Terraria: How to Fish in Lava? Simple Guide 

How to fish in lava in terraria?

Terraria is well known for its wide array of activities you can do as a player. Its procedurally generated world is virtually limitless when it comes to crafting and exploring so it’s no wonder that fishing is one of those implemented activities. While in most games you can only fish in water, Terraria brings fishing to another level altogether. Fishing is available in water, honey, and lava, and today we will be focusing on lava fishing. We have decided to put together this simple guide and answer your question on how to fish in lava in Terraria? 

You can fish in lava using specialized equipment or baits that can withstand high temperatures generated by lava. First, you will need a source of lava in a form of a lava lake. Then you will need a Hotline Hook, Lavaproof Fishing Hook, or special baits such as Magma Snail, Hell Butterfly, and Lavafly. Once you acquired those you’re ready to fish in lava and remember, all items you acquire as a part of your lava fishing expeditions are not available during normal fishing sessions in water and honey. 

Now that you know what the prerequisites for fishing in lava are it’s time to delve deeper into the matter. In the rest of the guide, we will cover all the important steps such as creating a lava lake, getting fireproof equipment, and fireproof bait. Stay with us to find out!

How to create a lava pool? 

You can fish in any source of lava given that it’s safe enough. Your first thought is probably to fish in lava that can be found underground. That can be a bit dangerous so it’s recommended that you make your own lava pool or lake yourself. 


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The player can move lava so to speak using a bucket or pumps. A bottomless Lava Bucket is recommended for this step since it never runs out of lava. But there’s a catch, you can acquire Bottomless Lava Bucket only by fishing in Lava. So maybe try using this tactic after you’ve had some experience fishing in lava. 

What do you need to fish in lava in Terraria? 

There are several choices when it comes to equipment. You can use fireproof fishing hooks or fireproof baits.  

Hotline Fishing Hook can only be acquired in Hardmode after doing Angler Quests. The quests that you’ve done before Hardmode also count so keep that in mind. A Hotline Fishing Hook is a rare item and not easy to come by. 

Lavaproof Fishing Hook is another item that allows you to fish in lava, but the catch is it can only be obtained by fishing in lava. So maybe Hotline Fishing Hook and baits should be your first choice. Lavaproof Fishing Hook is acquired from Obsidian and Hellstone Crates. But once you have it you can use any type of fishing pole and any type of bait to fish in lava. It’s not the easiest item to come by, but it’s definitely worth it. 

What kind of baits do you need to fish in lava in Terraria?

The third option when it comes to fishing in lava are baits. There are several of them available to the player. Magma Snail, Hell Butterfly, and Lavafly can be caught with Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net. Magna Snail can be found in the Underworld and if it’s not used as bait it can be a useful animated light source for the player or a decoration in your house whatever you prefer. Hell Butterfly also spawns in the Underworld during daytime. Lavafly like the previous two baits can be farmed in the Underworld using special Bug Nets. 

Fireproof Baits
Fireproof Baits found in The Underworld

As we’ve seen, Lavaproof Bug Net or Golden Bug Net is an absolute must when it comes to catching fireproof critters. Lavaproof Bug Net is crafted at Hellforge using a standard Bug Net and x15 Hellstone Bars. 

There’s another option available. Golden Bug Net, which is upgraded Lavaproof Bug Net 

Now that we’ve covered all your options when it comes to the equipment we can conclude that your best bet is Hotline Fishing Hook which is a sure drop as long as you’ve done enough Angler Quests. Most of the options in this guide can be acquired only after you’ve already fished in lava and are not a suitable solution for first-time lava anglers. You might need a bit more time to prepare to fish in lava but once it’s an option it has great rewards and drops. 

What do you get from fishing in lava? 

While fishing in lava is complicated and requires planning and quite a few prerequisites. It’s totally worth it. What do you get while fishing in lava? Quite a few items are not available any other way. You will not get normal drops that you would get while fishing in water but you will get some other, and rarer, fire-themed items and critters that allow you to manipulate and handle lava, there’s even a conch that teleports you!

  • Flamefin Koi 
  • Obsidifish 
  • Obsidian Swordfish 
  • Bottomless Lava Bucket
  • Lava Absorbant Sponge
  • Demon Conch
  • Obsidian Crate
  • Hellstone Crate 

Obsidian Crate is the only source of Obsidian Lock Box. It’s a pre-Hardmode version of Hellstone Crates. You can read the full list of drops here. It’s a good source of metal and potions. 

Hellstone Crate is a Hard Mode crate that drops while fishing in lava and like Obsidian Crate it’s the only crate that drops Obisidan Lock Box. You can find the full list of drops here


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Is fishing in lava worth it? 

It’s complicated to set up. Especially pre-Hardmode, but once you’ve acquired everything you need (and possibly built your own lava lake) it’s a good source of limited and rare items that you can’t find anywhere else. As long as you’re careful and have at least some lava-proof equipment that shields you from the damage caused by heat you should be good to go. 

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