‘The Wheel of Time’: Who Is the Blue Ajah Sitter & What Does She Really Do?

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The second season of ‘The Wheel of Time‘ started off slowly, but episode six, titled ‘Eyes Without Pity’ finally offered everything we hoped for. Many things have happened, and we also learned that Seanchan captured the Sitter of the Blue Ajah. So, let’s see who she is and what does she really do.

The Blue Ajah Sitter introduced in the show is Maigan. She is one of the three leaders of the Blue Ajah and is now being captured by Seanchan. Each Ajah has three Sitters, constituting the Hall of the Tower that convenes with the Amyrlin Seat at the White Tower. Sitters are the most important Aes Sedai in their Ajah.

Now that you know who is the Blue Ajah Sitter in the show let’s see in more detail what happened to her. You can also find out the differences between some of the Ajah and which is the strongest.

The Sitter of the Blue Ajah was captured by Seanchan, just like Egwene

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After Seanchan captured Egwene, Renna became her sul’dam. Renna was determined to train Egwene, breaking her spirit and making her susceptible. Things did not go as smoothly as Renna thought since Egwene showed resistance and tried to find ways to escape. However, the collar around Egwene’s neck made her unable to do anything that could harm her sul’dam.

Egwene underwent major torture, but she refused to accept Renna’s demands. This lasts long and leaves Egwene in bad shape, severely bruised and injured. Renna tried to explain to Egwene that her destiny from now on is to become a damane, and a powerful one. Eventually, Egwene realized she couldn’t resist Renna further because that would only harm her.

The test revolved around Egwene’s ability to pour water into a cup. As long as she considered running away or hurting Renna, the collar around her neck would continue to hurt her because A’dam has been created between her, a collar wearer, and Renna, a bracelet wearer.

After Egwenne was broken, she succumbed to Renna’s will and poured a cup of water. This meant that she was now damane, ready to serve. After realizing what she’d done, she burst into tears. And that’s when we see another woman in a cell next to hers, stating that she also could not resist the torture, even though she was a Sitter of the Blue Ajah.

Blue Ajah Sitter’s name is Maigan

In ‘The Wheel of Time’ lore, Aes Sedai are women who can channel the One Power and have been trained in the White Tower of Tar Valon. They are separated into different groups called Ajah. There is the Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Gray, and Brown Ajah, and it is now confirmed that the Black Ajah, devoted to the Dark One, also exists.

The woman enslaved in the cell next to Egwenne is Maigan, and she is the Sitter of the Blue Ajah. The Sitters are the heads of an Ajah, with three Sitters in each Ajah. So, twenty-one Sitters in total constitute the Hall of the Tower. The Hall convenes with the Amyrlin Seat whenever needed to discuss important questions in the White Tower. So, Sitters are leaders of their Ajahs, and their importance is significant.


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In the show, we already met Maigan when Moriene was banished from the White Tower as a punishment for gentling Logain. Maigain was the one who persuaded Moriene to stay at The White Tower and face the consequences of her actions. Not all Ajah are the same, and each has different values they advocate for.

What is the difference between Blue and Green Ajah?

As mentioned, there are seven Ajahs: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Gray, and Brown. A Dark Ajah is also devoted to the Dark One, but the White Tower refuses to admit its existence. Each Ajah is special in its own way, and on some occasions, some were at odds or still are, like Blue and Red, for example.

The Blue Ajah’s main concern and goal is saving the world, and they are all about justice and being noble for a greater cost. This Ajah is always on the lookout for what is happening and where the danger looms, and they are often very noisy when it comes to political discussions in the White Tower.

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Their devotion toward men is existent, but not much. It is believed that they tolerate men as long as they are not in their way of reaching their goals. They also bond with only one Warder at a time. The Blue Ajah has been allied with the Green Ajah for a long time, but some differences exist.

The Green Ajah is also called the ‘Battle Ajah.’ They are sure that the day will come when the Dark One will return and are preparing for when that day comes. The Green Ajah are great generals and tacticians in battles and can bond with many Warders simultaneously. This Ajah is very passionate and concerned with their appearances.

What is the most powerful Ajah?

While all the Ajah are powerful since they consist of some of the mightiest channelers of the One Power in the world, not all Ajah are oriented toward power and battle. That is why Green Ajah is considered the strongest out of all seven Ajah. They were always the most prepared for a fight and eagerly awaited the final clash with the Dark One in The Last Battle.


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So, out of all the seven Ajah, the Gren is the most powerful. But let’s not forget about the Black Ajah, dedicated to the Dark One’s cause. This Ajah is a secret, consisting of Aes Sedai, who abandoned their Oaths. This Ajah might be the most powerful because these Aes Sedai are now free from the Tower Law and can exploit their powers without restrictions.

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