‘The Boys’ Season 3, Episode 7 Ending, Explained: What Does It Mean For Homelander To Have A Father?

The Boys

Episode 7 of the third season of The Boys really pushes the characters to their limits, as it literally puts some of them through their worse nightmares and makes them face those same nightmares back in the waking world. Episode 7 is really quite an amazing feat in character development, and it really can be put up there among the best episode of the shows. But good character writing isn’t the only good thing about the episode. The Amazon show is getting better and better.

The plot thickens with some wonderful, or dreadful revelations, depending on who you ask. These revelations will certainly shake the status quo of the show once again. Characters are ready to establish new alliances and get into more awful situations that might be not only bad for themselves but also for others, as one of the main themes in this episode is family. Can the characters keep the families they have been building through the show intact for the final episode? We have to wait and see.

The next paragraphs include spoilers for season 3, episode 7 of The Boys. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To Butcher In Episode 7 Of Season 3?

Episode 7 really wastes no time and puts the characters on the rails to doom very early on in the episode. There are no wasted characters in this episode, so almost every member of the cast has something to do. It is quite spectacular to see so many characters being handled in such a good way, and it is also quite entertaining.

We begin with Butcher, Soldier Boy, and Hughie, who are looking for a new member of Payback to kill. Soldier Boy has been lazy lately, so Butcher and Hughie have to basically force him to get up and start killing his former team. The target this time is a super named Mindstorm, who basically, yeah, storms your mind and puts you into a nightmare. A nightmare you cannot wake up from. The trio tracks Mindstorm to some woods, and they fall prey to his attack. Butcher, falls into a nightmare, and it is the worst.

The Boys

Butcher basically has to relive his childhood from beginning to end inside the nightmare, and it is here that we finally see what happened to Lenny, his younger brother. Butcher has been seeing Lenny for a while every time he looks at Hughie and this time we learn why. Lenny, like Butcher, was a victim of his abusive father, but when Butcher decides to leave home and leave his father behind, he also does it to Lenny. Without Butcher, Lenny becomes the sole target of his father’s rage.

Lenny cannot take this suffering anymore, and Butcher has to see the ghost of his younger brother committing suicide in front of him. It is quite a gruesome scene. But it is one that defines Butcher’s self-loathing quite well. Butcher now sees Hughie as another chance at having a little brother, but he seems to be making the same mistakes as before.

Meanwhile, we also get the revelation that Black Noir, was pushed by Vought into betraying Soldier Boy. Soldier Boy was a big bully, so everyone on the team agreed very easily to turn against him. Soldier Boy didn’t fall without a fight, and he is the reason Black Noir doesn’t talk, and it is more like a zombie than anything else nowadays. The whole sequence is animated, but it is still quite graphic and disturbing. The fact things like this happen every day in real life is terrifying.

The Boys

Maeve is alive! However, not everything is good news, as Homelander has her trapped with the intention of harvesting her eggs so he can make another son. It is quite a disturbing plan, and it resonates in real life thanks to the decision that some courts have been making regarding women’s bodies. Maeve doesn’t back down, though, as he sees Homelander is afraid of Soldier Boy.

Kimiko and Annie have a plan on their own as well. Kimiko wants to protect her family, Frenchie, and the rest, no matter the cost, so she asks Annie for some Compound V. Annie gets her for her, and Kimiko’s powers are restored. Maybe, now, Annie can see that Hughie is doing just that, trying to help his family.

What Does It Mean For Homelander To Have A Father?

Hughie helps Mindstorm escape from Soldier Boy, and he begs for the supe to wake Butcher up. Mindstorm wakes Butcher, but sadly, he is killed by Soldier Boy. However, before killing him, Soldier Boys receives a message in a revelation that shakes his world. Later we learn that such a revelation was the fact that Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son. This is why Homelander was chosen to be the new main hero of the company.

Soldier Boy makes a phone call to Homelander, and Soldier Boy reveals the truth to Homelander, who is more than shocked. It is a wonderful scene as it calls back to the multiple times that Homelander has talked about himself as just an experiment, born from a lab tube and nothing more. When in fact is just as human as everyone else, he comes from the seed of another man, and now Homelander, for the first time ever, has a blood relative outside of his son.

How will this change Homelander? Will Soldier Boy, and he, join forces as father and son? Or will Homelander also follow Butcher’s path and face his father as the enemy. It really makes for an interesting conundrum and one that will definitely be resolved in the next episode of the season.

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