Sydney Sweeney Leaves Fans Confused With Her Statement Regarding ‘Madame Web’ & MCU: “It Was Amazing, It Was Incredible”

Sydney sweeney stuns fans

‘Madame Web’ hit theaters just days ago, and it’s already breaking records for all the wrong reasons in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. The movie is struggling at the box office, pulling in a meager $6 million on its opening day. Instead of competing with blockbusters like ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3.’ or even ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ it’s hoping to at least surpass ‘Morbius.’

Critics are tearing the film apart, giving it a dismal 13% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while audience reception isn’t much better at 55%, labeling the movie as “rotten.”

The storyline is getting slammed for being disjointed, and there’s disappointment over false advertising from promo materials. Fans expected to see all three Spider-Women with powers and in costume, but the movie falls short by not delving into their origin stories.

Various factors are being blamed for this colossal failure, including unfamiliarity with the source material. As actors and directors try to do damage control, their statements seem to echo this sentiment.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sydney Sweeney was asked if she was looking forward to being part of the MCU with her new film. Sydney responded with an intriguing answer:

That I can’t talk about it. It’s so hard because I talk so much … It was amazing, It was incredible, I’m so excited … I’m just really honoured to be a part of this.

It seems she might not realize that ‘Madame Web’ isn’t linked to the MCU at all, since Sony’s Spider-Man Universe isn’t in the same world as the much bigger and more popular Marvel Cinematic Universe. Technically, ‘Madame Web’ doesn’t even connect to the SSU, according to the director’s recent statement that it’s a standalone movie.


Dakota Johnson, Star of ‘Madame Web,’ Disclosed That the Film’s Script Underwent “Significant” Alterations

The SSU has often been criticized for focusing on Spider-Man’s side characters without actually including Spider-Man. There’s a clear gap in quality and reception between SSU projects and those in the MCU. This isn’t the first time the ‘Madame Web’ cast has been unaware they’re not part of the MCU; even before the movie came out, rumors suggested they thought they were joining the MCU for multiple projects.

And then there’s the awkward moment when Dakota Johnson couldn’t name a single Spider-Man movie.

Although it’s not essential for actors to know the source material and pop culture related to their characters, their lack of knowledge could impact the movie’s quality. Comic book fans can be particular about these things.

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