All 6 Lincoln Lawyer Books in Order

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The Lincoln Lawyer book series by Michael Connelly are some of the most intriguing novels that you can read if you are into legal drama and what goes on in the courtroom during a case and in the mind of a successful defense lawyer. And there are a lot of things that you would also learn about the US justice system by reading The Lincoln Lawyer.

These books follow the story of the titular Lincoln lawyer named Mickey Haller, who is nicknamed as such because he is often driving a Lincoln car. Each book in the novel series has a huge case that Haller needs to win as he is also taking up other cases that may or may not be connected to the bigger one. In that regard, let’s look at all of The Lincoln Lawyer books in order.

How Many The Lincoln Lawyer Books Are There?

Like any fictional novel series, there are multiple The Lincoln Lawyer books that each follow unique stories that are connected to the previous cases that Mickey Haller handled. Right now, there are six books that belong to Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer series. However, counting a crossover book with the Harry Bosch series, there are seven books in total, and here are all of them:


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  • The Lincoln Lawyer (2005) 
  • The Brass Verdict (2008) 
  • The Reversal (2010) 
  • The Fifth Witness (2011) 
  • The Gods of Guilt (2013) 
  • The Crossing (2015) 
  • The Law of Innocence (2020)

The Lincoln Lawyer Books In Order

As mentioned, there are six The Lincoln Lawyer books and seven if the crossover novel with Bosch is counted. The good thing about these books is the fact that they follow a chronological order based on when they were released, and that means that you won’t get confused with the right chronological order in terms of the events in each of the books. As such, let’s look at The Lincoln Lawyer books in order.

The Lincoln Lawyer (2005)


The first book in The Lincoln Lawyer novel series is, of course, The Lincoln Lawyer. This is the book that introduces Mickey Haller, a cynical defense attorney who often defends some of the worst people of Los Angeles. And he is called the Lincoln lawyer because he works out the back of his Lincoln car and is often seen in it.

What makes The Lincoln Lawyer a book that is quite intriguing is the fact that we get to understand what makes Haller tick. He is someone who doesn’t look at the law as black or white because he believes that, regardless of a person’s guilt or innocence, winning a case involves negotiation and manipulation. In this book, we look at Haller defending Louise Roulet, who is a rich real estate agent that was charged with assaulting a sex worker. But as he begins to work on the case, he realizes that his approach may not be the most moral way to handle a case.

The Brass Verdict (2008)


The Brass Verdict is the second book in The Lincoln Lawyer series and is actually the book that the series version of The Lincoln Lawyer’s first season is based on. This book directly follows the events of the first one as we get to follow a story that features a Mickey Haller that has learned from the mistakes of his past.

In The Brass Verdict, Haller inherits the cases of his fellow defense attorney named Jerry Vincent, who was murdered while handling a high-profile case involving a rich Hollywood producer who allegedly murdered his wife. However, LAPD detective Harry Bosch gets in the way of his case as Mickey Haller is forced to work with him to understand more about the murder case and what it actually is all about.

The Reversal (2010)


The third book of The Lincoln Lawyer novel series is The Reversal, which basically follows Mickey Haller in a reversal when he has to change sides in a high-profile case that involves him on the side of the prosecutor instead of on the defense. This is something rather new to Haller, who had always been on the defense side of things.


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In The Reversal, Haller seeks to prosecute a man named Jason Jessup, who has been set free after 20 years of his life in jail due to child murder. The reason why he was being set free was the new DNA evidence presented in court. However, Mickey Haller is not convinced of his innocence and seeks to prosecute him because, as a father, he wants the streets of LA safe from the likes of Jessup, who he believes will kill again.

The Fifth Witness (2011)

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The Fifth Witness is the fourth book of The Lincoln Lawyer and follows the story of Haller in the middle of a rough patch in his life due to the increasing problems in the economy. As such, he was forced to specialize in foreclosure law because of the increasing financial problems that he was facing.


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In The Fifth Witness, he ends up taking on the case of Lisa Trammel, who he helps in relation to her house. However, when the bank pushed back on Haller and Trammel, a high-profile bank employee was found dead. Of course, Lisa Trammel was the main suspect as Mickey Haller is now forced back into a world he was much more comfortable in—criminal defense. But the thing about this case is that it doesn’t look as simple as it does.

The Gods of Guilt (2013)

gods of guilt aus1

The Gods of Guilt is the fifth book in the entire The Lincoln Lawyer series as we follow Mickey Haller, who gets a text seeking his help. This text didn’t offer much in terms of the details but what he did know was that it was something related to murder. He finds out that the victim of the murder used to be one of his clients.

In The Gods of Guilt, Mickey Haller gets involved in a case of a sex worker who he had helped in the past. However, as he looks at this case, Haller begins to believe that he was the one who put her in harm’s way. And the worst part was that his past catches up to him the more he dives into the case.

The Crossing (2015)

the crossing 61

The Crossing isn’t exactly part of the entire The Lincoln Lawyer series because it is a crossover between The Lincoln Lawyer and the Harry Bosch books. In that regard, the spotlight is divided between Haller and Bosch instead of focusing more on one or the other character in this crossover novel that forms part of both The Lincoln Lawyer and the Harry Bosch novel series.

In The Crossing, we follow Detective Harry Bosh and Mickey Haller in a team up to track a ruthless killer who could be coming for both of them. Bosch had just retired from the LAPD while his half-brother, Haller, was trying to get his help after a murder was tied to one of his former clients that used to be a gangster but had now changed his life. In that regard, we get to see a former cop and a lawyer teaming up as Bosch is hesitant to help out because he feels like it will undo everything he had done as a detective in the last 30 years.

The Law of Innocence (2020)


The Law of Innocence is the sixth book of The Lincoln Lawyer, not counting The Crossing. This is also the most recent book that Michael Connelly has released as we follow the story of Mickey Haller, who was pulled over by cops. Haller was charged with murder when the police officers saw that the body of his client was in the trunk of his Lincoln car. And the worst part was that he couldn’t pay up the $5 million bail that the judge wanted him to pay up.

In that regard, Mickey Haller is forced to defend himself as he looks to find a strategy that he could use as his defense, all while he is in his jail cell. Of course, because he is an officer of the court, he became an instant target for a lot of people in prison who despise lawyers. Haller knows for a fact that he was framed for the murder of his client as he and his trusted team embark on a mission to find out who wanted to destroy his life.

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