‘The Princess’ Ending, Explained: Does The Princess Rescue Her Family At The End?

The Princess

The Princess is the new film of the week that is available on Hulu. Hulu has been having a hard time getting new viewers, but it definitely keeps trying with movies like this. The Princess is one of those left-out films from the 20th Century Fox and Disney merger, and now has found its way to the streaming platform. This talks a bit about the quality of the film, as executives didn’t really see it as good enough to be released in theaters.

The film tries to be a great action film, by subverting a number of tropes and trying to be a feminist actioner. One where the princess doesn’t need to be saved, she will save herself and her family from the grasp of an envious and weak warlord. The film tries to be all these things, but the execution falters. In a time when action films have become too good at creating impressive and memorable action set pieces, The Princess doesn’t really have what it takes.

And yet, a lot happens in the movie. The following paragraphs include spoilers. Read at your own risk.

What Happens To The Characters In The Princess?

The movie begins by not wasting any time. We are introduced to The Princess, her real name is never revealed, and she doesn’t need one. She is a sort of The Bride in the Kill Bill movies. She is trapped inside her room at the top of a tower when some very despicable men come to do unnameable things to her. However, The Princess is not like any other princess you have ever seen. She is a warrior, trained by some of the finest masters in the real.

The Princess displays very quickly who she is as she sets herself free from her chains and dispatches the men using a mix of martial arts and her environment. It is revealed here that the castle has been invaded by Lord Julius’ forces. Julius has set his eyes on becoming the king. He tried to do it the proper way by marrying The Princess, but she rejects her. Now, Julius has decided to take the castle and the king’s family by force. Now The Princess must save her family and dispatch Julius from her home.

The Princess

Julius believes the kingdom has become weak under the rule of the king, as he has allowed refugees from other lands to make a home in the kingdom. Julius is clearly all the things bad in just one person. He is misogynistic, a megalomaniac, and also a racist. He believes fear is a better recipe for ruling than respect. He has arrived at the castle with his henchwoman Moira and demands The Princess to be brought to him. Julius states that if he cannot marry The Princess, he will marry her younger sister, Violet.


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In a flashback, we see that The Princess has been trained in the art of war by Linh, and her uncle Khai, foreigners from a far away land in the East, and also Kurr, one of her father’s closest counselors. We see that The Princess’ father made the decision to marry her to Julius, as he has no male heir. It is a situation that puts a lot of pressure on the Queen and the rest of the princesses. Here, the Queen reveals that she allowed The Princess to train with Linh without the King knowing about it.

Does The Princess Rescue Her Family At The End?

The Princess manages to kill a great number of Julius’ men. The casualties are so many that the soldier starts having second thoughts about going to get her. Julius keeps sending men after her anyway as he waits in the main hall of the castle. Meanwhile, The Princess finally meets Linh, and together they plan to join forces and kill Julius. The end of his reign of terror will be done today.

The Princess and Linh prepare to attack Julius as he is distracted trying to kill the Queen and King. Violet tries to defend them but fails. The Princess and Ling are attacked by they are captured and Julius celebrates his conquest, as he tells The Princess that she was born to be his wife, nothing more than that. Of course, The Princess disagrees. One of Julius’ men throws her through a window, but she survives. Later, she reunites herself with Linh. They will save Violet together.

The Princess

The Princess and Linh crash the wedding, and The Princess gets ready to take on Moira, while Ling fights against Julius. During the fight, The Princess manages to strangle Moira with her own whip. However, Julius manages to wound the King, and then Linh. It all seems lost. Julius begins his speech, and The Princess seizes the change and cuts his head off, finally bringing an end to the conflict.

In the end, the King sees that her daughter is truly a warrior and knights her just like she always wanted. Now she is the heir to the throne. The castle celebrates as Ling and The Princess embrace. The doors to a new era have been opened.

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