‘Sweet Home’: Who Is Ah-Yi? Is She a Monster?

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Back in season 1 of ‘Sweet Home,’ one of the subplots involved Yi-Kyung, a badass firefighter, looking for her fiancé, who was one of the doctors who researched the monsterization event that was happening. While she failed to find her fiancé in season 1, it was revealed that she was pregnant. Season 2 allowed us to see her giving birth as the time skip eventually introduced Ah-Yi to the audience. So, who is Ah-Yi, and is she a monster?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ah-Yi is the child whom Yi-Kyung gave birth to at the end of the first half of season 2 of ‘Sweet Home.’
  • Eventually, Ah-Yi quickly grew to become a teenage girl who had the ability to speak to monsters and even turn people into monsters.
  • Ah-Yi is likely a hybrid, as her father may have already been infected when he impregnated Yi-Kyung.

Ah-Yi is Yi-Kyung’s daughter

Back in the first season of ‘Sweet Home,’ one of the most interesting storylines involved Yi-Kyung and her quest to find her fiancé, who was working on something related to the monsterization event. Yi-Kyung, a firefighter and a former special forces member, was equipped to handle the task but failed to find her fiancé in the first season. However, it was revealed in season 1 that she was pregnant.

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In season 2, however, she was finally able to find her fiancé, albeit in a different form. After infiltrating Dr. Lim’s research facility, she saw that her fiancé had become an unresponsive corpse after he became the subject of experiments related to monsterization. Yi-Kyung breaks down after seeing her fiancé. But she starts experiencing pain as well.

Yi-Kyung takes off her special forces gear as she realizes that her belly has grown alarmingly even though she is still early into her pregnancy. It was clear that the baby in her belly was trying to break free, and it just so happens that the stadium that houses the survivors was getting bombed by the military while Yi-Kyung was trying to make sense of what was happening to her.


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She went to the frozen lake to try to give birth, only for the lake to crack. Yi-Kyung was about to drown in the frozen lake, but the baby was able to break free from the infant, still connected to its mother through its umbilical cord, and dragged Yi-Kyung out of the water. 

One year went by, and it was clear that Yi-Kyung had already decided to raise her child. It was revealed that she initially abandoned the baby because she knew that it was a monster. However, she discovers that her child, Ah-Yi, had lived with Hyun-Su the entire time and had become a regular girl.

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In the flashbacks, it was shown that Yi-Kyjng and Ah-Yi tried to live a normal life even though the young girl was growing and aging at an alarming rate. It eventually became clear that Ah-Yi was a monster when she survived getting attacked by humans who tried to kill her. She could even use her monster powers and abilities to kill those humans.

During the second half of season 2, Ah-Yi had become a young teenager even though she was just about a year old. It was shown that Ah-Yi could infect people and eventually turn them into monsters. She also could control and speak to monsters, making her a unique monster.

What exactly is Ah-Yi?

One of the subplots involving Yi-Kyung and Ah-Yi in season 2 was related to their relationship. That’s because Yi-Kyung didn’t want to raise her, as she decided to abandon her shortly after the stadium bombing. However, upon learning that Ah-Yi looked like an ordinary girl, Yi-Kyung decides to raise her.

But Ah-Yi was anything but ordinary despite the fact that her appearance was completely human. Unlike Hyun-Su and even Ui-Myeong, Ah-Yi was completely human in terms of her appearance and did not switch between her human and monster forms. Hyun-Su is even fighting the monsterization. But the fact that she has powers is what makes her a true monster, albeit the first of her kind.


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Ah-Yi doesn’t have to fight monsterization because she is already a true hybrid of humans and monsters. It is likely the case that her conception happened when her father was already infected and was simply trying to fight his monsterization. As such, because her father was already turning into a monster, Ah-Yi became a hybrid when Yi-Kyung was pregnant with her.

However, Yi-Kung always believed that she was the reason why her daughter was a monster, as she thought that her inner desires forced her child to become a monster while she was still pregnant. This is why there is a weird dynamic between Yi-Kyung and Ah-Yi, as a small part of Yi-Kyung wants to kill her daughter.

At this point, we still don’t know much about the nature of the monsters in ‘Sweet Home’ and what led to their creation and sudden emergence. But we know that Ah-Yi is a special kind of monster because she may be a true hybrid and is probably the bridge between humans and monsters. This also means that she could either be the savior of humanity or the harbinger of doom. Of course, season 3 will provide more answers about Ah-Yi’s true nature.

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