Terraria Crimson vs. Corruption: Differences & Which Is Better

Crimson Vs. Corruption

Back in 2011, when Terraria first got released it was a huge game. It even made it onto the list of best-selling games. Its sandbox features and near-limitless creative possibilities allowed for some pretty unique gameplay and various playstyles. For a game that revolves around a procedurally generated world, it can get pretty diverse and complicated out there. For that reason, we’re going to be taking a closer look at Terraria’s two evil biomes. So, what are the differences between Crimson and Corruption, and which is better?

When it comes to differences, it comes down to overall difficulty, exclusive items that spawn, and general aesthetics. Objectively Crimson biome is more difficult but spawns more valuable items which in turn makes the playthrough all the more fun. So if you don’t mind the difficulty Crimson biome is better. Alternatively, the Corruption biome is easier and thus recommended for players new to the game.

Now that we’ve summed up all the important information, it’s time to look at the two biomes in question more closely and analyze those mentioned differences. Keep reading!

The Corruption Biome

Terraria Crimson Vs. Corruption: Differences & Which Is Better
The Corruption

Known as the easier of the two, Corruption Biome is primarily marked by its haunting aesthetics reminiscent of death. Its color palette is overwhelmingly purple with dark undertones. Corruption has a 50% chance of appearing in your newly generated world.

When it comes to difficulty the enemies that spawn in Corruption Biomes will be easier to defeat and which means that you will farm Corruption-specific materials and loot faster.

Corruption is easily spread, and once when it takes over one “infected” area whole area will take on the purple haunted aesthetics. While playing in Hard Mode, Corruption can take over a desert biome converting it into a Corrupted Desert. The general feel of the Corrupted Desert is the same as in the primary Biome. It’s marked by a purple color palette and has an evil vibe to it, as well as the same musical theme. If the Corruption spreads beneath the ground surface, that biome is known as Underground Corruption.


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When it comes to specific features of Corruption Biomes those are Shadow Orbs and Demon Altars.

Shadow Orbs are background objects that can be found at the bottom of the chasms, they are purple in color and you will definitely know when you are near one. You are encouraged to destroy them as your playthrough’s advancement depends on it. They can be destroyed by Nightmare pickaxe (or better equipment), explosives, etc. When destroyed, the shadow orb will always drop an item. The first destroyed Orb is a requirement for Goblin Army to spawn, and every third destroyed Orb is a requirement for Eater of World to spawn. Demon Altars are specific crafting stations that litter the landscape.

If you are wondering about unique drops & spawns in Corrupted Biome, there are quite a few of them.


  • Eater of souls
  • Corrupt Goldfish
  • Devourer
  • Eater of Worlds
  • Corruptor (Hardmode)
  • Corrupt Slime (Hardmode)
  • Slimeling (Hardmode)
  • Slimer(Hardmode)
  • World Feeder
  • Dark Mummy (Corrupted Desert)
  • Cursed Hammer (Undeground Corruption)
  • Clinger (Undeground Corruption)
  • Corrupt Mimic (Underground Corruption)
  • Corruption Pigron (Hardmode, needs to be close to Ice Biome)
  • Vile Ghoul (Underground Corrupted Desert)
Standard creatures that appear in Corruption
Standard creatures that appear in Corruption

Those creatures drop loads of loot upon dying, you can check out the full list here.
Corruption-specific Treasures are:

  • Musket
  • Musket Balls
  • Ball O’ Hurt
  • Vilethorn
  • Band of Starpower
  • Shadow Orb
  • Ancient Shadow Armor

The Crimson Biome

Terraria Crimson Vs. Corruption: Differences & Which Is Better
The Crimson

The red color is overwhelmingly present in the Crimson biome and its general aesthetics are marked with flesh, gore, and disease-like structures. One could say that Crimson is supposed to represent the infected wound of the land. Like Corruption, Crimson has a 50 % chance of spawning in your world. Crimson can spread to the desert, underground, and ice biomes transferring its general theme and visuals to them. It’s harder than its counterpart when it comes to spawns but that makes its items generally more powerful and more valuable.


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Features specific to Crimson Biome are Crimson Hearts and Crimson Altars. They are the counterparts of Shadow Orbs & Demon Altars from Corruption. Crimson Hearts appear at the bottom of the chasms and can be destroyed with a hammer or explosives and just like with Shadow Orbs, your game advancement depends on how many of them you destroy. Destroying one Crimson Heart will always drop items, primarily The Undertaker and Musket Balls. Destroying three Crimson Hearts will always spawn the Brain of Cthulhu. Crimson Altars like Demon Altars are crafting stations you can come across while exploring the biome.

Many unique creatures litter the landscape of Crimson and drop valuable, powerful, and rare loot. You can read the full list of drops here.

Blood Crawler
Vicious Goldfish
Face Monster
Brain of Cthulhu
Herpling (Hardmode)
Crimslime (Hardmode)
Blood Jelly (Hardmode)
Blood Feeder (Hardmode)
Blood Mummy ( Crimson Desert)
Crimson Axe (Crimson Underground)
Ichor Sticker (Crimson Underground)
Floaty Gross (Crimson Underground)
Crimson Mimic (Crimson Underground)
Crimson Pigron (Hardmode, needs to be close to Ice Biome)
Tainted Ghoul (Underground Crimson Desert)

Terraria Crimson Vs. Corruption: Differences & Which Is Better
Standard creatures that appear in Crimson

Valuable Crimson-specific loot that can be found:

Rotted Fork
Crimson Rod
Panic Necklace
Crimson Heart

Can Crimson take over Corruption?

While in Hard Mode, yes it can happen. If you plant Crimson blocks in the middle of the Corrupted Area you will be able to see a slow and gradual spread of Crimson. The same goes for planting Corrupted blocks in the middle of Crimson Area. Even though biomes cannot appear naturally side by side in the same world, you can always plant your own biomes.

Which is better Crimson or Corruption?

It comes to your personal tastes in aesthetics and whether you like the challenge in the game or not. But objectively Crimson Biome is better because it spawns rarer, tougher, and more powerful items.

And that would be all. We have presented you with all the facts that we could muster, the choice is up to you.

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