‘The Lazarus Project’ Ending, Explained: Does George Manage To Save Humanity?

The Lazarus Project

The Lazarus Project is the new TV series from Sky, and it comes to the network with a bang by delivering a classic time loop story with an added new twist. Where the loop is triggered by a fictional organization whose only purpose is saving the world every time things get to a no-return point in terms of worst-case scenarios. Time loops, and time travel in general, have been in fashion for a while, but The Lazarus Project takes the plot device into a new direction, one that is different enough to feel fresh and exciting.

The TV series also does a very good job at putting the focus mainly on the characters, their needs, motivations, and dreams. This makes the storytelling feel more relevant, more weighty, and meaningful. Which is something many science fiction shows seem to be having a hard time doing (I’m looking at you, Westworld). The show also has a great number of twists and turns and the dynamic storytelling that is expected from a time travel story. So give it a chance if you haven’t.

The following paragraphs have spoilers for Season 1 of The Lazarus Project. So read at your own risk.

What Happens At The End Of The Lazarus Project Season 1?

As the last episode begins, where are shown scenes from the past. 2012 to be specific. In there we see Rebrov asking Janet out in a very peculiar way. The two are clearly attracted to each other, but they are awkward about it. The scenes remind us that even after all the things that have happened, Rebrov was once just another member of Lazarus. And like George himself, he was in love with a woman, with whom he expected to have a life with. But time is a cruel ruler, and things like that don’t come to pass.

Then we see that Janet is still trapped, her captors free her for a moment as they escape from Shiv attack. Then we see what Shiv’s bloody paper says, “It’ll be worth the wait.” at that moment a jump occurs, and we cut to the moment where Georges kills Shiv. He is called to HQ, and it is revealed that the singularity that allows time travel is collapsing into itself, and it will begin to reboot time every three weeks, forever. They need to find a way to fix it, and it seems the only one that can solve the time travel issue is Janet.

The Lazarus Project

George hides Shiv’s body, and we jump to Shanghai. Everybody keeps suffering the effects of the singularity collapsing. Shiv keeps dying, Archie falls into a trap over and over again, and George keeps avoiding his fateful date with Sarah. Things only get more complicated from there. They need to fast Janet, and find her soon. Sarah even sees George trying to hide Shiv’s body, and they finally get to talk. When he reveals the truth to her about Lazarus, they end up having sex.

It seems that not all is lost, and he still has a chance with Sarah.

Who Dies At The End Of The Lazarus Project Season 1?

Archie on the other hand finally manages to find Rui, they fight and Archie kills her. Meanwhile, George promises Sarah that he will always come and find her, no matter what. Rui reveals to Archie that she delivers Janet to her handler, but no communication with him seems impossible. Something happened. They are also trying to build their own time machine.

The loop happens again but this time instead of showing the truth to Sarah he runs her with his car, killing her. The time loop keeps going and Shiv dies endlessly. George goes to the café and there Sarah explains she is engaged and happy. Things are not working out. Archie finds out that Shiv dies at Georges’ hands and warns him. They need to get them all back. Archie feels betrayed. She thinks the Chinese tried to make their own serum and machine and have taken Janet to fix their mistakes.

The Lazarus Project

George keeps trying to save Shiv from death, and she gives the Serum to Sarah, so she can remember what they have lost. It is her choice. Rebrov visits George, and he shares the bloody message with Rebrov, he knows what it means. Meanwhile, Archie and Rui go find Janet together, but they end up with empty hands.

Meanwhile, Rebrov goes right inside HQ, and he reveals that the reason no one can find Janet is that she is not in the present, she is back in 2012. To find her, they will need his help. George finally manages to save Shiv from dying thanks to his neighbor, and at that moment Sarah enters the room. She has taken the serum and now knows everything about time travel.

The ending of the season opens tons of possibilities and with Rebrov, and Sarah also becoming more integral parts of the plot, it seems that they might become part of Lazarus. Can they find Janet in time? We will have to wait for a second season and see.

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