‘The Acolyte’ Possibly Revealed the Identity of The Stranger’s Sith Master as Evidence Grows

acolyte sith lord

In the recent episode of ‘The Acolyte,’ Mae’s Sith Master was unveiled to be Qimir, much to the fans’ disappointment. While Jacinto’s portrayal was commendable, the twist felt predictable to many viewers.

Leslye Headland, the show’s creator, explained that The Stranger’s identity was deliberately made obvious because the true twist of the episode centered around the deaths of Yord and Jeckie.

With The Stranger revealed, ‘The Acolyte’ promises more twists ahead that are far from straightforward. Current theories surrounding Qimir speculate that Master Sol is his father and that he also has a Sith Master guiding his training. But who could this master be?

CBR’s analysis of clues from previous episodes strongly suggests it could be Mother Korin. Many fans initially suspected her as The Stranger, but now anticipate her return as a formidable Sith Lord in the series.

Here’s the evidence supporting that theory: First, while we witnessed the deaths of many members of the witch coven, including Mother Aniseya, Mother Korin’s body was conspicuously absent. This suggests it was intentional and serves as the first clue.

Consider the fire itself: Mae was seen starting it, but it spread remarkably fast and consumed the stone-built settlement unusually quickly. This raises suspicions that Korin may have initiated the fire, intending to frame the Jedi stationed there for attempting to take Osha. However, she lost control, resulting in the destruction of her entire family, intensifying her resentment towards the Jedi.

Mother Korin also exhibited a strong animosity towards the Jedi Order and openly criticized Aniseya’s parenting methods. Additionally, an important detail mentioned by Mae in episode 5 adds to the intrigue.

In the latest episode, it is revealed that The Stranger possesses the ability to enter minds and manipulate them. This ability resonates with Osha, who recalls her mother, Aniseya, demonstrating similar powers in an earlier episode by briefly controlling Torbin. While Aniseya has passed away, it is possible she passed this ability on to Mother Korin, another Force-practicing member of their coven. If Mother Korin is indeed alive and secretly serves as the true Sith master, she may have imparted these powers to The Stranger.

Another compelling piece of evidence suggesting that Qimir has a master is his expressed desire to have an apprentice, a sentiment he expressed during his confrontation with Master Sol. It is evident that he is keen on recruiting either Osha or Mae.

He may have realized that the only way to confront his master was by having an apprentice beside him, or he suspected that his master withheld certain powers of the Witches of Brendok, prompting him to seek their trainees as a substitute. Another possibility is that, through a potential link to Korin, he knows the true origins of Mae and Osha and aims to study them to unlock their power for himself.

Regardless of whether you agree with this theory, it’s likely we’ll encounter Korin again. According to Leslye Headland, episodes 6 and 8 will delve into Qimir’s past, albeit from Osha’s perspective, hinting at a connection between The Stranger’s history and Osha’s.

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