‘Sweet Home’: Is Seo Yi-Kyung Dead? Here’s What Happens to Her

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There are a lot of interesting characters in ‘Sweet Home’ due to how human some of the characters tend to be. That means that they are less than perfect, and one such character is Seo Yi-Kyung, who was introduced as one of the most important characters of the first season. She also went on to play an equally important role in season 2. So, what happens to Seo Yi-Kyung, and does she die?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Seo Yi-Kyung was pregnant during the events of season 1 when she was spending a lot of time trying to find the truth behind what happened to her fiancé.
  • In season 2, Yi-Kyung gives birth to a monster hybrid who ends up growing up fast and developing unique powers and abilities.
  • Yi-Kyung eventually dies of carbon monoxide poisoning before she turns into a monster that ends up getting killed by Cha Hyun-Su.

Yi-Kyung becomes a mother

Introduced as one of the most important characters in season 1 of ‘Sweet Home,’ Seo Yi-Kyung had a huge role to play in the early portions of the first season because she was involved in a lot of the different events involving the survivors of the Green Home apartment building. Her expertise as a firefighter and a former special forces member was also invaluable to the main characters.

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In season 1, Yi-Kyung was on a personal mission to find out more about what happened to her fiancé, who seemingly disappeared right before the outbreak of the monsterization phenomenon in Korea. Her search brought her to the military, which wanted her to give Cha Hyun-Su, a special infectee, to them in exchange for information regarding her fiancé.

However, as the season went by, Yi-Kyung grew to appreciate Cha Hyun-Su and decided to stay with him and the other people in the Green Home building. She became an important member of the group because of her skills. Yi-Kyung also formed a special bond with one of the survivors, as this person was one of the few who knew about the fact that she was pregnant.


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At the end of season 1, however, it became clear that Yi-Kyung had become part of the military, and it is likely that she only did so to learn more about the whereabouts of her fiancé. She got closer to the truth in season 2 when she infiltrated Dr. Lim’s lab.

Lim, who was working as the researcher of the monsterization phenomenon, allowed Yi-Kyung to see her fiancé, only for her to discover that her fiancé was nothing more than just a husk after he became one of the people who became test subjects for the monsterization infection.

But as she was grieving, Yi-Kyung felt pain in her belly. Her baby started to grow bigger and bigger despite the fact that she was just in the early portion of her pregnancy. Yi-Kyung tries to give birth to the child due to the pain that she is feeling.

Eventually, the child was able to force its way out of Yi-Kyung’s belly during the time that the military started bombing the stadium and the different survivors. After the time skip, it took a while before Yi-Kyung appeared.

When she reappeared in front of Eun-Yoo, she was now the mother of a young teenage girl. This was strange because only about a year had gone by since Yi-Kyung gave birth to her baby.

ah young 1

However, her child, Ah-Yi, was now in the early stages of her teenage years and was displaying abilities that were unique to her in the sense that she could speak to monsters and could even infect other people despite the fact that she didn’t look like a monster herself.

Guilt overpowers Yi-Kyung

After Yi-Kyung reappeared, more and more things between her and Ah-Yi came to light. It was shown in a flashback that she actually abandoned her child after giving birth to her because she was afraid that her daughter was a monster.


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Yi-Kyung realized that the one who raised her child was none other than Hyun-Su. The two reunited as Ah-Yi met her mother for the first time. But even though only a few months had passed, Ah-Yi was now in her early childhood years and was growing at a rapid rate. Still, because her daughter looked human, Yi-Kyung didn’t think that she could be a monster.

Eventually, Ah-Yi revealed her powers when a group of men attacked and tried to kill her. This made Yi-Kyung fearful of what her daughter could possibly do as she became stricter toward her, thinking that Ah-Yi had the capacity to kill other people.

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Ah-Yi, who could sense the inner desires of people, may have understood why her mother was so strict. But she also started to believe that Yi-Kyung wanted to kill her when she was just a baby out of fear of what she could become.

The dynamic between Yi-Kyung and her daughter was incredibly complex because Yi-Kyung wanted to love her daughter but was still afraid of what Ah-Yi was and what she could do. Deep inside, Yi-Kyung started to believe that her daughter became a monster because of her desires during the time that she was still pregnant. As such, she felt guilty of what Ah-Yi had become.

Out of anger, Ah-Yi burned her room in the boat where she and her mother had been living. Yi-Kyung tries to do her best to save her daughter but ends up getting stuck in the boat before Hyun-Su rescues her.

However, Hyun-Su was already too late because Yi-Kyung had inhaled too much carbon monoxide from the fire. There was nothing that Hyun-Su and Eun-Yoo could do. Eventually, Hyun-Su, Ah-Yi, and Eun-Yoo allow Yi-Kyung to succumb to the poisoning.

But right after she dies, Yi-Kyung’s body starts to convulse as she transforms into a monster. The other half of her body started to turn black, and Hyun-Su had to turn into a monster as well so that he could stop her.

yi kyung death

Hyun-Su, who could see the inner desires of monsters, realized that most people who turn into monsters are living their best lives deep inside because they are able to live out their desires in their dreams. However, in Yi-Kyung’s case, the only thing that Hyun-Su could see was the guilt that had caused her so much pain.

Believing that Yi-Kyung was now in a lot of emotional pain after becoming a monster, Hyun-Su had no choice but to kill her so that she would no longer feel any pain. As such, Yi-Kyung finally dies for real in the hands of someone who cared for her like she was his older sister. Meanwhile, Ah-Yi is now left motherless as her story will become even more interesting in the upcoming third season of ‘Sweet Home.’

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