Synopsis for ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ and Villain in ‘Deadpool 3’ Unveiled Through Us Copyright Filings

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The MCU has many projects lined up for release in the next few years. With most releases pushed back to 2025 and beyond, information about these projects is kept tightly under wraps by Marvel Studios. Rumors abound due to this secrecy, particularly concerning ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’ After disappointing test screenings, the film underwent extensive reshoots and rewrites, resulting in the exclusion of a notable villain group. The fourth installment in Cap’s franchise faced significant delays, initially swapping release dates with ‘Deadpool 3,’ but is now set for a 2025 release.

However, recent US Copyright filings provide insight into the movie’s updated synopsis, which simply states, “Sam Wilson is the new Man with a Plan.”

captain america brave new world

Although the synopsis didn’t disclose many details, it did confirm some potential characters appearing in the movie.

Regarding the film that exchanged release dates with ‘Brave New World,’ the US Copyright Office filing unveiled that Emma Corrin will portray the primary antagonist – Cassandra Nova.

deadpool and wolverine

Cassandra Nova might seem like an unusual pick for a villain, especially in Deadpool’s debut in the MCU. However, her connection with Charles Xavier opens doors for various mutants and cameo appearances in the movie. ‘Deadpool 3’ is seen as a potential game-changer for the MCU, with the studio strategically timing its release after a string of disappointing box-office performances.


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Regarding ‘Captain America: Brave New World,’ the brief synopsis hasn’t convinced us that the movie has significantly improved after the rewrites.

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