‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Michael Haller At The End Of The Lincoln Lawyer?

The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer comes to Netflix to bring a new adaptation of the classic novels penned by Michael Connelly, who also wrote the books where Henry Bosch, from the Bosch series, is the protagonist. Connelly’s universe has served as a great source of inspiration for several TV executives, who are always looking for the next new piece of content that will ignite audiences’ screens and keep them entertained.

This time, David E. Kelly, the mind behind successful shows like Chicago Hope, Ally McBeal, The Practice, makes his way into the biggest streaming service on the planet, Netflix. Kelly brings with him a show that basically has all the elements that have made him famous in the world of television. The Lincoln Lawyer is a fantastic show, filled with amazing characters and plot that will keep people at the edge of their seats.

The Lincoln Lawyer is based specifically on the novel The Brass Verdict, and it has quite a number of twists and turns. If you’re planning on watching the show, beware. The next paragraphs are filled with spoilers.

Did Taylor Elliot Killed His Wife In The Lincoln Lawyer?

The main plot of this season of the Lincoln Lawyer concern the killing of Jerry Vincent, a colleague of Michael Haller, the main character of the show. Vincent’s death comes with a lot of baggage from Vincent to Haller. You see, Vincent, before his dead, made all the paperwork so that in the case that something would happen to him, all of his cases would be transferred to Haller. Sadly, Haller knew nothing about his so, everything comes as a surprise.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Haller, is at a crossroads in his life. He has existed in rehab and in now sober up. He hasn’t practiced law for a while, and he feels rusty, so when dozens of cases fall into his lap, you could say that he feels a bit unprepared. Judge Mary Holder, serves as the Haller’s supervisor as he gets into the groove once again, and checks on him regularly.

One of the cases that Vincent threw on Haller’s lap is a big murder case, involving a very pronounce public figure. The name of the person is Trevor Elliot. Elliot is the founder of a big video game company, he is in the middle of a making a big deal that would give him billions in revenue as he would sell his company and technology he owns. Unfortunately, he is being accused of killing his wife, Lara, who had been cheating on him.


‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Review: The Reluctant Lawyer Makes For A Solid, Watchable Show

Everything seems to point out that Elliot in fact killed his wife. Elliot is adamant that he didn’t do it, and he demands from Haller that he not only has to win the case, but also he needs to win from the public opinion’s point of view. He says he is not going to live with people always asking if he did it, behind his back.

Throughout the trial, the prosecutor makes a compelling case, and at many points Haller finds himself trapped, he doesn’t really have anything that is really strong to defend Elliot in the case. Elliot has the motive and the resources to pull a murder like this off, or pay someone else to do it.

Haller is a good layer, though, and he has proven many times that there is not enough proof that Elliot could have done the killing. The trial seems won, but Elliot asks to testify, which is and feels very weird, Elliot could be putting the nose around his neck if he doesn’t make a compelling case. Haller makes his case and Elliot comes out good after his testifying.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Later, during the closing comments of the trial. Haller puts the nail in the coffin as he proves to the jury that unless Eliott has super speed, he could not have enough time to do the killing and then dispose of the evidence. There is no gun or anything like that, there is not enough proof to find him guilty. This seems to close the matter, and Elliot is deemed not guilty by the jury, he is free to go.

Haller is restless, he knows something is off and thanks to some information he gets from Detective Griggs he begins to think someone planted a jury so that the sentence would always be in favor of Elliot. Haller confronts Elliot about this and he denies it. However, during the conversation it is made clear that Elliot did kill his wife, and the whole trial was just a show.

Who Killed Jerry Vincent In The Lincoln Lawyer?

Later in the day, he receives a police call saying that Izzy has been arrested and is wasted. Haller goes to pick her up, but it is a trap. A man named McSweeney attacks him, but Griggs and his team come to the rescue. McSweeney was the one who killed Vincent, and he was a plant on the jury.

Haller concludes that only someone with enough power in the legal system could have planted such a man inside a jury, and he discovers Judge Holder, who is the corrupt element in the case. He exposes her to the FBI, and she is arrested. Meanwhile, as Elliot celebrates his win and the selling of the company, he is killed in front of everyone by a family member of Lara’s lover. Elliot dies on the ground.

The season finishes with all the characters happy, having done justice. However, the closing moments of the last episode open up a new storyline as the killer of one of Maggie’s cases is revealed, and he might have his eyes set on Haller and his team.

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