The Boys: Herogasm – Supes Party In Season 3 Explained

The Boys has always been one of the most ridiculously unapologetic shows on TV because of its combination of vulgarity, sexual content, and brutality. This series doesn’t even care about how controversial it is, and that means that it is perfect for those who want to watch something that is uninhibited. The comic book series itself is just as unapologetic, and that is where Herogasm comes in as one of the most popular yet controversial stories in the comics. But what is The Boys: Herogasm all about?

In the comics, Herogasm is a large company-wide secret party that’s hosted by Vought for all of the supes and is located on a remote island. As the name of the event suggests, this is an event that is unhinged and uninhibited because all of the supes engage in sex, drugs, and alcohol.

We all know that the supes in The Boys are corrupt and spoiled, and Herogasm is basically the culmination event that gets to see all of the supes gathering together for an event that allows them to go as wild as they can. In that regard, it becomes interesting how this event will be adapted in the Amazon Prime series, especially considering that it is going to happen next in season 3.

What Is The Boys: Herogasm?

One of the things that we all know about the comic book version of The Boys is the fact that this is one of the most unapologetic shows that you can watch right now. It is downright brutal, insane, sexual, and very ridiculous in the most entertaining ways possible. And The Boys takes its cue from its comic book counterpart, which is just as unapologetic and controversial as the live-action series.

In that regard, it is true that the source material is even crazier than the live-action series because there aren’t a lot of limits that can be imposed on a comic book. That is why some of the most ridiculously insane things can only be seen in the comics. And one such event that we are yet to see on the TV series is something called Herogasm, which is one of the most popular things about the comic book version of The Boys.

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The Boys is crazy and insane, and it is hard to believe that there is something that can top all of the craziness we have seen so far in the series. But Herogasm is something that could bring this over-the-top series to greater heights. But what exactly is Herogasm?

In the comics, Herogasm is an event that’s held annually for the supes of Vought. What happens here is that the supes take part in a party or festival where everything becomes all about fun and amusement, regardless of whether the activities are legal or illegal. You could even say that, in many ways, Herogasm is an all-out orgy that’s sponsored by Vought for the supes. Think about it as the real-life version of a company outing for the Vought employees, who are supes.

Anything goes in Herogasm, as the supes hire sex workers that get paid as much as $100,000 for the entire event because we all know that supes don’t really care about the safety of other people at all. And $100,000 are more than enough when it comes to compensating them for whatever may happen during the event.

In most cases, the supes in Herogasm do all sorts of crazy things that they can’t usually do whenever they are living their regular lives. That means that they can get drunk, wasted, high, laid, and do whatever they may want to do during that event.

But the worst part about Herogasm is that it is covered up by Vought in some sort of a global crisis that requires all of the supes to gather and work with one another so that the citizens won’t wonder where their heroes have all gone. What they don’t know is that they are off on some remote island partying and getting laid in the biggest orgy in the world. And they all come back with a hero’s welcome from the citizens, who believe that they went away for the safety of the people of the planet but were just actually having fun.

In a way, Herogasm is the culmination of how spoiled and crazy the supes are in real life and how they are just as volatile to the world of temptations as any regular person is. The event is made for them to be able to behave themselves throughout the entire year so that they can go all out during Herogasm, where they can be as crazy as they possibly can. And it is the ultimate showcase of how uninhibited the supes of The Boys can be.

Is Herogasm Coming To The TV Series?

Those who have read the comic books will understand that the TV version isn’t exactly faithful to the source material of The Boys. There are a lot of changes to the story of The Boys in the live-action series because of creative reasons. And, of course, the show’s creators need to be able to adapt the story under certain limitations, and that’s why the series isn’t exactly the same as the comic books.

But what about Herogasm? While there are plenty of changes between The Boys in the live-action version, it does seem like a supe-wide orgy is something that the creators would have a hard time adding to the TV series because of how there are a lot of different restrictions and limitations that they have to keep in mind. But the good news is that it was already confirmed last year that Herogasm was going to happen in season 3.

Then, earlier this week, The Boys announced that season 3, episode 6, which will come on June 24, will feature Herogasm. In that regard, Herogasm is actually upon us and is going to appear in only a few more days. However, we don’t know how this entire event will play out in the universe of The Boys, considering that the series is headed in a different direction now.

At this point, we only have three more episodes to go before the end of season 3, and we do know that there will be an upcoming battle between the trio of Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy against Homelander. And we aren’t sure if there is a time for Homelander to host a company-wide party full of supes engaging in sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Then again, it has been hinted in the last episode that there might be some sort of a tropical island party that’s going to happen. Homelander confronted Queen Maeve about her possible treachery against him because, according to him, he could smell Butcher all over her. After that, he distracted Maeve long enough for Black Noir to sneak up on her to knock her out.

We then saw a concerned Starlight barging into Ashley’s office to demand to know where Queen Maeve was. But Ashley merely told her that she was off in a retreat in Malibu and was not to be disturbed. After Starlight pleaded with her, Ashley still insisted that Maeve was off somewhere but had a visible look of concern on her face. 

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It could be possible that this island retreat is the Herogasm that is nearly upon us. But it becomes questionable why Ashley has a look of concern on her face and why Maeve would even want to go on an orgy with all of the other supes, considering that she has developed a disdain for Homelander and the other corrupt supes running around the country.

Of course, we also don’t know how Herogasm will be portrayed because of the fact that there are limits to the lengths that the entire crew of The Boys could go in relation to a notorious orgy that is extremely graphic in terms of its nature. The Boys may be outrageous, brutal, unforgiving, and unapologetic, but this isn’t a pornographic series. 

Still, Erick Kripke, who runs the show, did say that we are going to get the full Herogasm experience but not entirely everything that the comics offer. It might be better that the show’s creators did well enough to implement some sort of censorship to the series because of the graphic nature of this event. And giving us the entire experience that the comic book has to offer might ruin the nature of the live-action series and might reduce it to pornography.

But the more interesting part here is how The Boys will fit Herogasm into the entire narrative of the series. As we all know, Homelander is now the one calling the shots for Vought after Stan Edgar was forced to step down. All of the other board members are now simply bending to Homelander’s will because they are afraid of him, and that means that he can do whatever he wants to do.

We did see how concerned the world was when Soldier Boy was causing destruction, but Homelander simply dismissed it because he just didn’t care about what was happening to the city. This could be the perfect opportunity for him to show just how corrupt and uncaring he is by hosting a supe-wide party in an effort to get all of the other supes around the country to love him. As he himself said, he would either be loved or hated, and that means that he might want to find a way for the other supes to adore him through a company-wide orgy involving all of the supes under Vought’s employment.

Then here is where Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy enter the picture. We all know that they are looking to kill Homelander as a trio as Butcher believes that having Soldier Boy allows them to have a chance against the strongest supe in the world. We also know that Butcher wants to get rid of all of the supes, as he told Maeve back in episode 5 that all of them needed to go.

That means that the best way for Butcher to hit all of the birds with one stone is to bring a walking nuclear bomb like Soldier Boy to an event where all of the worst supes in the world are gathered. After all, only the corrupt, spoiled, and crazy supes would want to go to an orgasm hosted by Homelander. We all saw how powerful Soldier Boy’s new power is as it can wipe out countless supes with one shot. At the very least, if ever those supes could survive the nuclear energy blast, they might lose their powers, as that was what happened to Kimiko.

Whatever the case may be, we all know that the details are quite graphic when it comes to Herogasm because, as the director said, they no longer knew what they were shooting because most of the crew members looked traumatized while shooting Herogasm. In that regard, it’s going to be an epic event in television history because no series has ever been as outrageous as The Boys.

What Does Herogasm Mean For The Boys?

At this point, Herogasm will only serve as the next step in the craziness of The Boys. We all know how unapologetic and uninhibited The Boys is, and that has been a good thing for the series because fans don’t want a series that’s too censored. But Herogasm is going to add an entirely different level of craziness to this series, especially when you look at the fact that it’s going to open a box that probably no big-budget series has ever opened before.

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What that means is that Herogasm will quite possibly test the limits of how far The Boys will go as far as the craziness and outrageous sexual and graphic content are concerned. We all know how graphic, brutal, and sexual this series is, but that probably isn’t the peak because we are yet to see what Herogasm is all about.

So, when Herogasm premieres, it will quite possibly break the internet due to how outrageous it could be. No series has ever had the combination of profanity, brutality, and sexuality that The Boys has, but the culmination may come during Herogasm. And that could both be good and bad for the series.

It is good because it will allow us to see how far the series creators will go to deliver the full experience of what The Boys is all about. At the same time, it could be bad because of how controversial the series is going to be, especially when it comes to the more conservative viewers out there.

Then again, as mentioned, we believe that Herogasm will be introduced in a manner that’s consistent with the narrative of season 3. That means that it wasn’t added to the series just because the creators wanted the most graphic and sexual event to be featured on the most graphic and sexual series we have seen. Herogasm will most probably have a huge role in the progression of the storyline and the bigger goal in Billy Butcher’s overall agenda, which is the annihilation of all of the supes in the world. And we are excited about what this event could hold for the future of The Boys.

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