Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained

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Welcome to Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2: Recap & Ending Explained. In this episode, Ted leads his team in their first match of the season, Trent Crimm wants to follow the club and write a book about it, and there is a world-class striker on the transfer market that everyone wants. The rivalry between Rebecca and Rupert is as strong as ever. So, let’s see what the second episode provided us with.

Trent Crimm wants to write a book about AFC Richmond, and Zava is on the market

The episode begins with Keeley taking instructions from Barbara about how to make a commercial without working overtime because then they have to pay for that overtime work. Keeley suggests a picnic in the conference room to loosen up a bit, but Barbara declines, stating that there is no point because their workmates don’t know how to be loose. Keeley shares a joke with her colleagues before she leaves the office, but no one understands what she means by that.

Ted comes to Rebbeca’s office only to find it crowded. Rebecca, Kelley, Higgins, and Trent Crimm are in the office. Ted jokes about Trent’s long hair, and Rebbeca tells him that Trent is here because he wants to follow the club this year and write a book about AFC Richmond. As the club’s manager, Ted gets to decide whether he approves that. Ted accepts that offer, even though everyone behind Trent’s back point out to Ted that he needs to refuse.

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After that has been decided, Higgins finds out that Zava is leaving Juventus. Ted has no idea what that means and who either Zava or Juventus are. Zava is a world-class striker, and he wants to play in the Premier League because his wife binged ‘The Office,’ and she wants to live in England. Ted mistakes the British version of ‘The Office’ with the American version.

After hearing that Zava wants to play in the Premier League, they all agree that they should try and sign him for AFC Richmond, even though Zava is a bit of a diva and can be a handful. Well, Rebecca is skeptical at first, but when she finds out that West Ham wants him as well, she agrees that they should get him.

Keeley hires her friend, Trent Crimm is not welcomed well, and everyone wants Zava

Ted and Keeley talk about her business, Keeley Street Brand. Keely states that she wishes her co-workers would loosen up a bit, and Ted suggests that Keeley and her colleagues should go out and do something together. After that, Isaac asks Keeley if she could get him a shoe deal, and she is happy to help. Jamie finds out that Roy and Keeley have broken up, and he tries to comfort Roy, but that does not go as planned.


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Back in Ted’s office, he asks Coach Beard what he thinks about signing Zava. Beard screamed in delight when he heard that. He shows a video clip to Ted where Zava knocks down a thief in a store. The team is in the dressing room and they are upset about Roy and Kelley breaking up but are excited to hear the news about the possibility of bringing Zava.

When Higgins brought Trent Crimm to the dressing room, Roy was furious and made it perfectly clear that no one is to say a word to Trent unless they want to feel his wrath. So, the team is confused about how to act around Trent.

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Keeley is shooting a commercial and meets with an old friend, Shandy. She is surprised to hear that her old friends are all proud of her. Later on, she decides to hire Shandy at KJPR. Barbara is unhappy with that decision and has a confrontation with Keeley about it. But eventually, she and Keeley sort their differences out. Rebeca talks on the phone with her mother and discovers that her mother wants Rebecca to meet with her psychic.

Rebecca is surprised to hear that Zava does not want to meet with AFC Richmond, as he considers that would be an embarrassment for him. Zava doesn’t want to play for West Ham either, and he chose Chelsea for his new club. Rebecca is afraid that will make her ex-husband, Rupert, want Zava even more.

The team is avoiding Trent Crimm as much as possible, and Roy is unhappy because he must share his office with him. Trent is determined to get Roy on his side, but Roy being Roy, tells him to ”F off.”


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The new football season begins

In their first season match, AFC Richmond is up against Chelsea. In the stands of Stamford Bridge, Keeley and Rebecca are waiting for the match to begin. Keeley receives a text from Shandy and is not thrilled by Shandy’s proposal to bring mimosas to work and use the company card for it. Higgins comes to the stands and assures Rebbeca that Zava will sign for Chelsea, not West Ham.

Being back at Stamford Bridge is a big deal for Roy as he is Chelsea’s former captain. Chelsea’s fans started singing and cheering for him when they saw Roy. He has their utmost respect. However, when Zava appeared in the stands, he stole all the attention.

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The referee blew his whistle, and the match started. Chelsea scored early in the game, and it was Chelsea 1, Richmond 0 at half-time. At half-time, Rupert came to Zava, and the two of them started talking. Rebecca is sure that Rupert is going to persuade Zava to sign with West Ham, explaining to Keeley that Rupert is a great closer and how he made her fall for him.

AFC Richmond is in the dressing room and is discussing the strategy. Ted compares his team to Hallmark movies. Trent Crimm enters the room, and everyone becomes quiet. Ted confronts Roy and tells him that he needs to allow the players to speak around Trent, regardless of his personal beef with Trent. So, first, Roy confronts Trent and reads to him what Trent had read about him regarding his Premier League debut. Roy explains to Trent that he was only 17 years old when Trent called him a disappointment, and that statement wrecked it.


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Trent shares his side of the story and tells Roy that he was just trying to be edgy and make a name for himself. He looked for the worst in people. He apologizes to Roy. After that, Roy permitted the team to talk.

Rebecca gives Zava a sour yell instead of sweet-talk

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When Rebecca found out that there was a great chance that Zava would sign for West Ham, she decided to come up to Zava and have a talk with him herself. However, she is not allowed to go near Zava and has a conversation with Rupert instead. In the meantime, Zava approaches, and Rupert introduces Rebecca to him.

When Zava went to the toilet, Rebecca followed him, and as Zava was urinating, Rebecca yelled at him that he was a chicken and that if he was truly great, he could play anywhere. She tells Zava that he is afraid of the challenge and maybe doubts whether he is still good as he was, and that is why he chose West Ham, so he never has to find that out. Rebecca points out that Zava is overrated and overpaid. Then she storms off the toilet.

In the meantime, Richmond scored an unusual goal, and the match ended 1-1 at Stamford Bridge.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 2: Ending Explained

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After the match, there was a press conference where Zava was supposed to sign a contract with Chelsea. However, Zava changed his mind and decided he won’t play for Chelsea. He stated that he would play for Richmond and left everyone in shock. When the news spread, everyone in Richmond was thrilled.

Roy opens up to Ted about how it felt being back at Chelsea. He remembered the last time he was there and played against Arsenal. He didn’t play well in that game, and then he started to realize that he couldn’t keep up anymore like he used to, and he started thinking that he was not good enough. He couldn’t stop thinking about it for the rest of the year. So, at the end of the season, he decided to leave.


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Looking back, he regrets not staying at Chelsea and continued playing as long as he could. Now that his career is over, he wishes he enjoyed himself more when playing. Ted tells him that he can still be the guy who enjoys the moments and that they probably wouldn’t meet if he didn’t leave Chelsea, they probably wouldn’t meet.

With Zava on their team, AFC Richmond has a huge star to score goals, but it will be interesting to see how his personality fits in with the whole team’s chemistry.

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