The Presence vs. The One Above All (DC’s God vs. Marvel’s God): Who Would Win & Why?

The Presence vs. The One Above All (DC's God vs. Marvel's God): Who Would Win & Why?

There are tons of unfathomably powerful cosmic entities in Marvel and DC Comics. However, there is one particular entity in each that is simply superior to all others. For Marvel Comics, it’s The One Above All, while in DC Comics, that entity is known as The Presence. So, if The One Above All and The Presence ever fought, who would win, and why?

The One Above All would win against The Presence, despite both of them having seemingly unlimited powers. The Presence stated that even he was shaped by “external” forces, whereas The One Above All is the one who shaped everything.

The One Above All has no equal. Even his counterpart, The One Below All, is actually an alter-ego of himself, not a separate entity. On the other hand, there are entities – or an entity – that are equal to The Presence but exist outside of The Presence’s creation. Let’s browse through some crucial categories to determine who (and why) would win this matchup.


When I say creation, I’m referring to the creation of the entities themselves – not their creation of their respective Omniverse. And, right off the bat, we can give an obvious advantage to The One Above All. Why?

Well, because he IS the first thing that existed. He was not created – he simply was, is, and will be. The One Above All exists outside of existence, creation, or the omniverse. The Living Tribunal – the entity overlooking the entire multiverse, with the power to destroy it at will – is merely the creation of The One Above All. So, who is The One Above All?

He – or it – is Marvel’s God, with a capital G. He’s the embodiment of all Marvel – the writers, illustrators, editors, readers – everybody, and everything. He exists outside of Marvel Comics and creates every plot there ever was within Marvel Comics. 


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Nothing can happen unless The One Above All deems it to happen. Even the nigh-omnipotent beings such as The Beyonder, or The Living Tribunal, cannot act if The One Above All didn’t predetermine their actions within the plot. He’s not created, but rather he creates.

On the other hand, The Presence from DC Comics is the supreme deity that made all of creation in DC Comics and is also virtually omnipotent. The difference is, however, that something – or someone – has created The Presence as well, as the entity explains in the following scan:

toaa presence creation

As you can see, The Presence states that even he was created by forces “external” to himself. Those forces can be several things, but two alternatives are most likely to be true. The first alternative would be that The Presence refers to the writers of DC Comics – the real-life writers who created the character, just as they did any other character.

The second alternative would be that The Presence refers to The Writer, aka Grant Morrison. He appeared in the comics to explain that HE is the one that creates every plot, every situation, and everything that happens in DC Comics, as you can see in the scan below.

toaa presence writer grant morrison

In either case, it means that The Presence was created, whereas The One Above All IS the creation – the embodiment of all writers, readers, and editors responsible for Marvel Comics. He is Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, you, and me. Regardless of what their powers are, The One Above All clearly gets a point in this category.

Point: The One Above All (1:0) The Presence


I had to include this particular category because that’s what most people are interested in. But, the real answer to who has the most power between The Presence and The One Above All is – neither.

They are both described as omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent – meaning they are absolutely all-powerful, and there is simply nothing they cannot do. They have no boundaries, and if you compare two beings with no boundaries – the end result is boundless. Both would win, and neither would.


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That being said, their omnipotence was brought to question, as both were defeated in the comics, respectfully. The One Above All was defeated by Thanos in The Infinity Conflict storyline, where The Mad Titan used an Astral Regulator to weaken and defeat The One Above All.

However, it was a non-canon story, and the only reason why it happened is because The One Above All wanted it to happen. I’ll explain how and why, a bit later.

The same goes for The Presence. The entity was defeated – even seemingly killed by Gabriel at one point and Lucifer at another.

toaa presence death

However, that also happened only because The Presence wanted it to happen, not because they were more powerful. He could make them cease to exist just as easily as he created their existence.

To compare their powers would be futile; hence, both get points in this particular category.

Point(s): The One Above All (2:1) The Presence


This one is completely subjective to my opinion, but I just had to include it. The form in which The Presence usually appears is just ridiculous. I know he can, quite literally, take any form he wants – once, he appeared as a small dog – but most commonly, The Presence looks like the fat version of the Monopoly guy, all with the long mustache, the little hat, and everything.

On the other hand, The One Above All appeared in countless forms. One time, he looked exactly like Jack Kirby – and the entire comic explained how his creation of the omniverse works.

toaa presence jack kirby

However, his true form is completely unknown. He usually looks like a massive cloud of light or a big, bearded fellow – like the God we tend to imagine quite often. Whatever it is, it’s so much better than the fat Monopoly guy holding an orb in his hands, claiming it’s the entire existence. A definitive point for The One Above All.

Point: The One Above All (3:1) The Presence

Level Of Existence

In both Marvel and DC Comics, there are levels or plains of existence. There’s the universe, then the multiverse, then the omniverse, the hyperverse, etc., until you reach the level of existence above all levels. So, where do The One Above All and The Presence belong on that scale?

The One Above All sits, well, above all. There is nothing above him. He is everywhere and nowhere. In fact, his level of existence is completely beyond and outside of the Marvel Omniverse. He exists outside of the very fabric of existence, as he was the one to create it.

Remember the storyline I’ve mentioned where Thanos defeated The One Above All? He took its powers and became – everything. He even called himself the Supreme Being and traveled beyond reality, beyond existence, to watch every fiber of destiny, the very fabric of reality itself. At that point, he realized there was still something above him.


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There was the necessity of happening – creation and destruction, something even he couldn’t control. And the more he fought creation and destruction, the more he became its tool. Even when he destroyed everything, and all there was left was him – there was still him, with the decision to float in the non-existing void or to create everything once again.

And that was exactly the plan of The One Above All. He is the master of the plot – the one outside of it all.

On the other hand, the same would be true for The Presence – except it isn’t. We’ve seen him hold the entire existence in his hands. However, unlike The One Above All, there is a level, or plane of existence, that even The Presence cannot access. It’s called the Sea of Brahma – a neverending void that existed before existence itself.

For that reason only, The One Above All gets the point in this category.

Point: The One Above All (4:1) The Presence

Level Of Creation

Last but not least, one has to consider the entirety of their creation. And there is one blemish in The Presence’s resume that does not exist with The One Above All. That blemish is the fact that there are things – or A thing, to be precise – that exist outside of The Presence’s creation.

That thing is the Great Evil Beast or the Great Darkness. When The Presence started creation and said, “let there be light,” unbeknownst to him, an antithesis to the light was also created – the Great Darkness embodied everything opposite of what The Presence had created. It’s the embodiment of evil, darkness, and horror.

On the other hand, The One Above All created absolutely everything. Nothing that exists is not a product of his doing or undoing. The One Above All created both the light and dark and all life in the omniverse, including all of the cosmic entities and the tiniest speck of dust.

The One Above All has an evil counterpart – The One Below All. However, it’s not an entity that formed outside of his creation. Opposingly, it’s a part of himself – an evil alter-ego to counter himself and for a balance in the omniverse. 

If The One Above All embodies light, life, and creation, The One Below All embodies darkness, death, and destruction. They are two halves of a single whole.


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To add to it, we know that there is at least one being that has the same power as The Presence – that’s Elaine Belloc, his granddaughter, who the presence gave his powers to. There’s no such being that has the same power as The One Above All.

To conclude, something exists outside of the creation of The Presence – even The Presence himself claimed to be created from “forces external to himself.” However, there’s nothing like that regarding The One Above All. He created everything, and all that exists is his own doing. The point in this category is clearly his to take.

Point: The One Above All (5:1) The Presence

The Presence Vs. The One Above All: Who Wins?

The results are obvious – The One Above All trumps The Presence in virtually every category, except the most important one, which is their sheer power. In terms of power, many consider The One Above All and The Presence to be equal to one another.

They are all-powerful: nigh-omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, responsible for the very fabric of existence and the creation of their respective universes. So, to compare them in a frontal, one-on-one fight is pretty much impossible, as both The Presence and The One Above All can do anything one can imagine on a whim.

But, if you compare other segments of the characters instead of just their powers, The One Above All has a clear advantage. There are beings and things beyond the creation of The Presence, whereas nothing like that exists with The One Above All. 


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Also, there is no realm or level of existence where The One Above All isn’t present, while The Presence cannot access the Sea of Brahma in DC Comics. Also, the guy simply looks way more awesome than The Presence – at least in their most often depicted form.

But, perhaps the most important segment in favor of The One Above All is that nothing created him – he is the absolute creator of everything. On the other hand, The Presence claimed once that even himself had been shaped by forces external to himself – whatever those forces may be.

In a fight, it would probably be a tie, but overall, The One Above All is simply superior to The Presence.

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