What Does the Recovery Compass Do in Minecraft?

recovery compass minecraft

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Minecraft is well known for adding more and more useful items over time, and the recovery compass is one of these items. The recovery compass was added with a recent update in Minecraft Java and Minecraft Bedrock, but many people are still unsure exactly how the recovery compass works in the game.

The recovery compass will point the player to the location of their last death in-game, hopefully enabling them to recollect the items dropped upon death. However, it will only work if the player’s character has died in the same dimension, and will spin if it’s unable to pinpoint the location.

While getting your hands on the recovery compass in Minecraft can be fairly tricky for some players, using it can be pretty straightforward. The recovery compass is definitely a must-have for any hands-on, adventurous Minecraft player. Stick around to find out what the recovery compass does in Minecraft, as well as how to use it.

Minecraft Recovery Compass

Minecraft added plenty of new items and additions within the 1.19 update, allowing players to enjoy a bunch of new content. The update included things like new biomes, animals, and even craftable items in the game.

The recovery compass is one of these craftable items, and it can prove beneficial to just about any Minecraft player – whether you’re still getting the hang of the ropes or have been playing Minecraft for quite some time. It’s not necessary to have the recovery compass in Minecraft, but it can definitely be advantageous.

recovery compass

However, there were some minor differences between the recovery compasses added in the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft. In update for the Minecraft Bedrock Edition and 22w14a for the Minecraft Java Edition, recovery compasses were added.

But, in 22w15a for the Minecraft Java Edition, one minor adaptation was made to how the recovery compasses work in the game. It was stated that after this update, recovery compasses can no longer be used on lodestones.

According to the Minecraft Wiki, the recovery compass can be defined as follows:

“A recovery compass is an item used to point to the location of the player’s last death.”

The recovery compass is considered common according to its Rarity Color – although, it is not as easy to get a hold of in the game. It is not a renewable item, but it can be stacked up to the number of 64 recovery compasses within a Minecraft player’s inventory or storage slot.


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It was added for its primary function in the game, which we’ll cover soon. But, it was also added to help players feel that certain activities are more rewarding than before – specifically, the activities that grant the resources necessary for crafting recovery compasses.

Can Recovery Compasses Be Enchanted?

It is possible to enchant a recovery compass in Minecraft, but the allowances for enchantments are extremely limited. Players will only be able to use the Curse of Vanishing enchantment on a recovery compass in Minecraft – which may or may not be useful, depending on the player’s situation and preferred playstyle.

What Does The Recovery Compass Do In Minecraft?

The recovery compass in Minecraft is mainly useful for players who love to explore the game’s various terrains and regions. But, it is especially useful if you end up dying quite often and do not want to lose all of the loot you’ve collected on your journey.

Just about every Minecraft player has been in a tricky situation after a sudden death in-game at some point. Whether you were exploring after dark and ended up being punted by a zombie, or were just minding your own business but got shot by a skeleton, there are plenty of ways to die while adventuring in Minecraft.

minecraft Gravestone Mod

However, the issue primarily comes from the items your character may have dropped upon death. You may have acquired some awesome or rare resources while traveling or may have even loaded up some of your best gear and enchanted tools.

If you die in Minecraft, you should be able to go back and recollect at least some of the items you would have dropped upon your character’s death in the game – if you can remember how to get back. Tracking back can be quite difficult for many players – it’s not always easy to remember exactly where you were when your character died.


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All players will need to do is equip the recovery compass from their inventory or storage slot after respawning. From this point, the recovery compass will do all the work for you – you will just need to follow its guidance in order to find your way back.

“When held by a player, the recovery compass will point towards the spot where they previously died.”

By using the recovery compass, players will be able to get exact guidance in tracking back to their character’s death location. As a result, the recovery compass will help players recover the loot they have dropped on death as easily as possible.

When Can’t A Recovery Compass Be Used?

That being said, there are a few instances where the recovery compass will not be able to help you out. This is since a recovery compass will generally only be able to point players in the direction of the character’s death if it’s in a ‘regular’ location on the same plain.

“The recovery compass will only work when it is held by a player who has previously died and is in the same dimension where the player had died. Otherwise, it will spin around randomly.”

As a result, the recovery compass may not work for certain instances. So, if you’ve been taking on dangerous enemies in other dimensions like the Nether, and respawn back on the overworld, odds are that a recovery compass won’t be able to help you out.

The recovery compass may also be unable to point you in the direction of your dropped loot if you have somehow drowned smack bang in the middle of the ocean, for example. However, it will have your back for classic Minecraft death scenarios, including lone creeper blasts, mob ambushes, falling off steep cliffs, and much more.

If the recovery compass is able to point players in the direction of their character’s last death in-game, then the recovery compass’s needle will be more or less fixed in a direction. However, players will easily be able to tell if the recovery compass cannot pick up the location, as the needle will simply spin around or continuously move in odd directions.

While the recovery compass may be tricky to get a hold of in Minecraft, it’s definitely worth the effort. It’s by no means a must, but it’s considered an essential item for any player who often goes exploring and collects tons of loot along the way.

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