Superman vs. Ares: Who Would Win & Why?

Superman vs Ares Who Would Win

Superman is very close to God. In the movie Man of Steel, we saw him being treated as one too. People were worshiping him. But what if Superman had to fight Ares, the ancient God of war? Who would win in a fight between Superman and Ares?

If a fight broke out between Superman and Ares, Ares would defeat Superman. Superman is most vulnerable to magical powers, and Ares has just that. He can summon different enchanted weapons, and cast illusion spells.

Speaking of Superman vs. Ares, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers and abilities in more detail and see how the fight between Superman and Ares would play out.  

Superman vs. Ares: Who Wins?

Ares and Superman have many similar abilities. As far as the flight is concerned, they are capable of maneuvering in any direction mid-flight, and also hover over one place. 

Ares is a god and the most formidable son of Zeus. He was the one who started the War of the Gods. Zeus, his father, tried to stop him from wreaking havoc on earth by creating the Amazons. However, Zeus failed. Ares successfully defeated all of the old gods, but at the last second, he was stopped by the King of the Gods. 

This proves how powerful Ares is. He is on a completely different level. 

What is Superman’s biggest disadvantage? No, it is not the absence of the Sun. Superman is most vulnerable to magic. There is no physical strength or force that can completely, and categorically kill Superman. But the right magic spell can.

And when it comes to magic, Ares is the boss. As a god, Ares has access to a vast amount of magical energy. Moreover, he can use it to accomplish anything he desires. He can cast spells that can be put into nearly any effect Ares wants them to. 

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What if Ares decided to conjure up a bubble around Superman, inside which he can’t even move. How will Superman escape it? Unless a friend from Justice League comes and helps him, Superman’s fate is sealed. 

Furthermore, Ares can summon enchanted weapons from Areopagus. This makes him even more formidable. 

Now let’s talk about another of Ares’s super abilities. He can manipulate sentient beings by creating illusions. He can show his enemies what is happening in other places in the Universe using his cape. 

And given that he is very convincing when he does that, Ares can manipulate Superman by showing him images of Martha, or Lois Lane in captivity. And we all know what Superman would do to avoid losing his loved ones. In the movie Batman v Superman, we saw how Lex Luther manipulated Superman into fighting Batman. 

So, Superman has a dim chance of beating Ares. If a fight broke out between Superman and Ares, Ares would defeat Superman.

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