Ted Lasso: Did Rebecca Sleep with the Dutch Guy?

Ted Lasso Did Rebecca Sleep With the Dutch Guy

The new episode of Ted Lasso really turned around the season for our characters. The trip to Amsterdam really put some things in perspective for our characters, including Rebecca, who’s been having a difficult season. Since Keeley spends more time with her girlfriend, Rebecca is often alone with her thoughts, and when she decides to stroll alone through the capital of the Netherlands, she finds herself in a strange situation. Rebecca meets a mysterious Dutch man who helps her after she falls into a canal, and sparks fly. But did Rebecca sleep with the so-called Dutch Guy?

After Rebecca and a mysterious man spend a pleasant time together, the owner of Richmond needs to depart and join her team on a trip back home. When she asks Dutch Guy, “Did we…” Rebecca questions if they slept together. Dutch Guy says no, but when they kiss goodbye and Rebecca leaves, a man asks himself again, “Did we…” insinuating that they might not sleep together, but they most likely fell in love, at least from Dutch Guy’s perspective.

We will discuss this topic more by explaining who is a mysterious Dutch Guy, what happened between him and Rebecca, and what that evening means for Rebecca’s character. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Rebecca meets a mysterious Dutch Guy

We already mentioned that Richmond arrived in Amsterdam to have a friendly match against AFC Ajax, the home team. After being beaten by the Dutch side, Richmond’s team is not in the best state of mind, so Ted lets them spend their free evening in Amsterdam however they want.

While Leslie goes to find his inner jazz self, and the team tries to compromise over their wishes on what they want to do, Rebecca decides to spend her evening alone in Amsterdam. She tried to hang out with Keeley, but the woman went with her now girlfriend, Jack. Rebecca and Keeley are hanging out less and less, which doesn’t come from a bad place. Nevertheless, Rebecca decides to explore Amsterdam alone, but the streak of unfortunate situations places her on a boat home of a mysterious Dutchman, who helps her after she falls into the Canal.

Ted Lasso: Did Rebecca Sleep With the Dutch Guy?

The mysterious man, whom we will call Dutch Guy, offers Rebecca a shower and shelter until her clothes are clean and dry. After showering, Rebecca strolls through the boat house and is charmed by the interior, which brings us to the point of Rebecca meeting a mysterious Dutch Guy.

He is a true Dutch, with direct and bold humor, which takes Rebecca off guard initially, but she appreciates that someone can follow her witts. They talk a bit, and Dutch Guy lends Rebecca his ex’s clothes, which leads to the man saying that his partner cheated on him. Rebecca finds this moment pivotal in their communication since they are suddenly on common ground – their partners cheated on them.


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Despite the initial reluctance to stay, Rebecca decides to stay for Dutch Guy’s dinner since the drier takes two and a half hours to finish with the woman’s clothes. Dinner is a great and entertaining affair for both of them – Rebecca and Dutch Guy have a pleasant dinner interrupted by a drier. However, the good time can’t be stopped because of dry clothes, and Rebecca decides to stay more with the mysterious stranger.

Rebecca and Dutch Guy clicked, and it seemed they were in their bubble that nothing could burst. The chemistry between Rebecca and Dutch Guy is electric, but none act on their impulses. The evening leads to Dutch Guy massaging Rebecca’s legs, and frankly, this scene was quite erotic for Rebecca because she obviously enjoyed it a lot. This moment leads us to the main part of the article, so let’s find out what happened later.

Did Rebecca and Dutch Guy sleep together?

When the scene in the show presents us with characters awakening from their “comfort zones,” Rebecca is seen waking up, getting her clothes, and preparing to leave. The good time is over, and Rebecca must face her hectic everyday life.

Rebecca is uncertain about what happened the previous night, and when she asks Dutch Guy, “Did we…,” she is actually posing a question if they slept together. Dutch Guy denies it, and it’s clear that both people express regret. They clearly enjoyed each other’s company, and the chemistry and connection were felt from the moment they met.

Rebecca then kisses Dutch Guy and promises he will never forget him, which the man doesn’t believe, but she insists. Rebecca leaves and returns to her own life, while Dutch Guy repeats and asks himself the same question: “Did we…” and he answers himself by saying, “Yes, we were.”

Ted Lasso: Did Rebecca Sleep With the Dutch Guy?

This moment doesn’t insinuate that Rebecca and Dutch Guy slept together, but their falling for each other. The mysterious man basically said there was a possibility he fell in love with her, or better yet, they both did. Their bubble burst, and both parties went their ways. What this means for Rebecca’s character is the biggest question we will try to answer.

What does this mean for Rebecca’s character?

After leaving Dutch Guy’s boat house, Rebecca returns to the team bus, ready to leave Amsterdam. She is calm, happy, and relaxed for the first time in a long time. Ted and Coach Beard look at her strangely, but Rebecca is clearly unbothered.

Ted Lasso: Did Rebecca Sleep With the Dutch Guy?

The scene is interesting since the camera pans to Ted during Rebecca’s brief explanation of what she did. He seems happy for her, but during Rebecca’s “absence,” Ted actually tries to contact her to hang out. Ted eventually found his own thing to do, which was enlightening for him, but the fact that his messages didn’t reach her because Rebecca didn’t have a phone with her made his facial expression interesting.

Some fans bank on the fact that Rebecca and Ted will end up together at the show’s end. I believe that won’t happen since Ted Lasso values their platonic relationships the most. Frankly, Ted and Rebecca had a few moments which confused some fans, but to me, it seemed like they found a friend in one another who relates in more aspects than one would expect.


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Marital problems, missing loved ones, and opposite personalities made them both good for each other, which is rare on TV. What is Dutch Guy’s role in all of this? Each character seemed to find Amsterdam refreshing and totally different from their usual stressful environments, which made them appreciate simple things more. Rebecca found simplicity with Dutch Guy, who will be crucial in her path to happiness, and if that includes Ted and Rebecca being romantically involved, I don’t mind; the same goes if they stay really good friends.

Nevertheless, Dutch Guy will be important for Rebecca’s path in season three despite not sleeping with him. Maybe seeing that simplicity can be enough and still be more valuable than complicated things will steer Rebecca Welton toward the happiness she wants and deserves.

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