‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die’ Ending Explained: Does England Finally Forms in The Last Kingdom?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die, the final installment of The Last Kingdom, a historical fiction show on Netflix that has gathered quite a number of fans after running for five seasons. The show is based on the series of novels “The Saxon Stories” written by Bernard Cornwell. In them, we follow the character of Uhtred of Bebbanburg as he navigates through the dangers of court among kings looking for glory. Uhtred must find a way to navigate these dangers as he lives between Christians and Danes.

The Last Kingdom is undoubtedly the best of the “Vikings” shows. Vikings might have been so much more popular, but the series declined in quality after the exit of Ragnar as its main protagonist. After that, the show was never able to recover. This is not The Last Kingdom’s case, as the show improved with each passing season in almost every aspect. The result is a show that delivers a great story from beginning to end, and Seven Kings Must Die acts as the closing chapter of Uhtred and all the characters we have come to love throughout these years.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die. Read at your own risk.

Who Are The Seven Kings Who Must Die In The Last Kingdom?

The movie begins exactly following the events of the previous season. We find that Uhtred is now finally Lord of Bebbanburg, his birthright. Uhtred fought around all the kingdoms, and finally, at the end of season five, he could claim it back from the people who stole it. We also learn that Edward, son of Alfred, has fallen ill and died. Leaving his new wife, Queen Eadgifu, and his son Edmund stranded and in danger. Aethelstan is the next in line after his father recognizes him as his son. Queen Eadgifu and Prince Edmund leave Winchester with the help of Lord Aldhelm.

However, there is something more stirring in the air. King Anlaf, a Viking king, is massing an army, and he is waiting for the time of Edward’s death to launch his attack against the Saxons. He has spies everywhere, and when he hears about Edward’s death, he lands on Saxon land, ready to gather an alliance against the dream of England that would see all kingdoms combined into one. Alfred’s dream would destroy many dynasties, and Anlaf is sure that many kings will join him in his campaign.

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We meet with Aethelstan, who rides to Winchester and kills his younger brother as he is about to claim the throne for himself. Uhtred and his loyal friends Finan and Sihtric were there to witness the betrayal. Aethelstan and Uhtred meet, and Uhtred is baffled that Aethelstan would kill his brother in cold blood. Aethelstan has changed. He is not the happy boy that Uhtred raised as a son. He is now ruthless and under the influence of a Christian fanatic named Ingilmundr, who says to be born from Christians and Danes, just like Uhtred.


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It is revealed that Aethelstan and Ingilmundr are actually in a homosexual relationship. Ingilmundr manipulates Aethelstan into believing that their relationship is a sin that can only be countered by acts of faith, including killing his brother and expanding his claim as king of England by force. Uhtred tells Aethelstan that this is not the way, as every man he kills leaves sons who would join any rebellion against him. Aesthelstan does not listen, and after Uhtred fails to bend the knee before Aethelstan, he is captured and exiled.

Thankfully, he is discovered by Anlaf men, who take him to see the Viking king. When Uhtred arrives at the gathering, he sees that Anlaf has managed to join the forces of six kings. Seven if Uhtred is included as the king of Northumbria. The kings are Anlaf, the king of the Vikings, the king of Orkney, the King of Shetland, the King of Man, and the King of Scotland. Uhtred is tasked to return to Aethelstan and kill him to avoid going to war.

Does England Finally Forms In The Last Kingdom?

Uhtred returns from his banishment thanks to Father’s Pyrlig, and he is able to talk to Aethelstan. Uhtred asks for forgiveness and swears to fight for Aethelstan, honoring the promise he made to Alfred and Edward before him. Uhtred will not kill Aethelstan; instead, he warns him about Alfan and his gathering army, as well as that Ingilmundr is a traitor and is part of Anfal’s plan weaken the Saxons. Aesthelstan is in denial and sends Uhtred away once more. Thankfully, Uhtred escapes thanks to the efforts of Lord Aldhelm.

However, Anlaf’s spy reveals Aldhelm’s actions and is hanged to death. Aesthelstan now feels alone and thinks everyone is betraying him. Uhtred and his men return to their home, only to find that Ingilmundr has managed to capture Prince Edmund and Uhtred’s son Osbert. Ingilmundr’s men also gathered the pagans and entombed them to death. Among the victims, there was Finan’s wife, Astrid. It is a sad day for Uhtred and his men, but they decide to go to rescue their sons.

When they arrive at Ingilmundr’s garrison, they find it abandoned, but they also find Aethelstan, who has realized that Uhtred was right. Ingilmundr made his move and returned to Anlaf as they prepared for war. Aethelstan repents and delivers Edmund and Osbert safely. Uhtred suggests they must prepare, but Aesthelstan rejects Uhtred’s help and sends them away to live their lives. He expects to die in battle and let Edmund be his successor. However, Uhtred doesn’t agree and goes back with his men to fight against Anlaf’s alliance.

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The day of the battle comes, and Uhtred leads the shield wall against Anlaf and the other kings. Aethelstan joins and sees that Uhtred will always be on his side. The battle is brutal, and Uhtred’s tactics work in their favor. Ultimately, Ingilmundr is captured and killed, and Anlaf’s alliance is defeated. Each of the kings loses a son, while Anlaf loses his daughter. Uhtred is gravely wounded in battle, and they return to Bebbanburg for his recovery.


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Uhtred stands one last time and is happy that his son and friends are all well. Aesthelstan thanks Uhtred for standing up for him when no one else would. Uhtred does one last thing and renounces his lands, giving them to Aethelstan so that he can finally form England as one kingdom. Aethelstan promises not to marry and to give Edmund the throne when he dies. Uhtred stands, and he is clearly dying. As he walks, doors open for him, showing him Valhalla, with many of the people characters who died throughout the show feasting and smiling in the afterlife.

Uhtred stands in the middle between life and death, as he has always done, a man of two worlds in conflict with each other. Finan’s narration explains that even when the chronicles don’t speak of Uhtred, he and his friend know him as the greatest English warrior and the man who made a kingdom. The series then transitions into showing the fortress of Bebbanburg in real-life, as it still stands today in England.

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