25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Best Anime Like High School dxd

High School DxD is a Japanese light novel series. An anime adaptation consisted of four seasons. It is noted as the best ecchi for its story and its many action, comedy, and romance scenes. As there are no new seasons of High School DxD (yet), here is a list of the best anime series like High School DxD that you need to see. The list is going to include a total of 25 different titles which resemble the High School DxD anime in one way or the other.

1. Highschool of the Dead

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 5, 2010 – September 20, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

On an ordinary morning, everything happened as normally as on any other day. From the roof, Komuro Takashi, the main character, observes a strange happening at the school gates: a suspicious man is causing trouble. One of the teachers, when trying to expel him, ends up being bitten by the suspicious man and amidst the cries of despair from the other teachers he gets up, but now he is a zombie.

He then starts eating the other teachers who were with him. Seeing this, Takashi runs back inside the high school and teams up along with his friend Miyamoto Rei and her boyfriend Igou Hisashi with whom he is best friends. Now the high school is already infested with teachers and other high school zombies. The three then decide to go up to the roof, but on the way, they meet a professor who has been turned into a zombie.


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This teacher ends up biting Hisashi, who is left with an injured arm. After eliminating the zombie, they manage to get to the roof of the school, in addition to finding several zombies and normal students being attacked by them on their way. On the roof, Hisashi begins to feel the first effects of the bite caused by the zombie.

2. So, I Can’t Play H!

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 6, 2012 – September 25, 2012
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

Ryōsuke Kaga is a high school student obsessed with women. One day he runs into a girl who is standing impaled in the rain without an umbrella. This is Lisara Restall, an angel of death (or shinigami, as he defines himself later) visiting the world of humans in order to find a specific subject who possesses a soul with high potential, which can release a large amount of energy necessary for the survival of his world, Grimworld.

Lisara enters into a temporary contract with Ryosuke, so that she draws all the energy she needs for her search for her in the world of men, from the energy of the boy’s perverse spirit. Lisara reveals to the boy that he only has three months left to live and also reveals that there is a way to extend it.

At that point Ryosuke proposes an agreement to Lisara which he accepts: he would help her find the “strong soul” and she would prolong his life. Thus he begins the search that will bring them closer and closer.

3. Haganai

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 7, 2011 – March 29, 2013
Number of Episodes: 24 + OVA

Kodaka Hasegawa is a newly transferred student at St. Chronica’s Academy, a Catholic high school. Due to his blond hair, inherited from a European mother, Hasegawa is unable to make friends with his companions who, believing that he has dyed hair, consider him a criminal. One day, Kodaka runs into the edgy and lonely Yozora Mikazuki, who is chatting with her imaginary friend Tomo about her.

Realizing that none of them have a social life, Kodaka and Yozora decide that the best way to resolve their situation is to start a club called Your Neighbor’s Club, created specifically to allow students to make new friends.

4. Date A Live

Date A Live Watch Order The Complete Guide Including Movies 04

Original Run: April 6, 2013 – present
Number of Episodes: 34 + 2 OVAs

Date A Live series begins with a bizarre phenomenon called a “space earthquake” devastating central Eurasia, claiming at least 150 million lives. Over the next 30 years, small space earthquakes swarm the world irregularly. At present, Itsuka Shido is an ordinary high school student not good with girls. On the first day of class, a spacequake destroys the city and a girl with armor appears in front of him.

Taken in a violent battle, our hero finds himself unconscious, when he wakes up he finds himself on a ship and learns that Kotori, his sister, is the captain. The latter tells him that the girl is one of the “spirits”, mysterious beings from another dimension who destabilize space-time when they arrive on Earth and that the only way to stop this catastrophe is for them to finally meet love.

5. To LOVE Ru

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: April 4, 2008 – October 28, 2015
Number of Episodes: 50 + 10 OVA

Rito Yûki, an ordinary fifteen-year-old high school student, has long been in love with Haruna Sairenji, a young girl in his class. Unfortunately, Rito never had the courage to talk to her. One day when he is very motivated, the protagonist finally decides to confess his feelings to him. After multiple interrupted attempts as diverse as they are varied, Rito is once again defeated.

On his way home, as he makes himself comfortable in his bathroom after a hard day, out of nowhere and in a delicate situation, a pretty young girl appears in front of him: the explosive arrival of Lala Satalin Deviluke, first princess of the planet Deviluke and heiress of the galaxy, will upset the quiet little life of our hero.

6. Campione!


Original Run: July 6, 2012 – September 28, 2012
Number of Episodes: 13

The protagonist, a simple Japanese schoolboy named Godou Kusanagi, went to Italy to return a stone tablet that his grandfather once took to its former owner. Upon his arrival, he is attacked by a local girl, Erika Blandelli, and Godot becomes involved in a battle between the magicians and the fallen gods. The stone tablet turns out to be an ancient grimoire with sealed divine power.


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So Godot becomes the seventh “campion” (from Italian Campione – “champion”) – a mortal, endowed with the power to kill the gods. Erica becomes his faithful knight and declares that the guy’s heart belongs to her. Godot will have to fight gods and magicians, and other magical girls will soon join him as allies, who will also lay claim to the heart of the protagonist.

7. Mayo Chiki!

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 7, 2011 – September 29, 2011
Number of Episodes: 13

It’s the story of a normal student, Kinjiro Sakamachi, except for his phobia of girls, who lives alone with his little sister Kureha, the latter often training with him by hitting him like a punching bag. One day, when he goes to the bathroom of his school to relieve himself, he will by accident discover the patterned underwear of Subaru Konoe, the butler of Kanade Suzutsuki, the director’s daughter.

As a result of this, he understands that Subaru is actually a girl. To be able to protect this secret, the two girls will make him drool.

8. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Original Run: January 3, 2008 – March 27, 2008 / October 2, 2008 – December 24, 2008
Number of Episodes: 13 / 13

Tsukune Aono is an unremarkable young boy who unfortunately failed all the high school entrance exams. By pure chance, his father finds an advertisement for Yokai High School, the High School for Monsters.

It is there that he meets Moka Akashiya, an angelic-looking young girl who actually hides a split personality and very powerful vampire powers (S-class monsters). His powers are revealed when the rosary adorning his neck is torn off. Thanks to Moka’s powers, both will fight several monsters. Later, Tsukune and Moka will meet the succubus Kurumu Kurono and Yukari Sendo, a gifted little witch.

9. Sekirei


Original Run: July 2, 2008 – September 26, 2010
Number of Episodes: 25 + 2 OVA

In Tokyo in 2020, referred to as Shintō Teito (“New Eastern Imperial Capital”), the boy Minato Sahashi fails the university entrance exam for the second time, has not yet had any success with women, and moreover, he is still unemployed. However, he is very intelligent, but cannot cope with the pressure of an exam, which explains his constant failure.

As a result of these circumstances, however, he is labeled a loser by many, even his little sister. One day the attractive Musubi falls into his hands as if she had fallen from the sky. However, he soon realizes that Musubi is not an ordinary girl, but that she is a Sekirei and has chosen him as her Ashikabi.

10. Freezing

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 8, 2011 – December 20, 2013
Number of Episodes: 24 + 12 OVA

In the near future, the Earth is subject to repeated attacks by extraterrestrial entities from another dimension, endangering all of humanity. Called Nova, these creatures resist conventional weapons and are capable of creating a Freezing Zone, an attack that immobilizes matter. To avoid its extinction, Humanity creates a new world order, the Knight Organization, which makes it a point of honor to build an army capable of repelling the invasion.

This army is made up of women, named Pandora. These possess superhuman powers and physical abilities bestowed by their Stigmata, Nova tissues implanted in their bodies. The Pandoras are equipped with a male pair, a Limiter capable of channeling part of the power of a Pandora and thus releasing Freezing to counter those of the Nova.

11. Actually, I Am…

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 6, 2015 – September 28, 2015
Number of Episodes: 13

Asahi Kuromine, a high school student unable to keep secrets, surprises one of his classmates, Yoko Shiragami, by deploying a large pair of wings. He then learns that Yōko is a vampire and that her father threatens to change her establishment if her identity comes to light.

Since Youko is particularly distracted, she struggles to keep her secret, especially since Mikan, Asahi’s childhood friend, keeps insisting on finding out more about her. Asahi will later discover that other girls in her school also keep heavy secrets, which will make her task as a confidante was all the more difficult.

12. Otome Yōkai Zakuro

Otome Yokai Zakuro

Original Run: October 5, 2010 – December 28, 2010
Number of Episodes: 13

The story takes place in Japan in the process of westernization, where humans and spirits coexist. To maintain harmony between the two, the Ministry of Spiritual Affairs is created, which is established with both human and spirit representatives.

Lieutenants Kei Agemaki, Yoshinokazura Riken, and Hanakiri Ganryu are chosen to be the human representatives, and Zakuro, Suzuskihotaru, and the twins Bonbori and Hozuki, as the spirit representatives. However, Zakuro cannot stand humans who accept Jesuit practices so easily and Agemaki has a serious fear of spirits.

13. Omamori Himari

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 6, 2010 – March 24, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12

Seven years before the story begins, Yuto Amakawa’s parents died in a car accident, leaving the boy without even a relative to take care of him. The only item left by his family is a strange and mysterious amulet given to him by his late grandmother. Since then, her childhood friend Rinko Kuzaki (and her parents) have been taking care of Yuto. His life takes a drastic turn on his 16th birthday when he meets a protective spirit in the form of a samurai cat-girl named Himari.

Himari reveals to him that her ancestors were one of twelve demon hunter families who had ridden feudal Japan of demons. Himari has sworn to protect Yuto from the surviving demons who have returned to kill him. However, things will be complicated by the fact that Yuto is allergic to cats. Which will only be a hindrance when Himari is in cat-girl mode.


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14. The Familial of Zero

The Familial of Zero

Original Run: July 3, 2006 – March 24, 2012
Number of Episodes: 49 + OVA

In the world of Halkeginia, all nobles are born with a gift that allows them to use magic. However, the young Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière, a student at the Magic Academy of the Kingdom of Tristain, presents such disastrous results in her various attempts that her comrades doubt her powers, hence her nickname of “Louise the Zero”.

Being in her second year, she wishes to take advantage of the familiar ceremony to prove to everyone that she has powers, a ceremony which consists of the summoning of a being who will accompany her mage until the end of her days.

15. The Testament of Sister New Devil

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 9, 2015 – December 11, 2015
Number of Episodes: 10 + 2 OVA

Basara Tojo is a high school student studying at Hijirigasaka Academy. One day, his father Jin suddenly “marries again” and asks Basara if he wants to have sisters. Basara meets his two beautiful adoptive sisters, Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse.

After his father travels abroad, Basara quickly discovers that the two sisters are actually part of a demonic clan, and he must be with the clan of heroes. Mio, a demonic princess, tries to force a master-servant contract with Basara, but Maria turns out to be the opposite, with Basara as master.

16. Strike the Blood

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 4, 2013 – March 28, 2014
Number of Episodes: 24 + 37 OVA

Strike the Blood follows the story of Kojō Akatsuki, a vampire high school student, and Yukina Himeragi, a young swordsman shaman, living in Japan on the artificial island of Itogami, also nicknamed the Demon District. A treaty was drawn up there in order to establish peace between supernatural creatures and humans; supernatural creatures are forced to remain within the confines of the Demon Districts for experimental purposes.

Yukina Himeragi is sent to the island to monitor Kojō Akatsuki, suspected of being the 4th Primogenitor, the most powerful vampire, who could threaten the balance of this sacred treaty put in place thanks to the collaboration of the first three Primogenitors.

17. Demon King Daimao

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: April 2, 2010 – June 18, 2010
Number of Episodes: 12

Sai Akuto is a student who has just moved to the Academy of Magical Arts where he would like to fulfill the dream he has had from an early age which is to become a high priest and thus change the things that are wrong in the world. At the station, he meets Junko Hattori, a girl who, like him, attends the Academy and who belongs to the Suhara family in charge of protecting the emperor.

Having such similar dreams, they decide to exchange an oath of friendship and if one of them breaks it, the one who does will die with that sword. As soon as you arrive at the Academy it is necessary to undergo a physical fitness test which also tells the students what their future occupation will be. Incredibly, when the time comes for Akuto’s test, the artificial spirit predicts that the boy will become the future “demon lord”.

18. Prison School

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: July 11, 2015 – September 26, 2015
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

Hachimitsu Academy is an elite high school for girls in Tokyo characterized by strict rules of conduct including a ban on dating boys. At the beginning of the series, however, the school decides to open its doors also to the boys keeping the same rules, but to their amazement, the new male students turn out to be only five: Kiyoshi Fujino, Takehito “Gakuto” Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jōji “Joe” Nezu, and Reiji “André” Andō.

The boys quickly become friends but things turn bad when the group is discovered spying on the women’s toilets: the punishment is established in a month of imprisonment and hard labor by the strict secret student association of the school led by President Mari, daughter of the principal, vice president Meiko and secretary Hana.

19. The Qwaser of Stigmata

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 9, 2010 – June 28, 2011
Number of Episodes: 36 + OVA

In the 21st century, a war broke out in Japan where religious clashes multiplied: questioning of divine faith, rapprochement with the obscurantist ideas of Orthodox Christianity… For their part, Mafuyu Oribe and his cousin Tomo Yamanobe, both students at the prestigious St-Mikhailov Academy, meet a mysterious young boy with silver hair.

His name is Aleksander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Her. The latter is none other than a Qwaser, a human who draws his power from soma (liquid substance) and is capable of manipulating one of the materials of the periodic table of elements (oxygen, iron…). It is the mystery that hovers around an icon, supposed to grant all wishes, which will set fire to the powder and involve the academy in the bloody battle against other Qwaser.

20. Trinity Seven

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 8, 2014 – December 24, 2014
Number of Episodes: 12 + OVA

Kasuga Arata is a teenager who lives alone with his cousin and childhood friend, Hijiri. Discovering that this life is really only the creation of a mysterious grimoire, that the world he lived in has been destroyed, and that Hijiri has disappeared, Arata decides to join the Biblia academy in order to become a mage himself. and save his cousin.

Thus the Trinity Seven, the most powerful mages of the school, are forced to teach Arata magic, for better or for worse.

21. Is This a Zombie?

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 11, 2011 – June 7, 2012
Number of Episodes: 22 + 3 OVA

Aikawa Ayumu is a normal high school student until the day he is murdered by a serial killer. He is then reborn as a zombie thanks to the necromancer Eucliwood Hellscythe. Aikawa then becomes his servant but inadvertently absorbs the powers of a “masō-shōjo” named Haruna and in turn, becomes a masō-shōjo.

The young man will then have to manage his schedule between his duties as a masō-shōjo, his studies, and the search for his assassin, with Eucliwood, Haruna, and a vampire ninja named Seraphim living with him.

22. Heaven’s Lost Property

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 4, 2009 – December 17, 2010
Number of Episodes: 25 + OVA

The story shows us a boy in the city of Sorami in Japan called Tomoki Sakurai who is one day invited by his childhood friend Sohara Mitsuki as well as Eishirō Sugata (the leader of the club “The New World”) to meet at midnight to observe a strange object seen in the sky of the city. Eventually, Tomoki goes alone when he receives an alarming call from Sugata telling him to flee right away as the object is very close to him.


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It is then that something falls straight on Tomoki, the strange object turns out to be in reality a creature called Angeloid which is named Ikaros.

23. Negima! Magister Negi Magi

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: January 6, 2005 – June 29, 2005
Number of Episodes: 26 + 13 OVA

Ten-year-old Negi Springfield has just completed seven years of magic studies. In order to become an accomplished magician, he is sent to Japan to be an English teacher in a class at Mahora College, 2-A. When he arrives on campus, he has a clash with Asuna Kagurazaka, one of his students with whom he is going to stay by decision of the director. Asuna will quickly discover that he is a magician. He will then learn that being a teacher in a class of girls is not always easy.

24. Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 1, 2010 – December 24, 2010
Number of Episodes: 13 + 1 special

Two fallen angels, Panty and her younger sister Stocking, have the mission to exterminate the “ghosts”, these human souls who have not managed to find rest and who disturb the town of Daten City. Under the tutelage of Pastor Garterbelt, they must collect the “Ecus of Paradise” which will allow them to return to Heaven and thus regain their rank.

These maidens will greatly need their powers; under the influence of these, their underwear turns out to be dangerous weapons, to say the least. However, their actions do more to destroy the city than to save it.

25. Urusei Yatsura

25 Best Anime Like High School DxD

Original Run: October 14, 1981 – March 19, 1986
Number of Episodes: 195

Urusei Yatsura is a set of more or less wacky little stories that take place after the arrival on Earth of the Oni, an extraterrestrial people. Much more advanced than humans, they decide to put the fate of the Earth in the hands of young Ataru Moroboshi, an unlucky high school student from birth, an inveterate flirt but unsuccessful and lazy.

He has ten days to catch and touch the horns of the Oni King’s daughter, Lamu. Shortly after succeeding in a misunderstanding (Lamu takes a statement from Ataru for herself as he addresses his girlfriend Shinobu), Earth is saved and Lamu decides to live on Earth near his new lover Ataru at his misfortune.

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