‘Tell Me Lies’ Episode 1-3 Ending, Explained: Who Was Involved in Macy’s Accident?

Tell Me Lies

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Episodes 1-3 of Tell Me Lies, the newest erotic thriller that has debuted on Hulu this week. The show is based on the novel of the same name written by Carola Lovering and tells the story of Lucy, Stephen, and their particularly toxic relationship. Lucy is a girl that has never been passionate about anything, some even call her a sociopath with no feelings, but when she finally meets Stephen, things change both for the better and the worse.

The series is quite entertaining, and it is just way better than every other erotic thriller that has appeared on any other platform. The reason is that Lucy and Stephen are actually characters and not just stand-ins for sex scenes. The pair is quite interesting as they are obviously not good people at all, and yet, they feel attracted to each other. The series also pulls off a couple of twists here and there, creating a mystery that can sustain the story of an entire season.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for episodes 1-3 of Tell Me Lies. Read at your own risk.

Who Is Lucy Albright?

Tell Me Lies introduces her main protagonist in a rather intriguing way. Lucy was apparently in an intense relationship with someone named Stephen. However, she says that she has completely forgotten about him. She is at the wedding of one of her best friends, Bree, and we see how Stephan arrives and their eyes connect. These people have not forgotten about each other, and it is clear that there are still some unresolved issues here.

We go back in time eight years, and we see how Lucy is breaking up with her boyfriend before going to college. Lucy breaks up with the guy in a cold and efficient way. It is very sad. She also has a very strained relationship with her mother. Something happened between them, and they are not on the best of terms. Lucy clearly was more attached to her father. Her mother gives her a ride, and they have a very intense conversation. Her mother tries to reach her once she is at college, but Lucy refuses to answer her calls.

Tell Me Lies

Lucy meets a group of girls, Pippa, Bree, and her roommate Macy. Macy is quite cool, and she seems like a nice girl. The four of them quickly become friends and start spending a lot of time together. When talking about their past relationships, Lucy confesses she doesn’t have strong feelings about anything, so her break-up was actually not a big deal for her. Later, she meets Stephen for the first time at a party. They flirt, but nothing really happens after that.

Days later, Lucy is depressed after receiving a message from her mother, so when Macy asks her to accompany her to a party, Lucy says no. Macy comes from a town near Lucy’s and she and Stephen come from the same town. Macy says she used to see Stephen around town, but they don’t know each other. Stephen says the same after being asked about it. Macy goes to the party alone, but the next morning she is not in her bed. Lucy wakes up, with the news that Macy is dead. She was in a car accident.

Who Was Involved In Macy’s Accident?

The first half of episode 3 is focused on one of the secondary characters. Wrigley, the fun and lovable, although sometimes a bit of a jerk football player. Wrigley is dating Pippa, and it seems like they really like each other, but none of them actually say it. They are playing hard to get. Pippa thinks she is having sex with other girls, but in actuality, Wrigley is distracted for other reasons. First, Wrigley has a learning disability. It is not said what it is, but he is having a hard time reading. It could be dyslexia.

Wrigley needs to apply for disability benefits, but he doesn’t do it because it makes him feel sad. He fails a couple of exams, which could be dangerous for his future on the football team. The second reason Wrigley is distracted is because of his brother, Drew. Drew confesses to Wrigley that he was involved in Macy’s accident, and he didn’t stop, he saw the crash and just left. Drew thinks that Macy died because he didn’t call for her.

Tell Me Lies

The event has been quite traumatic for Drew, and he is clearly depressed. Wrigley tries to raise his spirits but fails, and on the night in question, he asked for Stephen’s help to know what to do. Stephen’s advice is to forget about the incident and just let things be. He says that no one should ever talk about the incident ever again. However, Wrigley trusts Pippa with the information. He trusts she won’t say anything.

Pippa seems conflicted, she doesn’t know if to go to the police or to Macy’s parents with the information. In the end, she decides to stay on Wrigley’s side and not say anything. Wrigley and Pippa decide that they should get to know each other better. Meanwhile, Stephen seems conflicted about having a relationship with Lucy or keeps seeing his ex-girlfriend, Linda. On his computer, he sees photos of them, and also of Macy’s. In these photos, Macy’s is in her underwear, and it seems that they actually knew each other very well.

Stephen lying about Macy seems to put him at the scene of the accident, and his desire to never talk about it could mean he is also involved. To what degree? We have to wait and see.

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