‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Season 2 Part 1 Ending Explained: Why Is Mickey Being Beat Down in a Parking Lot?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for “The Lincoln Lawyer,” Season 2, Part 1. It seems Netflix has found a new way to release episodes of its most famous and important shows. They tried it with the fourth season of Stranger Things, dividing the season into two volumes. At that moment, they say that this new release method was used to give the visual effects teams enough time to finish the last couple of episodes of the season. However, now that The Witcher Season 3 and The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2 are using the same method, there seems to be more to it.

It makes sense for Netflix to choose this method when releasing some of its biggest shows. More and more streaming services have opted for the weekly schedule to release most of their shows. Meanwhile, Netflix has stayed within the confines of the binge model that it helped to popularize in the first place. However, churning has become quite a bit of an enemy for streaming services, so forcing the users to be subscribed for more than just one month seems to be the ideal way to keep those subscriptions going longer.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for The Lincoln Lawyer, Season 2, Part 1. Read at your own risk.

How is Mickey Doing After The Ending Of The First Season?

Surprisingly, The Lincoln Lawyer became one of the biggest shows on Netflix. The show’s popularity was warranted, as it harkens back to those days of network television in the way it looks and feels.

The series has that nostalgic element going for it, and Netflix is ready to seize that audience in any possible way. Season 2 arrives to give that audience more of the same, but for what it is, we would be lying if we didn’t say it is pretty entertaining. Mickey gets in trouble right from the start, and the season starts with great setups for our characters.

We learn that Mickey has become quite a big name in legal circles and outside of them. TV shows, newspapers, and magazines keep making profiles of Mickey. His rise to fame becomes quite a story, and the media devours it. Mickey is also falling prey to his fame, and Izzy warns him to keep his ego and expectations in check, as fame can become quite addictive. Mickey listens to everyone’s advice but dismisses it, at least most of it.


Mickey’s relationship with Maggie also takes a stumble. Let’s remember that for a moment, near the end of season 1, it seemed like the two could go back together. Well, not really. Because after Mickey ended up messing with one of Maggie’s cases, things have apparently gone back to square one.

Maggie also reveals she is dating someone seriously. Mickey is sad, but soon he meets a woman named Lisa. She seems perfect for Mickey, as they both have Latin American ancestry, and they have the hots for each other. They have sex and start a relationship.

However, Lisa comes with baggage. She has received a restraining order from the man she is fighting with. You see, Lisa has a restaurant, and this rich man comes and tries to buy everyone out of their property to make more skyscrapers.

Lisa doesn’t want to lose her business and see the neighborhood destroyed, so she meets with this man several times. Thus, the restraining order. She goes to Mickey for help, and he decides to help her pro bono. Something that screams red flags for Lorna and Cisco.

Why Is Mickey Being Beat Down In A Parking Lot?

Lisa’s case becomes Mickey’s main concern during this first part of the season. But not the only one. At the start of the season, he gets approached by a man named Russell, who hires him to defend him against a charge of breaking.

This man later reveals himself as the assassin who killed Maggie’s witness for her case. Russell feels very much like a Joker-type character, being extremely intelligent but also a bit of a narcissist, which could be his downfall in the future. Mickey cannot do anything against him as he, without knowing it, is working for Russell, and this could get him disbarred. This case is left on the back burner for the moment.

Cisco and Lorna are also having their own issues. Cisco used to be in a bike gang, and they didn’t do many legal things for money. Cisco owes his life to one of the gang members, a man named Kaz. Kaz gets released from jail, and Cisco waits for him outside. He gives him a ride to go back to the club.

This entire storyline feels very much like something from Sons of Anarchy. Kaz returns to the club, but the president feels like Kaz has been compromised. He fears that Kaz got to be released only because he made a deal with the police.

The club traffics with guns, and the police are right on top of them. The president is right, Kaz sold them out. They will kill him for being a rat, but Cisco intercedes. He warns the club of a police raid on their HQ. They manage to move the guns and dodge a bullet in the process.

However, Kaz is still a problem. Cisco says that the issue is being taken care of. Lorna and Cisco give Kaz a new passport and ID, so he can leave and start elsewhere. Lorna warns him that he should never show his face again. Lorna and Cisco finish this half of the season ready to commit to each other.


Mickey, on the other hand, is having a lot of problems. One of them is Henry, a friend of Lisa’s who is looking to take Lisa’s story and turn it into a podcast. However, Lisa says many bad things about the man who died, and it might look bad in court. She is now a prime suspect thanks to the restraining order and thanks to witnesses who saw her near the building on the day of the murder.

On top of that, Freeman, who is fighting for the people in this trial, finds evidence of Lisa’s kitchen gloves being found at the crime scene, all stained in blood. It looks bad for Lisa, and Mickey doesn’t know what to do.


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He then gets jumped by two men in the parking lot, but we get no clues as to who they work for. Maybe it is just bad luck, and they targeted Mickey because he is very famous now. They leave with no message or threat. They punch him and leave him unconscious on the ground. Part 2 will be released next month, and there we will get answers as to who these two men are and who they are working for if that is the case.

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