‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 6 Ending, Explained: Who Wins Homelander Vs. Soldier Boy, Round One?

The Boys

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The Boys Season 3, Episode 6, will be one of the most remembered ones in the show’s run, we can be 100% sure about that. Why? Because, episode 6, titled “Herogasm” is everything that The Boys and Amazon always promised it could be. The Boys has certainly delivered amazing moments throughout its three seasons, but nothing like this. This episode is pure, unadulterated madness, and it is glorious. We might not get episodes like this all the time, but every time they come our way, they are breathtaking.

Episode 6 also doesn’t only deliver when it comes to the spectacle and the mayhem we expect from the show, but also delivers some truly important characters moments for a number of our favorites. The show is really making the relationships the main dish when it comes to the drama, and we, the audience, are going to be eating quite well during these last few episodes. Some actors even give their best performances in this episode.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for the entirety of episode 6. Read at your own risk.

What Happens During The Herogasm In Episode 6?

The developments of episode 5 come crashing down hard for many characters in episode 6. The episode begins with our main villain, Homelander, as he realizes for the first time that Soldier Boy is alive, and is on a mission. It is really something to behold, that the fear reaction Homelander has is fear. Does he fear Soldier Boy? Not really, but he fears what it could be for Vought as a company. Homelander even says that if the company fails, and he fails, and he doesn’t want to fail, his ego won’t allow it.

Homelander then orders The Deep to find out what Soldier Boy is up to. He then talks to Black Noir and asks the silent giant about his former team leader. Of course, Noir doesn’t respond, but for the first time in the show, we see Black Noir having his own initiative. Now that Noir knows his old leader Soldier Boy is back, the first thing he does is strip his locator from his body and then just leaves, he vanishes leaving Homelander alone once again.

The Boys

Homelander really is in quite a pickle. In a wonderful scene, he talks to himself in the mirror and displays his motivations as a character out loud. Homelander wants to be loved, he wants to prove to the world that he is great, that he truly is the best of them. But Edgar’s words keep ringing in his ears, and he is afraid he will fail and show everyone that he is a farce. The Deep concludes that Soldier Boy is after his own team, and he will go for The Twins, TNT, next. Homelander sends him to find them.

We then see Hughie and Butcher hanging out with Soldier Boy, who really is a man out of time. He believes a man should be strong and so on, so when he sees how men are represented in media, carrying babies and so forth, he is disgusted. He tells himself he isn’t a bad guy and confesses he doesn’t know what happens when he explodes. Not only that, but he still doesn’t know he gets triggered by Russian music, and words. Butcher finds out the address for the Twins and the three get ready to go to Vermont.


‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 6 Review: Soldier Vs. Homelander Round One On Herogasm

Meanwhile, Starlight is having a rough time, as he makes interviews with Homelander and tries to do her part. She talks with Neuman, who reveals she is a super and that she knows what Annie is planning against Homelander. Annie reunites with M.M. and they decide to track the twins and save them before Soldier Boy gets to them. All the roads now lead to Vermont. The Deep arrives before everyone realizes the Twins are in the middle of Herogasm, an annual orgy for superheroes. He is invited inside.

Who Wins Homelander Vs. Soldier Boy, Round One?

The three teams collide at Vermont. Annie and M.M. arrive at the sex part, and they try to warn everybody about Soldier Boy coming, but no one pays attention to their words. Meanwhile, Hughie, Soldier Boy, and Butcher are outside, Hughie asks for three minutes to go inside the house and tell Soldier Boy where the Twins are, to avoid as much collateral damage as possible. He goes inside and finds A-Train, and the pair have a moment. A-Train apologizes for having killed Robin, Hughie’s ex-girlfriend. Annie sees Hughie and they see Soldier Boy arriving.

Hughie takes Annie out of the party, and he confesses he feels useless in the relationship. Annie still doesn’t understand his feelings and tells him he is just a terrible person. Meanwhile, Soldier Boy confronts the Twins, who tell him everything was Noir’s plan. Soldier Boy gets triggered by some Russian music and everything explodes. Tons of people get killed. M.M. confronts Soldier Boy, but Butcher saves his life by stopping him.

The Boys

However, Homelander arrives at the party, and both superheroes face each other. They are very much at the same level, and they get surprised when they cannot defeat each other easily. Butcher and Hughie join the fight, and they subdue Homelander for the first time. Soldier Boy is about to explode, which would nullify Homelanders powers, but Homelander manages to escape at the right moment.

Meanwhile, A-Train confronts Blue Hawk about his brother’s wounds and kills him by dragging him on the road. A-train apparently dies as his heart stops after running one last time. The Vermont house is a massacre and M.M., and Annie, try to help as many people as possible. She sees as Soldier Boy, Butcher and Hughie leave. She then decides to do a live stream where she quits being a superhero and declares that Homelander is a murderer.

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