Talion vs. Aragorn: Who Would Win?

Talion vs. Aragorn Who Would Win?

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Talion and Aragorn are some of the most powerful warriors in the Lord of the Rings universe. They both rarely lose and have a reputation as some of the strongest soldiers out there. However, the two never crossed paths and weren’t really participating in conflicts the other was in. This prompts many to wonder what would happen if the two were in the situation. So which one of the two would win? 

Although it seems that the fight would be a pretty close one after giving it some more thought it is pretty clear Talion would win.

To get a full analysis of the two warriors and their powers make sure to keep reading. After you are done you can figure out if you agree with us or if you think we were wrong.

Who is Talion?

Talion vs. Aragorn Who Would Win?

Talion is a character from the Lord of the Rings franchise who features mostly in video games. He is not mentioned by name in the original trilogy however at the time the story takes place he is one of the Nazguls.

Originally he was a captain of the Gondor rangers, who was transferred to serve at the Black Gate not long before Sauron’s return. Despite the position being considered quite boring but after Sauron’s return his entire station, including him was killed by his soldiers. Talion actually escaped death since he bonded with the spirit of Celebrimbor.

Originally Talion did not have any special powers. The only thing that worked in his favor was his ranger training. Due to training, he received in order to become the ranger captain, Talion had to maintain peak physical shape.

He was highly trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as fighting styles using swords and bow and arrows. As a captain of the Gondor rangers, he had to be an amazing strategist, since he was in charge of planning expeditions including many people.

The ranger training also includes becoming knowledgeable in different stealth strategies and tracking as well as using his environment to his own advantage. These skills were generally known as things that make the Gondor rangers deadly.

After forming a bond with Celebrimbor he became a bit more powerful since he received a part of his skills and powers. It affected his physical ability in a way that made him much more resistant to any damage he receives whether it is cuts or punches in a fight or damage from the environment.

The bond also affected his stamina, making him able to fight for longer stretches of time in relation to his opponents, even if he gets injured.

One other thing he gained is essential immortality. This affects Talion in a way that doesn’t allow him to die. If he gets killed or mortally wounded, he will die for a moment and then instantly come back to life.

Celebrimbor’s power as spirit transferred to Talion as well and one of the most important ones of those is Wraith sight. The Wright sight allows Talion to see better and through any physical obstacles or single out his enemies when they are in a larger group.

The two powers he gained from Celebrimbor are Elven Light and Elven Rage. These two powers allow him to use his own powers to efficiently eliminate more opponents in a shorter amount of time and to create flashes of light and send them through the ground which eliminates all of the opponents in its range.

He lost all of his powers after Celebrimbor’s spirit left him, however, to survive he took one of the nine rings made for men, which also gave him certain powers.

The ring affected his physical powers in a similar way with the addition of being able to teleport and pull the opponents towards him. The elven power he got from Celebrimbor was replaced by the power to raise humans and orcs from the dead and having them fight for him. He usually kept the orcs but released Gondorians once they were done fighting.   

The ring also made him immortal as long as he wasn’t separated from him.

Who is Aragorn?

Talion vs. Aragorn Who Would Win?

Aragorn was one of the members of the Fellowship of the Ring who fought in the War of the Ring and the first crowned High King of Andor and Gondor.

Just like Talion, before he ran away from Gondor, Aragorn was also a Gondor ranger. He was marked as one of the best rangers and a powerful warrior.

He has a reputation of being an extremely competent and skilled warrior and the fact that he is only a human paired with his reputation makes him even more intimidating.

He was raised by Elrond, who was at the time probably the wisest person alongside Galadriel. This means he was in the best mental space possible. This reflects heavily in his fighting style. He has an extremely strategic approach to any given fight and is experienced in fighting on his own as well as with an army following him.

His childhood also consisted of constant physical conditioning and combat training. This puts him in peak condition later in his life as well as an extremely skilled fighter. He is by far superior to any other human being in Middle Earth.

Aside from that, he has the same skill set as Talion. He was trained in stealth although it would be reasonable to assume Aragorn surpasses him in this field. 

In addition to stealth, Aragorn is always familiar with his environment and takes great advantage of it. He takes full advantage of it by hiding in it, tricking his opponents, using nature to heal and feed himself, and other different things.

He is proficient in many different types of weapons, however, he prefers fighting with a sword. 

Regarding magical powers, Aragorn doesn’t really have any. The closest he gets to using magic is during the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King when he summons an army of Dead Men of Dunharrow. These men were trapped in the human realm as ghosts for betraying Gondor when they promised to help, which is why they were cursed to remain in such a state until they were summoned by the king of Gondor to repay their debt.

However, he does have a special weapon. During his last battles in the War of the Ring, he uses Narsil. Narsil, also known as the Sword That Was Broken, was the sword used by Isildur when he cut off Sauron’s ring and banished him from the physical world.

The sword was broken in that battle and was kept in such a state in possession of the elves. Before the Fellowship departed on their quest, the sword was forged from the broken pieces and given to Aragorn since he was the rightful owner of it and the elves believed there was a good chance that the Ring could be destroyed. 

Talion vs. Aragorn: Who would win?

Talion vs. Aragorn Who Would Win?

Surface-based, both Aragorn and Talion have the same set of powers. Both of them were rangers which means they were trained in the same fields the same way. 

The only difference is that Aragorn probably has more experience. He also received a bit of extra training in his childhood.

Both are proficient in using the same weapons as well as skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Again, Aragorn may have a bit more experience when it comes to this aspect.

Physically and mentally they are pretty much in the same shape. Both are in peak human condition, but Talion later gets slightly more powerful. Mentally they are both great at strategizing and both have a strong will, however, this one has to go to Talion since his will is one of his defining characteristics.

This being said, if the two fought in human form we couldn’t decide which one would win since they are essentially the same person when it comes to their powers and abilities.

However, Talion isn’t human for the majority of his life. If the two met Talion would definitely win over Aragorn. After all, Talion has magical powers which would allow him to easily overpower Aragorn since he does not have anything to combat him.

The only way Aragorn would actually have a chance is if they met after Talion became a Nazgul, but that technically wouldn’t count since at that point he no longer was himself and had no free will or control over his actions.

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