks in his Welsh Sonic Knight mode.

9. Michael

Michael full appearance

As one of the highest angels, a seraph, and the last archangel with twelve golden wings, he is the strongest angel in existence at the moment. He can create light weapons with ease, and his power is probably on par with the Satan class. As an archangel and the strongest seraph, Michael possesses tremendous holy power, presumably comparable to a Satan-class demon or presumably a lower-class Super Devil (like Rizevim).

Because of this tremendous holy power, he is also able to control the Holy System of God and can create various light-based weapons without much trouble. This was shown when he shot a huge destructive spear of light through Rizevim.

However, Michael’s true power comes from the fact that Michael is now in control of the system that God created long ago, which causes demons to take damage when they come into contact with sacred objects. However, the whole system is weaker with Michael than it was with God.

8. Gabriel 


As an angel, more specifically as one of the four great seraphs, Gabriel has the ability to use light to produce various effects and is superior to other angels. As a seraph, Gabriel is able to form multiple weapons of light with ease.

As an angel of the highest rank and one of the Four Great Seraphs, Gabriel is one of the strongest angels in Heaven and probably possesses power equal to that of a Satan-class devil. Proof of their strength is that Irina called Gabriel the strongest woman in heaven.

Holy system control: Gabriel’s true power, which was transferred to her after Michael locked himself in the isolation barrier, however, is based on the fact that she now has control over the system created by God in the distant past that harms devils who come into contact with blessed objects, works miracles, and determines who can be saved.

7. Azazel

HS DxD Azazel Preview

Possessing tremendous power, Azazel is even on par with Satan’s class, along with his fellow former angel Michael and his three Grigori co-leaders, Shemhazai, Baraqiel, and Kokabiel. This was already shown in the second season in the fight against Katerea Leviathan, who was an Ultimate class Demon, and later also in the fight against Pluto, who belongs to the Ultimate Grim Reaper category.

Azazel can create powerful light-based weapons that he can skillfully control. Unlike most Fallen Angels, who can only create one spear of light, he can simultaneously create countless others and fire them like arrows with no sign of exhaustion.


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6. Indra

Indra is a god of the ultimate class and thus belongs to the strongest gods of all mythologies. Indra is said to be so strong that it would take all current Satans to match him. Indra ranks among the top 10 in the list of the strongest beings in High School DxD. In the past, slay several powerful opponents like Dragon King Vitra, the former king of Asuras Virochana. He also managed to deal with the Trihexa body attacking his faction.

In Volume 10 of the light novel, it was revealed that Indra could read the minds of anyone (even gods). According to his own statement, some of the gods of the other factions (especially gods who have something to do with the underworld, evil, darkness, and death) want unrest and chaos instead of peace. He also stated that he knows what Hades is planning and that it will affect all factions. Much to Azazel’s surprise and suspicion, how can Indra know all this?

5. Issei Hyōdō


Issei’s Sacred Gear is the Boosted Gear, one of the 13 Longinus where one of the Heavenly Dragons, Sekiryuutei Ddraig, the Red Dragon Emperor, resides. It is said that he has the power to kill Maous and God when he is completely overpowered. His Sacred Gear Abilities is to double his power every 10 seconds with no limit, and his sub-ability is to be able to transfer his multiplied power to a being or object, which makes him great in terms of support.

Issei can also fire a beam of energy by concentrating his magical powers, he calls it “Dragon Shoot” or “Draconian Shot”. After his fight with Sirzechs, feeling inspired by the way he uses his Power of Destruction, Issei begins to work on how to redirect his Dragon Shot by moving it in different directions, first using it in Volume 12 in his battle against Jabberwocky.

4. Shiva

Shiva, a tremendously powerful god, is considered the strongest existence among all the factions of the world, if you exclude Great Red and Ophis; he ranks high in the “Top 10 Strongest Beings”. Indra, a god of the Ultimate Class, allied with the hero faction consisting of special weapon users such as Sacred Gears, including three high-tier Longinus users, to fight against him, although he also mobilized his own forces.

Azazel believed that Shiva could stop Trihexa when it awoke, although he could only seal it. He was able to stop a giant fish that released a divine presence with his finger, which was capable of wiping out high-ranking gods like Hades and Angra Mainyu. According to Ajuka Beelzebub, Shiva is able to destroy the world.

As one of the Trimurti gods, he can predict and see the future, as Azazel mentions to Sirzechs, Michael, and Shemhazai in Volume 19. He predicts that once Trihexa is released, it will cause tremendous chaos and the destruction of all worlds, which would amount to an “apocalypse.”

3. 666 (Trihexa)

Trihexa’s strength is immense, it is such that it is on a par with Great Red and Ophis at its maximum power, according to Azazel, if a meeting between Trihexa and Great Red were to occur, it would result in the end of the world. Within a couple of days of being released, he managed to cause massive damage to many mythological factions, as well as almost completely eliminating Asgard, Grigori, and Heaven.


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Trihexa has skin that is almost indestructible to any type of attack. Despite his high resistance, Trihexa has instant regeneration, being able to regenerate even if he turns to ash. Despite taking a direct hit from Vali, Issei, Dulio, and Tobio’s extremely powerful Longinus Balance Breakers, he was unable to deal permanent damage from his regeneration.

According to Sirzechs, even with the help of various gods from different mythological factions, Azazel, Michael, and the three great Satans, including him (a Super Demon), due to Trihexa’s absurd regeneration, it would take an absurd amount of time to even seal it. According to Azazel, her aura is so powerful that if a normal person comes into contact with it, they would go insane.

2. Ophis 

Ophis appears

Ophis is able to manifest her power in the form of snakes. These snakes have the ability, when distorted, to drastically increase the power of the consumer. Another type of snake that she can still spawn can bring out the full potential of a Sacred Gear. Although it can lead to a shortened path to the Balance Breaker, it can also have a different outcome by destroying the Sacred Gear and killing the owner.

Ophis is a true shapeshifter, capable of changing her size, apparent age, physical attributes, and traits. Even their gender is not fixed and can, therefore, change. By Ddraig’s own account, Ophis, at full power, is far more powerful than the two celestial dragons combined.

So much so that after getting her powers reduced to the point where she was only twice as strong as them both, she felt weak. Ophis can bless people, giving them special benefits. In Asia’s case, her natural ability to handle dragons was enhanced even further, and in Irina’s case, her luck was enhanced.

1. Great Red

Great Red appearing and showing Issei and Rias the way out

As the most powerful being in existence, Great Red possesses unparalleled strength. In Volume 12, he lends Issei a part of his powers, which is enough for them to be able to destroy a part of the Underworld without a trace. Great Red is also stronger than the two Heavenly Dragons and it is said that he is strong enough to be able to shrug off the assault of a Dragon King or High-class Devil.

It is said that only Ophis, the “Infinite Dragon God,” and Trihexa, “The Beast of the Apocalypse,” are capable of equaling him in power, to the point where a clash with either of them would cause the end of the world. Being an existence with the power of dreams, Great Red can appear in people’s thoughts and has the ability to control their dreams.

He can attack or protect dreams and even alter reality to some degree through them. He knows all the dreams that everyone has ever imagined, drawing power from them. He is able to project people’s dreams onto others. From his own body, he is capable of creating biological or artificial bodies so that other beings can inhabit it, as he did with Issei. As a dragon, he uses his colossal wings to fly.

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