The Blessed One in Halo Explained

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Episode 2 of the Halo series just came out, and it revealed a lot of different details regarding the plot. Particularly, the series revolved around Master Chief finding more about the artifact that he recovered back in Madrigal by taking it to a former Covenant prisoner in an asteroid colony, who mentioned the Blessed One. Of course, we also saw a scene about the Covenant’s own Blessed One, who volunteered to recover the artifact from the UNSC. So, who is the Blessed One in Halo?

There is yet no clear answer as to what a Blessed One in Halo is because this is something that isn’t in the games. However, it could be presumed that the Blessed Ones are humans that are capable of using Forerunner technology for some reason that is yet to be revealed in the series.

It should be noted that the Covenant are religious zealots who are after some sort of prophecy that is based on their religion. In the case of the Halo universe, they seek to control a weapon that has the power to end all life, and that might be the same case in the series. They need the Blessed One to control this power, and that’s why we’re here to look at what the Blessed One could be.

What Is The Blessed One In Halo?

The Halo series has introduced a lot of different changes to the story that allows it to deviate from the Halo game franchise because the showrunners believed it necessary to tell a story that is separate from what we know in the games. That said, there are a lot of different elements that have been revealed in the series ever since episode 1.

In episode 1, we got to meet a character named Makee, who worked with the Covenant and was referred to as the Blessed One. There was little that was revealed about Makee in the first episode except for the fact that she works with the Covenant and is placed at a high position even amongst the Prophets, who are the leaders of the Covenant. And, of course, episode 1 also allowed us to see that the Covenant and Makee wanted the artifact that the Spartans recovered in Madrigal.

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After Master Chief went rogue at the end of episode 1, it was shown in episode 2 that he sought to learn more about the artifact by taking it to Soren, his former Spartan colleague, in an asteroid colony. Soren took him to a former Covenant prisoner named Reth, who told him about his experience with the Covenant.

Reth said that he was taken by the Covenant because they thought he could operate one of the artifacts that they had in their possession, but he couldn’t because he wasn’t a Blessed one. And he mumbled about what a Blessed One is by saying that they are human but are given a higher responsibility. So, what is a Blessed One in Halo?

Soren cut Reth off before he could say anything more about what a Blessed One is, but we doubt that he would have mentioned something important about them, given the fact that what he knew about the Blessed Ones is based on the scripture-like knowledge of the Prophets of the Covenant.

That said, we can still deduce what a Blessed One is, as shown from the fact that Master Chief himself could also be a Blessed One because he was shown to be able to operate the artifact that the Covenant were looking for.


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In the Halo games, it was made clear that the Covenant was looking to make use of a technology left by an ancient yet advanced race called the Forerunners, who were also the same ones who created the Halo superweapon that could annihilate all life in the galaxy.

While the Forerunners are yet to be mentioned in the Halo series, it could be possible that they also exist and that they are the ones who were responsible for creating the artifact and the “ring weapon” that Reth mentioned in episode 2. This ring weapon could very well be the Halo weapon that the Covenant Prophets have been looking for, considering that the UNSC doesn’t even know what the Covenant are after.

Going back to what the Blessed One is, we presume that these are humans who were able to make contact with the Forerunners long ago or have some sort of a connection with them such that they are able to operate Forerunner technology. This also explains why Master Chief is constantly given visions of his past life whenever he touches the artifact, as his past life before he was taken by the UNSC could give clues as to why he is also a Blessed One.

How Does The Blessed One Connect With The Covenant?

As seen in the first two episodes of Halo, the Covenant held Makee in a high position and were quite hesitant to send her out to recover the artifact from the UNSC because she was very important to them. So, why is the Blessed One so important to the Covenant, and how does it connect with them?

We mentioned that the possible goal of the Covenant in the series is to search for the Halo weapon and to use it to wipe out all of the other races in the galaxy or, at the very least, put the galaxy under their rule by using the Halo to instill fear into them. 

It could be possible that the Covenant in the series are not capable of handling Forerunner technology, even though they could use it in the video game franchise. That is where the Blessed One could come in.

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The Prophets of the Covenant probably value Makee so much because she is the only one so far that could operate Forerunner technology. As Makee mentioned in episode 2, the Prophets saved her and took her under their wing. We know that the Covenant aren’t as benevolent as that, given the fact that it wasn’t beyond them to slaughter innocent children in Madrigal. And this could only mean that they valued Makee because she is a Blessed One that could help them operate the Halo when they do find it in the future.


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Of course, the reason why Makee is called a “Blessed One” by the Covenant is that they regard the Forerunners as gods because of their superiority as a race. As such, being able to handle Forerunner tech means that Makee is “blessed” as far as the Covenant Prophets are concerned.

Is The Blessed One In The Halo Games?

The reason why people are so confused about the concept of the Blessed One in the Halo series is that this isn’t something that is in the games. That means that there is no Makee in the game and that Master Chief himself is simply a super soldier with no powers to operate Forerunner technology.

In fact, in the games, the Covenant are actually capable of using Forerunner technology without the need of a Blessed One. As such, the Blessed One is one of the new additions that the Halo series introduced to the live-action version of the franchise.

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