20 Most Powerful DC Characters Ever (Ranked)

strongest dc characters ever

Throughout the rich and colorful history of DC Comics, a large number of characters have appeared in the stories. Some were aliens with incredible powers, some were deities, and some were regular humans caught up in the accident that gave them godlike powers.

In this article, we are bringing you a list of the most powerful & strongest DC characters of all time, be they heroes or villains. The point is that they are powerful and we plan on ranking them to finally determine which one among them is the strongest.

20. Michael Demiurgos

Michael Demiurgos

The archangel Michael Demiurgos, second only to his brother Lucifer and their father, the God of the Covenant, possesses the power of the Dunamis Demiurgos. If Michael were to die, the release of this divine energy would annihilate all life in the multiverse. Lucifer used the energy from Michael’s death to create a new multiverse. Notably, Michael is unique among his kind as he has the ability to conceive children.

One of the most powerful archangels in Lucifer’s universe, Michael Demiurgos, is the character that we have decided to list first here.

19. Perpetua

Perpetua created the first multiverse using negative crisis energies and gave life to her three sons: Mar Novu, Alpheus, and Mobius. Each son was assigned to oversee a specific realm representing dark matter, positive matter, and antimatter. Alpheus built universes in the dark matter realm, Mar Novu guarded universes in the realm of positive matter, and Mobius prevented the Light of Creation from entering the antimatter realm. When Mar Novu questioned Perpetua about her purpose, she expressed her commitment to ensuring the well-being of all her children in the multiverse.

Anyone who is powerful enough to create a Multiverse with their powers absolutely deserves a place on this list, Perpetua included.

18. Elaine Belloc

Elaine Belloc

Elaine, a young girl with the ability to communicate with spirits and read minds, seeks to find her murdered friend Mona’s killer. In her quest, she attempts to summon a demon with the help of her deceased grandmothers but accidentally calls on the devil. Discovering that Mona’s headmaster, Mr. Waddington, is the murderer, Elaine is kidnapped by him. In a twist, she manages to turn the tables by poisoning Waddington with drugs he had been selling, ensuring justice for her friend.

Another powerful entity from Lucifer’s universe, Elaine, might seem weak at first, but believe us – she absolutely deserves this spot.

17. Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate DC Comics Magic

Doctor Fate possesses the ability to see the fate and future of others but remains unaware of his own destiny. The telepathic helmet he wears, allowing communication with the ancient mage Nabu, grants access to a vast library of spells. Despite the knowledge gained, prolonged use of the helmet can drive its wearer insane. Doctor Fate is immune to magic, can fly, and is an avatar of order, granting him immortality and the power to create gods. He can strip opponents of their powers and manipulate time, space, matter, reality, and antimatter. Almost omniscient, he holds extensive knowledge about the multiverse.

Doctor Fate is enormously powerful, and his unique magic skills certainly make him deserving of a spot on our list.


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16. The Darkest Knight

Batman Who Laughs

The Dark Knights recover Batman Who Laughs’ head and brain, transplanting them into the lobotomized Bruce Wayne. Batman Who Laughs awakens in his new body, adapting slowly. After dismissing his former name, he is summoned by Perpetua, who warns him of potential threats from other beings. Batman Who Laughs disbands the Dark Knights, keeping Robin King. He tasks Robin King with stopping Diana from renewing the multiverse while he regains his powers. Transforming into The Darkest Knight, he evolves into a thin being of pure darkness.

We all knew what could’ve happened if Bruce Wayne went haywire, but what happened here is… let’s just say that The Darkest Knight absolutely deserves to be on this list.

15. Mister Mxyzptlk


Mister Mxyzptlk, a mischievous pixie from another dimension in the DC Comics universe, is one of Superman’s greatest adversaries. Possessing powers beyond human physics, Mxyzptlk initially sought to conquer Earth but later focused on tormenting Superman. His weakness lies in being ridiculed and saying or spelling his name backward banishes him for at least 90 days. Despite attempts to counter this, Superman repeatedly outwits him. Mxyzptlk’s character evolves post-crisis, with Alan Moore offering a different portrayal. In the Fifth Dimension, Mxyzptlk is omnipotent, using his unlimited magical powers for mischief. His fights with Superman are treated as a game, often involving challenges for a chance to return home. Despite his power, Mxyzptlk is portrayed comically, known for manipulating reality and causing trouble for DC characters.

He is powerful enough to land a spot on our list despite being more funny than dangerous.

14. The Endless

The Endless Sandman

The Endless are anthropomorphic beings embodying concepts such as Destiny, Death, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. Immortal and influential, they predate the gods and mirror human qualities. Despite their superhuman powers, they exhibit mortal emotions and occasional errors. When an Endless dies, only their personal traits perish, while the concept endures. Although not essential to the universe, their absence would lead to chaos. Destruction’s departure in the seventeenth century prompted uncertainty, among others. Dream, Delirium, and Death react differently, revealing their evolving nature. The Endless mirror human consciousness and adapt to evolving concepts. In “The Sandman,” they are portrayed as exceptionally powerful cosmic entities, collectively more potent than God, with individual personalities and thoughts.

Due to their amazing powers and how they influence our world, we absolutely had to put them on our list.


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13. The Decreator

Decreator 001

The Decreator, a cosmic entity born during the first moments of creation, is the shadow of God dedicated to eradicating all existence. The Cult of the Unwritten Book worships it, seeking to liberate the world. Despite their attempt to release it, the Doom Patrol and Willoughby Kipling thwarted their plans. While impossible to defeat, Crazy Jane found a way to slow down the Decreator, making its destructive progress imperceptible. Shaped like a giant eye, the Decreator is an enigmatic being of destruction, capable of erasing existence at great speeds. The Doom Patrol managed to mitigate its impact by slowing down its destructive force.

So yes, the guy is yet to be destroyed, and we have yet to discover a way to do it, but since he is a giant eye, we might just need to poke him in the right place to get rid of him. Until then, he’s on our list.

12. Flash

Who is Faster Superman or The Flash?

The Flash is a character with a rich history, and multiple individuals have taken up the mantle. The first Flash was Jay Garrick, a Golden Age character who became the Flash in 1940. Barry Allen, a forensic scientist, took over in 1956 after a lightning strike granted him super speed. Wally West, Barry’s nephew and original Kid Flash, assumed the role from 1986 until 2011, returning in 2016. Bart Allen, Barry’s grandson, briefly held the title from 2006 to 2007. Each Flash has unique stories and contributions, with their powers evolving over time. Whether it’s Jay’s longevity, Barry’s pivotal role in DC events, Wally’s fan-favorite status, or Bart’s brief tenure, the Flash remains a powerful and ever-evolving superhero with incredible speed-based abilities.

This is all enough to put him on our list, but since he is not that good against physically imposing characters, we couldn’t give him a higher spot.


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11. Doomsday


Doomsday, a supervillain in DC Comics, was created in 1991 as a formidable adversary for Superman. Originating from a harsh prehistoric Krypton, he evolved through repeated deaths, gaining immunity to previous causes of death and extreme regenerative abilities. Doomsday’s hatred for all life led him to annihilate Krypton and kill his creator, Bertron. In his infamous storyline, “The Death of Superman,” Doomsday arrives on Earth, defeating the Justice League and engaging in a fatal battle with Superman. This clash resulted in both characters’ deaths, marking Doomsday as the first supervillain to kill Superman in combat, though they both later returned in future DC Comics stories.

Doomsday can be defeated, but it takes some real power to do it, which is why we put him on our list, but below the ones that could actually defeat him.

10. Eclipso

Eclipso Marquee 5880087f409144.79330063

Eclipso, a purple-haired character in DC Comics since 1963, originated in horror stories created by writer Bob Haney and illustrator Lee Elias. Initially introduced as scientist Bruce Gordon, his transformation into Eclipso occurs during a confrontation on the Pacific island of Diabolo, triggered by a black diamond. Eclipso embodies the dark side of Gordon’s personality, causing mischief and chaos. To revert to Gordon, Eclipso must be exposed to bright light, akin to a reverse solar eclipse. In the 1990s series, Eclipso is revealed as an evil god of vengeance residing on the dark side of the moon, transforming those seeking revenge into reflections of himself. Once the first “Angel of Vengeance,” Eclipso turned supervillain after straying from the Presence’s will.

Still, Eclipso kept most of his powers, and when you compare this to the fact that the Spectre is much higher on our list (see below), you can imagine just how powerful Eclipso was and what levels of power we are talking about. This is why he landed a spot on our list.

9. Reverse-Flash


The Reverse-Flash is an alias used by multiple characters in DC Comics, with Eobard Thawne being the most prominent. Thawne’s origin, established in “The Flash: Rebirth” (2009), involves finding a time capsule with the Flash suit and transforming himself into Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash. Blaming the Flash for his defeat, Thawne becomes obsessed with revenge, killing Iris West and attempting to harm others. “The Return of Barry Allen” gives Thawne a new origin, depicting him as a scientist who undergoes plastic surgery to resemble Barry Allen and gains Speedster powers. Thawne plays a significant role in major DC events, including “Final Crisis” and “Doomsday Clock,” showcasing his resilience and connection to the Negative Speed Force.

Thawne was the only character that Doctor Manhattan could not permanently destroy because he became energy, which speaks for itself in terms of our list.

8. Lucifer Morningstar


Lucifer Morningstar, based on the fallen angel and visually inspired by David Bowie, appears in Vertigo Comics, a DC Comics division. His first official appearance is in ‘Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’ #65, where he makes a deal with Jimmy Olsen, revealing himself as the fallen angel Lucifer. Best known for his role in Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman,’ Lucifer becomes bored as Lord of Hell, expels all demons, and hands over the key to Dream of the Endless. Retiring to Earth, he runs a piano bar called Lux and engages in philosophical discussions about free will. Considered one of the most powerful DC Universe characters, Lucifer rarely uses his reality-manipulating powers, preferring strategic approaches. Despite his likable demeanor, he often takes on a supervillain role in comics.

Lucifer is very close to God in the traditional sense of the term; he is almost as powerful as him, and that is why we had to put him here on our list, but we do not think that he would stand much chance against the guys we placed higher than him.

7. Anti-Monitor


The Anti-Monitor, recently revealed as Mobius, is a supervillain and major antagonist in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ series published by DC Comics in 1985-1986. Debuting in C’risis on Infinite Earths’ #2 (1985), he was officially revealed in issues #5-6 and later destroyed in #12, only to return in ‘Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps Special’ #1 (2007). Known for causing more deaths than any other DC supervillain, he destroyed thousands of universes and killed Supergirl effortlessly. Consuming positive matter universes to increase power, the Anti-Monitor fought numerous heroes simultaneously and proved resistant to control even as a Black Lantern during ‘Blackest Night.’ A formidable and fearsome cosmic entity, the Anti-Monitor is a destructive force feared throughout the universe.

The Anti-Monitor was the main villain in the famous ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline, threatening to destroy reality as we knew it, and was later even able to beat Darkseid (one of his avatars) to a pulp in direct combat; that was a stronger version of Darkseid, mind you. This is certainly more than enough for us to list him here and give him a higher spot on our list.


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6. Nekron

black lanterns nekron featured

Nekron, the demon personification of Death in DC Comics, debuted in ‘Tales of the Green Lantern Corps’ #2 (1981) and serves as a recurring enemy of Green Lanterns. As the main antagonist in ‘Blackest Night,’ Nekron draws power from the souls of the dead, residing in a hellish region between Limbo and Purgatory. During ‘Blackest Night,’ Nekron controlled black power rings that reanimated the dead, partnering with Scar and Black Hand. Revealed as the mastermind behind superhero resurrections, Nekron transformed notable characters into Black Lanterns. Described as arguably the most powerful dark force in the DC Universe, Nekron displayed abilities such as raising the dead, lethal touches, black energy blasts, and immense growth. Sealed away due to his immense danger, Nekron, the embodiment of Death, proved his formidable power during the ‘Blackest Night’ storyline, controlling zombie versions of powerful characters like the Anti-Monitor.


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Luckily for us, Nekron is not invincible, but he is powerful enough to land such a high spot on our list.

5. Spectre


The Spectre debuted in 1940 as a divine being with unlimited powers similar to the Presence. His abilities include permanently removing powers and judging mortals’ souls. Initially, detective Jim Corrigan wore the Spectre’s cloak, acting as a divine avenger. Despite fading during the comics market crisis in the 1950s, the Spectre returned in the Silver Age, contributing to ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’ In the ’70s, the character reappeared with Michael Fleisher’s ‘Adventure Comics’ series, known for gory punishments against criminals. The Spectre, comparable to Marvel’s Living Tribunal, remains one of DC’s strongest characters, serving as the “Angel of Vengeance” for the Presence.

He has truly amazing powers and whether he occupies a host or appears in his original form, he is certainly a dangerous entity and one deserving of such a high spot on our list.

4. Superman Prime (One Million)

How Strong Is Superman Prime (DC One Million)?

Superman Prime (DC One Million) is a version of Superman from the 853rd century, having survived by becoming the living extension of the Sun. After leaving Earth in the 21st century and traveling across the DC Universe, he returned with tremendous skills and powers. Making a covenant with his descendants, he granted them a fraction of his abilities in exchange for serving truth and justice. Encountering Solaris, a tyrant Sun, he utilized a Green Lantern ring to shatter the foe. His time in the Sun increased his power to presumably infinite levels, and he revived his beloved Lois Lane with strategic planning. Superman Prime stands as DC Comics’ strongest superhero, embodying the perfect version of Superman with peak potential.

He has been defeated a couple of times and we do assume that his powers will run out of energy after several millennia, but he certainly does deserve such a high spot, despite these shortcomings, which is why he is ultimately here.

3. Darkseid (True Form)

Darkseid Infinite Frontier 0

Darkseid, often perceived as the conquering New God, holds a mysterious and powerful secret—he exists as an omnipresent, non-corporeal being with avatars in every reality, as revealed by his brother Highfather. Each reality, past, present, and future, harbors its own version of Darkseid. This unique attribute places him among the most powerful beings in comic book history, akin to multiversal deities like The Presence and The One Above All. While his true form has only made cameo appearances and remains shrouded in mystery, Darkseid’s indifference to trivial matters and preference for sending avatars reflect his overwhelming power. In “Final Crisis,” his ability to cast a shadow over the entire Multiverse and create a universe-threatening singularity showcases the extent of his dominance. Additionally, Darkseid’s control over 3,000,000 Daxamites in the Pre-Crisis era illustrates his unparalleled strength, hinting at his universe-level threat as depicted in recent storylines.

His avatars had certain weaknesses and/or limitations, but none of them apply to his True Form and that is why we have placed this version of the character so high up on our list.

2. The Presence


The Presence, a complex character, debuted as The Voice, empowering Jim Corrigan as the Spectre. Serving as the ultimate creator of the DC Universe, it was later revealed to be the Abrahamian god overseeing the cosmos. The Presence, with the ability to take various forms like The Hand and The Source, occasionally appears but remains omnipresent. Despite its immense power, The Presence is surpassed by another entity, making it the second-strongest in the DC Universe, akin to Marvel’s One-Above-All. While formidable, The Presence’s powers have limits, demonstrated when it can be defeated in combat.

He will come back, though. He cannot be permanently killed, but the next guy is even better.

1. Doctor Manhattan


Dr. Manhattan, introduced in Alan Moore’s ‘Watchmen,’ is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Comics universe, surpassing even The Presence. His origin involves a tragic incident, transforming physicist Jon Osterman into a blue-skinned, naked, and powerful being. Initially a pawn of the U.S. Government, he becomes a Watchmen leader, but disillusioned, he retreats to Mars, pondering metaphysical questions. Despite abandoning Earth, he played a crucial role in preventing World War III and influencing the creation of timelines like ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘New 52.’ Central to storylines like “The Button” and “Doomsday Clock,” Doctor Manhattan, indestructible and virtually omnipotent, stands as the strongest fictional character.

Doctor Manhattan is a human being who has become a god, even more powerful than DC’s main deity, The Presence, and that is why we have put him on top of yet another list of strongest fictional characters of all time.


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