The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 5 Ending Teases A Baby Yoda Comeback

The Book Of Boba Fett Episode 5 Ending Teases A Baby Yoda Comeback

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Fans of The Mandalorian were delighted to see that their favorite Mandalorian was the sole focus of episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett. Making Din Djarin the star of that episode was a way to bridge The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. However, the attentive people would notice that there is a chance that another crowd-favorite character would be coming back in the future. So, is Baby Yoda going to make a comeback?

It is quite possible that we will be seeing a Baby Yoda comeback in The Book of Boba Fett because Din Djarin told Fennec Shand that he wanted to “visit a little friend” first before joining up with Boba Fett’s army. This little friend he was talking about could be Grogu or Baby Yoda or “The Child.” 

One of the things that people were quick to notice about Din Djarin was that he seemed lost without Grogu with him. He may have already completed his mission of delivering Baby Yoda to Luke Skywalker safely, but doing so left a huge hole in his life. As such, he was vocal about wanting to pay a visit to Grogu, and that could possibly mean a Baby Yoda appearance soon.

Book Of Boba Fett Episode 5 Ending Explained

One of the best things about The Book of Boba Fett is that it has a way of allowing Star Wars fans to connect the show with some of the older events that happened in the Star Wars continuity by giving us cameos and guest appearances. While we have seen familiar characters making appearances in the show, one of the most surprising appearances involved everyone’s favorite Mandalorian.

Episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett solely featured Din Djarin, aka the Mandalorian, as the star of the entire episode, even though the series is supposed to be all about Boba Fett. Well, for starters, people should remember that The Book of Boba Fett is supposed to be a spin-off of The Mandalorian.

Going back to our point, in episode 5, one of the things we saw was that Din Djarin was back to the drawing board as a bounty hunter. One of the bounties he completed involved knowing the whereabouts of the remaining Mandalorians. 

As he visited the hidden base of operations of the two remaining Mandalorians, one of the first things that he told The Armorer, who is the de facto leader of the order, was that he wanted to visit Grogu, aka Baby Yoda or The Child, to check up on the little guy and to see how he was doing.

In the episode, we also saw The Armorer asking Din Djarin about the Beskar steel spear that he had on his back. She told him that it was dangerous for him to be carrying around such a weapon because it could pierce through Beskar armor, and that meant that it was a threat to his fellow Mandalorians. That said, Din Djarin asked The Armorer to melt the spear down and forge something that was “fit for a foundling,” another reference to Baby Yoda.

Mandalorian Darksaber

Eventually, after a duel with Paz Vizsla for the right to wield the Darksaber, Djarin admitted to The Armorer that he removed his helmet, an act that was prohibited among the devout Mandalorians. To that end, The Armorer expelled Din Djarin from the order and told him that the only way he could redeem himself was to go to the mines of Mandalore, which no longer existed.

After getting expelled from the order, Din Djarin commuted to Tatooine to get a new ship from his mechanic friend Peli Motto. While he initially didn’t like the N-1 Starfighter that Motto was willing to sell him, Djarin and the mechanic worked on the ship together to customize it and make it better than any starfighter we have seen in the galaxy so far.

As Din Djarin was about to take his new Naboo Starfighter for a spin, he noticed that the compartment for the astromech droid was taken out, and Peli Motto was quick to point out that she deliberately removed it because of his disposition with droids. 

The former astromech droid compartment turned into a smaller seat that could possibly be spacious enough for Baby Yoda. This was once again a reference to Grogu, as the compartment could become his very own baby seat when traveling the galaxy together with the Mandalorian.


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After Din Djarin took his new ship out for a test run, he came back to Peli Motto’s garage, as the mechanic told him that someone was there to see him. The familiar face was none other than Boba Fett’s right hand, Fennec Shand, who was there to offer the Mandalorian bounty hunter a job.

When Din Djarin confirmed that the job was something involved with Boba Fett, who he owed a debt of gratitude due to how he helped him with the mission to recover Grogu, the Mandalorian told the assassin that he was willing to help and it was on the house. But first, he told her that he had to visit a “little friend” first.

Essentially, the ending of the episode was referencing Din Djarin as the “muscle” that Boba Fett needed in his fight against the Pyke syndicate on Mos Espa. However, the most interesting part about the entire episode and its ending was not the fact that Djarin was going to collaborate with Fett once more. Instead, the many Grogu references got fans intrigued.

Will We See Baby Yoda In The Book Of Boba Fett?

Baby yoda

As mentioned, there were plenty of Baby Yoda references in Episode 5 of The Book of Boba Fett. And Din Djarin’s life looked like it had a huge hole left in it ever since he completed his mission of delivering The Child to Luke Skywalker for Jedi training. However, is it possible that we will be seeing Baby Yoda in The Book of Boba Fett?

Many fans pointed out the possibility that season 3 of The Mandalorian could be all about Din Djarin searching for Grogu to check up on the little guy. However, let us not forget that he told Shand that, before he was going to work with her and Fett, he needed to pay a little friend a visit.

This little friend that Din Djarin was referencing could be Grogu because, let’s face it, the Mandalorian doesn’t have too many friends. And if you look at all of the friends he has made ever since the start of The Mandalorian, only Baby Yoda fits the “little” description.


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However, it could be possible that the little friend that he was talking about is an entirely different character that could assist Din Djarin with the entire war involving Boba Fett and the Pykes. Remember that Disney+ and Lucasfilm are not shy about bringing over new characters. And it could be possible that the little friend Din Djarin was talking about is not Grogu but an entirely different person.

Then again, the general belief among fans is that Baby Yoda could be making an appearance in The Book of Boba Fett soon because Din Djarin wants to visit him. And his appearance in the series could be a way to set up the plot of season 3 of The Mandalorian.

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