‘Sweet Home’: Is Pyeon Sang-Wook Alive? Here’s What Happened to Him

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Introduced as the resident bad boy gangster character of the series, Pyeon Sang-Wook is one of the most popular characters of ‘Sweet Home’ because he is the very definition of “don’t judge the book by its cover.” He looks and acts like a gangster but is actually one of the nicest characters in the storyline of season 1. Of course, a lot of things happened in season 1, and some fans are hoping to see Sang-Wook in season 2. So, is Pyeon Sang-Wook alive?

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  • Pyeon Sang-Wook supposedly died back in the final episode of season 1 as he and Yu-Ri were both heavily injured after Ui-Myeong shot them.
  • However, in the aftermath of season 1, Sang-Wook was seen as fully healthy and alright as Ui-Myeong had gained control over his body.
  • While Ui-Myeong continues to possess Sang-Wook’s body in season 2, he may still be alive because he saw visions of Yu-Ri.

Ui-Myeong possesses Sang-Wook’s body

Regarded as one of the main characters of season 1 of ‘Sweet Home,’ Pyeon Sang-Wook is one of the most interesting figures of the series because he carries himself like a gangster who is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way. However, the truth was that he was kind of a nice guy underneath his rough exterior, as there was goodness within this bad-boy-looking figure.

sweet home sang wook

Sang-Wook continued to show that he was not a bad guy throughout the first season as he went on to kill a person who was suspected of being a child abuser. He also went on to become one of the protectors of the survivors of Green Home, going as far as putting his life on the line for the sake of his friends. This also allowed him to form a good relationship with Yu-Ri, whom he fell in love with.

However, in the final episode of season 1, Sang-Wook confronted Jung Ui-Myeong, the special infectee who wreaked havoc in Green Home after he arrived there. Sang-Wook is very protective of his new friends as he tells the stranger that he is going to find a way to kill him one way or another. But due to Cha Hyun-Su’s insistence, Sang-Wook allowed to let Ui-Myeong go.


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But after he realizes that Yu-Ri is sick, he tries to help her while carrying her on his back. He intended to take her outside to find help elsewhere, as her inhaler was already empty. But Ui-Myeong arrives to knock them down as he doesn’t want anyone from the apartment leaving to inform the military of their presence. Ui-Myeong didn’t want the military meddling because he wasn’t willing to return to the military research facility to become another lab experiment.

However, Hyun-Su saw how desperate Sang-Wook was to save Yu-Ri, and that was why he gave him the car keys so that he could go and find help for Yu-Ri. Sang-Wook was able to get close to the car before bullets started raining through them. It was clear that Ui-Myeong had fired on them and the other residents of the apartment to make sure that his location would remain a secret from the military.

After the incident, both Sang-Wook and Yu-Ri were seen heavily injured and dying. They share one last moment because they believe that they are about to die. Both of them pass a few moments later, hinting at the possibility that Sang-Wook also died together with Yu-Ri.

sang wook death

However, after the incident that happened in the Green Home and in the aftermath of Hyun-Su’s confrontation with the military, Hyun Su woke up in a military vehicle to see that Sang-Wook was the one driving it. But he was quick to understand that this was not Sang-Wook but was actually Ui-Myeong possessing Sang-Wook’s body due to the fact that his facial scars were healed.

The two ended up fighting inside the vehicle while the Korean military was chasing them. In season 2, the fight ended when Ui-Myeong in Sang-Wook’s body was able to overpower Hyun-Su. Ui-Myeong eventually tried to convince Hyun-Su that they were the new humans of the world so that Hyun-Su would no longer try to fight him.

It is likely that Sang-Wook is still inside the body

Of course, as mentioned, Sang-Wook’s body is now under the control of Ui-Myeong, whose powers as a special infectee allow him to switch from one body to another. As such, Ui-Myeong was the one in control of Sang-Wook’s body throughout the events of season 2.


However, there were indications that teased the possibility that Sang-Wook might still be alive despite the fact that Ui-Myeong had already possessed his body and had allowed it to go through a lot of fatal situations.

Early in season 2, Ui-Myeong saw visions of Yu-Ri while he was driving a military vehicle. The visions eventually forced him to crash the vehicle, causing injuries to both him and Hyun-Su. This incident eventually allowed the military to take custody of Hyun-Su.


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What that incident means is that there’s a strong chance that Sang-Wook’s consciousness is still alive inside his body. However, because of the fatal incident that he went through in season 1, Sang-Wook’s consciousness may have gotten overpowered by Ui-Myeong, and that is why Sang-Wook may be lying dormant within his own body after Ui-Myeong took over it.

Of course, we know that Sang-Wook once told Ui-Myeong that he would find a way to kill the villain. It is possible that season 3 will eventually pave the way for Sang-Wook’s return, especially if he finds a way to take over his body once more. If that’s the case, he may end up killing Ui-Myeong out of revenge for what he did to Yu-Ri.

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