Ted Lasso: Is Rebecca Pregnant? What Are the Odds of That Happening?

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Ever since Rebecca visited her mother’s psychic, the question regarding her being a mother was floating in the air. It is clear that Rebecca wants to be a mother very much, but she is having a hard time believing in a word of a psychic who claims that is going to happen. So, she visited a doctor to run some tests and to find out if she could have children. After the doctor called Rebbeca and informed her about the test results, she showed mixed reactions. That’s why some opposing opinions emerged, and we were left wondering, is Rebbeca pregnant in Ted Lasso?

Rebecca is not pregnant. She wants to have children, and even a psychic told her she would be a mother. To ensure she could have children due to her age, she visited a fertility doctor who returned with negative results stating that Rebecca couldn’t have children. So, the odds of Rebecca being pregnant in the future are low but existent, as it wouldn’t be the first time something like that happens, especially in a TV show. Plus, she has a prophecy on her side.

The funny thing about prophecies is that no scientific evidence supports their merit. Nevertheless, no one likes to hear a bad one, and most people accept the good ones rather well. Off course, putting too much trust in prophecies can sometimes be dangerous and give a false sense of hope, resulting in disappointment later on. A similar thing happened to Rebecca when a psychic told her she would have a family, and you can read all about that further in the article.

Rebecca is not pregnant

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Rebecca is a successful, attractive middle-aged woman who leaves the impression that she can conquer the world alone. However, after divorcing her ex-husband, her private life became a mess, resulting in her mother constantly criticizing her.

So, to please her mother, and so she wouldn’t listen to nagging about her love life anymore, Rebecca decided to visit Tish, her mother’s psychic. She had been skeptical regarding Tish and her psychic abilities since they met, but she decided to give her a shot. Their session went rather strangely. As they were holding their hands on a bowl that was mended using kintsugi art, Tish mentioned some things that seemed unconnected and meaningless at first, like Rebecca holding a green matchbook, a saying ”Shite in nining armor”, Rebbecca being drenched with thunder and lightning around her, and eventually the most important thing, that Rebecca was going to be a mother.

That last statement hurt Rebecca, and she angrily stormed off Tish’s apartment. Even she considered that the odds of her being a mother were very low, even though she would like that very much. So, no, Rebecca is not pregnant and is skeptical about that ever happening.


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However, later on, some strange things started to happen. Rebecca tried to forget everything Tish said and move on with her life. But subconsciously, Tish’s words stuck. One night, at Sam’s restaurant, Tish’s first prophecy came true when Sam presented Rebecca with a green matchbook. Sam and Rebecca already have a romantic history, so could that mean that Sam is the one Rebecca ends up with?

Of course, it could be all coincidental, and Rebecca knows that. However, when a fiancee of Rebecca’s former date mumbled the words ”Shite in nining armor,” she partially believed that Tish might be right, as that was the second thing Tish guessed would happen.

What are the odds of Rebecca being pregnant in the future?

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After the second prophecy was true, Rebecca decided not to leave anything to chance. She visited Dr. Wagner, sought a professional opinion, and found out if she could have children. If Tish was right about the green matchbook and ”Shite in inning armor”, could she also be right about Rebecca being a mother? Rebbeca is in her late 40s, so she was concerned about the possibility of conceiving a child. Still, Dr. Wagner explained that the possibility of her being a mother was not far-fetched and that he treats women even older than Rebecca.

However, Dr. Wagner’s opinion was only theoretical, so he suggested that Rebecca run some tests to see what was possible in her case. So, that’s what happened, and later that night, Dr. Wagner phoned Rebbeca to inform her about the test results. We didn’t hear what the doctor told her, but based on her facial expressions, the results were most likely negative, and Rebecca couldn’t have children.

What does this mean, and what can we expect in the future? Well, Dr. Wagner’s test results significantly lowered the odds of Rebecca being pregnant in the future. However, we still don’t know the test results and Rebecca’s definitive condition. Even if the test results are final and show that she can’t have children, it would not be the first time TV shows incorporate plot twists like that in their storyline, and the characters eventually become pregnant.


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We also need to devote our attention to what Tish said and in order she said it. Up to this point, every Tish’s prophecy came true in the same order she had envisioned. That said, she stated that Rebecca would be a mother at the end of their session and mentioned thunder, lightning, and Rebecca being drenched before that. So, we can most likely expect some storm to occur (maybe?), and the aftermath of that storm will probably lead to Rebecca becoming a mother. She might not be pregnant in the future (Tish never said that she would), but there are other ways for Rebecca to become a mother in the future, and we can’t wait to see how (and if) that will happen.

Remember that this is only a speculation, and it might not turn out to be true, but regarding everything we’ve seen so far in season 3, this theory does not seem so far-fetched. For me, at least.

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