‘The Acolyte’ Episode 7 Breakdown: Why Making the Jedi Into a Villains Fell Flat

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‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ recently released Episode 7, and the initial reactions are not favorable. The penultimate episode turned out to be another flashback, retelling the events from Episode 3 but from the perspective of the Jedi.

If you want to avoid spoilers, stop reading now, as this article contains plenty of them. However, if you prefer to skip this week’s episode but still want to catch up on the events or have trouble understanding the latest installment, read on!

The Jedi’s presence on Brendok was not by random chance

As previously mentioned, Episode 7 revisits the events of Episode 3 through a flashback from the Jedi’s perspective. Master Indarra reveals that the Jedi are searching for something known as The Force Vergence, a concentrated force capable of fostering life where it would otherwise not exist. She suspects this vergence is located on Brendok, a planet devastated by a previous hyperspace disaster yet paradoxically thriving with life.

Meanwhile, her padawan Torbin grows restless and fails to see the significance of finding this source. He’s eager to return to Coruscant, and his emotions begin to cloud his judgment. Master Sol observes Osha and Mae using the Force in the forest and senses a connection with Osha, despite Master Indarra’s warnings against interference. Sol becomes convinced that the girls are in peril, prompting Indarra to contact the Jedi Council for guidance on their training.

The initial encounter with the witches quickly devolves into a catastrophe

The Jedi approach the witches, and Kelnacca disables the elevator controls to prevent their escape, potentially contributing to the rapid spread of the fire. We revisit the scene from Episode 3 where the Jedi confront the witches to persuade them to have the girls tested for Force sensitivity.

This time, we discover that Mother Aniseya exploits Torbin’s anxiety to infiltrate his mind and momentarily take control of him. Witnessing such formidable power unsettles the Jedi, but they depart the fortress peacefully after Aniseya assures them that the girls will undergo testing as promised.

The test reveals that the girls possess extraordinary Force sensitivity, with the highest midichlorian count ever recorded. Sol and Indarra attribute this to the Force Vergence. They also learn that Osha and Mae are not just twins but essentially two halves of the same person, a phenomenon that can only be explained by the presence of a vergence.

Indarra expresses concern that Osha may be too old for training, but Sol is unwavering in his belief that she is destined to be his padawan. They swiftly dismiss Mae as a candidate due to her dark mark.

There has been a massive misunderstanding

Upon hearing this, Torbin resolves to infiltrate the fortress and retrieve the girls, driven by his desire to return to Coruscant swiftly, fueled by anxiety and negative emotions. Master Sol joins him, convinced of the girls’ peril.

Indarra and Kelnacca also depart, intent on preventing any reckless actions. Meanwhile, at the fortress, it’s revealed that Mother Korin instructed Mae to confine Osha and start the fire.

Torbin and Master Sol confront Mother Aniseya, who manifests dark Force powers, projecting herself as a cloud of dark energy. In a moment of fear and uncertainty, Sol reacts by killing her, clearly shaken by the unexpected turn of events.

As Aniseya breathes her last, she reveals to Sol that she would have allowed Osha to accompany him to Coruscant for proper Jedi training. Mother Korbin attacks Sol, but he refuses to retaliate. Meanwhile, the fire continues to spread, though it is not what ultimately kills the witches.

Mother Korbin escapes in a black mist, while the remaining Witches of Brendok attempt to turn Kelnacca against his fellow Jedi by infiltrating his mind. A battle ensues between Kelnacca and the Jedi, halted only when Indarra arrives and takes control of his mind.

Indarra’s counterattack results in the demise of the remaining witches, who fall lifeless. With the fortress engulfed in flames, Sol rushes to rescue the girls but can only save one. He chooses to save Osha.

Are the Jedi the villains?

Back at their ship, Sol is in a panic while Indarra decides they will deceive both the Jedi Council and Osha herself. When Osha awakens, they fabricate a story blaming Mae for starting the fire and claiming all the witches perished.

This portrayal of the Jedi is highly unconventional, which has been the primary source of disappointment for fans. The characters’ motivations seem unclear and irrational—from Torbin’s anxiety-driven actions to Sol’s attachment to Osha, disguised as concern. Kelnacca’s transformation and susceptibility to the witches’ influence further add to the confusion.

The concepts of Vergence, the mysterious connection between Osha and Mae, and Sol’s years-long deception of Osha could either elevate her as a Jedi or lead her down a darker path as Qimir’s Acolyte in the final episode.

There’s also speculation that Mother Korin has been secretly training Qimir, given her deep-seated hatred for the Jedi and her apparent escape.

This twist isn’t seen as clever, especially since suspicions about the Jedi’s role in the coven’s downfall have been prevalent since the beginning. The depiction of the Jedi as flawed and possibly corrupt adds another layer of complexity.

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