‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 6 Review: Soldier Vs. Homelander Round One On Herogasm

The Boys

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Season 3 of The Boys is becoming one hell of an appointment television every Friday. The season’s first half was clearly all set up for this second half, which is filled with some of the greatest moments of the show in general. Season 3, Episode 6, titled “Herogasm” proves that The Boys is here to stay. And that we are just so lucky that we are living in this era where superheroes and basically every other type of nerd fiction is having its time in the spotlight.

Episode 6 also proves that enough can be done with as few resources as possible. Season 3 hasn’t really been the poster boy for high-budget TV. The lack of superheroes showing their powers has been really noticeable, and it is especially alarming in a show that is all about superheroes in real life. Episode 6 fixes that with a festival of solid visual effects that help display what these guys are capable of doing. It is quite impressive. Amazon should add more money to show, though.

Nelson Cragg seats once again on the director’s chair and once again. He knocks it out of the park with an episode that not only knows how to transmit a lot of tension, but also one that knows that the character’s interactions are the main juice we drink in this show. Both episodes 5 and 6 have this distinguished way in which the dialogues and the interactions are films, they look and sound important and so you pay attention to every single one of them.

The Boys

The relationships are really pushed to the brink and the episode really pushes some characters to their limits, literally. All of it makes for some good television and basically the best thing you will watch this Friday. The ending of season 4 of Stranger Things might eclipse next week’s episode of The Boys. But something tells me that the creators of the show planned this way ahead as the next episode will possibly be more of a bridge episode before the great finale, in episode 8 two weeks from now.

What happens in Episode 6 of The Boys is quite controversial? Maybe that is the wrong word. Transgressive would be the best way to name it. The “Herogasm” party that gives the episode this title is certainly something people will talk about a lot. The series is pushing the limits of good taste, but not as far as it could. At first, it is pretty much quite shocking, but as the scene continues and the focus is then changed towards the characters instead of the orgy that happens in the background, it makes for a unique battlefield.


The Boys: Herogasm – Supes Party In Season 3 Explained

M.M. Has his best episode to date, as we see the man confronting not only the man in his nightmares, in the figure of Soldier Boy, but also his friends, his regret, guilty, and more. Laz Alonso is really one of the most underrated actors on the show, but in this episode, he takes the central spotlight in many scenes, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Without M.M.’s moral code, then cynicism and transgression would be the only things filling up The Boys on a narrative level.

Christian Keyes, who plays A-Train, also gives one hell of a performance. His character has really been in a course of redemption throughout the season, where he has seen firsthand just how awful supes can be in contrast to the general population. What happened to him and his family in episode 5 really makes waves, and those waves make him do something in this episode that was expected but nevertheless equally satisfying.

The main even, Homelander Vs. Soldier Boy gives us everything that we wanted, and knowing that this is not everything the creators have been saving for the season’s second half, has us excited for what is coming. The fight happens and it happens in glorious fashion. These two characters are used to being the best of the best, so when they clash, it is really quite funny to see them finally get in front of someone that can push them to their limits.

The Boys

The episode delivers another great action sequence, one that displays no superpowers, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. Frenchie and Kimiko have basically reached the climax of their storyline this season, and that climax is reached also in a bloody fashion. We don’t really know what to expect from this storyline. It seems a bit aimless and completely disconnected from everything else on the show. However, it isn’t a surprise when saying everybody wishes the best for these two. They deserve it.

Season 3, Episode 6 of The Boys is pure mayhem, and that is the way we want the show to be every week. It is understandable that the show can keep that rhythm of madness each week, it would dilute the shocking factor, and would make it a routine. However, if they manage two keep this rhythm every time they are reaching a season finale, then The Boys will certainly justify its existence as a TV show that will always keep the more standard superhero affair in check. And with superhero content being released every week, The Boys are needed now more than ever.

SCORE: 10/10

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