‘The Witcher’: Why Did Yennefer and Istredd Have an Audience? The Weird Explicit Scene Explained

Istredd and Yennefer sex scene

Istredd has always been on Yennefer’s side in The Witcher, even when everyone had abandoned her because of her hunchback. However, their relationship felt forced at best, and when they finally slept with each other, it made for the weirdest scene in the show. While many fans were happy to see the sorry-looking Yennefer finding love, many can’t wrap their minds around why they had an audience during love-making.

Yennefer fell for Istredd because he was the only person who appreciated her while she was training at Aretuza. Their romantic relationship started even before Yennefer changed her appearance to look more attractive. They slept together on the initiation day, during which Yennefer created an illusionary audience under her control to watch them. She created the audience mostly as a show-off, although it marked a big turnaround in her life.

Istredd understood Yennefer’s reason for creating the fake audience, so he didn’t feel bad about it. He actually told Yenefer to make them do something rather than watch passively, so she made them clap when the two were done. The scene marked Yennefer’s transformation as she started taking control of her life and cementing her place in high places in society.

Who is Istredd in The Witcher?

Istredd in The Witcher

Istredd is a sorcerer and a member of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers who was in a relationship with Yennefer while she was studying at Aretuza.

He first met Yennefer when she accidentally portalled into the ruins Istredd was studying at Aretuza.

The two became closer when Tissaia finally brought Yennefer to Aretuza, but none of her fellow mages liked her.

Yennefer also had difficulty grasping the spells she was taught at Aretuza, so she would retreat to Istredd whenever she needed comfort.

During their time together, Istredd discovered that Yennefer had Elven blood and that her father, being a half-elf, was the cause of the curse that led to her spine being deformed.

Yennefer hoped he would keep the discovery a secret, but his loyalty to The Brotherhood caused him to disclose her Elven roots to Stregobor.


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Yennefer was angry at him for betraying her, but he later apologized, and the two remained friends afterward.

Before Yennefer’s initiation, she slept with Istredd in the ruins as the two were now in love.

However, they both understood that their relationship had a bleak future since Yennefer would be sent to a royal court somewhere while Istredd would continue studying relics.

While studying the monolith in Cintra, Istredd discovered that Ciri was alive and that she had Elder Blood.

Istredd is the one who informed the Elves about Ciri’s existence and that she had Elder Blood.

He is still close friends with Yennefer, although he knows she is in love with Geralt, making him uncomfortable when he sees them together.

Why did Yennefer create the illusionist audience?

Im sorry you chose power Istredd Yennefer The Witcher S1E7 000006

Yennefer created the illusionary crowd to witness her sleeping with Istredd as a way to feel good about herself and show off her powers.

She had been scolded by her foster family while growing up, and the abuse and rejection had always made her feel inferior.

Her relationship with Istredd was the first time she felt appreciated, and having a crowd watch it without scolding or abusing her made her feel powerful.

She wanted to feel the real power she had inside her and prove to the world that she was in charge of her life.


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Istredd wasn’t interested in the crowd because he already knew how powerful she was.

He still played along with Yennefer’s wishes and even encouraged her to make the crowd more interactive.

Istredd didn’t care about her deformed spine, but Yennefer was too desperate to feel appreciated that she agreed to change her appearance despite the huge implications involved.

When Yennefer met Istredd after she changed her appearance, he was still in love with her, but Stregobor talked him out of pursuing the relationship further.

Yennefer also realized that people liked her after she changed her appearance, but they never embraced her inner power as Istredd did.

The scene in the Aretozan ruins was, therefore, the only time that Yennefer felt she was loved for who she truly was rather than what she looked like.

Who does Yennefer end up with in the books?

Yennefer Istredd and Geralt

Despite having an on-and-off relationship with both Istredd and Geralt in the books, Yennefer ends up marrying Geralt.

She took her relationship with Geralt more seriously but would still go back to Istredd and spend months with him.

The two men finally decided to battle each other to the death for her love, but Yennefer manipulated them into abandoning the fight.

Istredd later learned that Yennefer had chosen Geralt as she continued to work with him to protect Ciri.


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The two continued to guide and protect Ciri on her quest to discover her true destiny until the events in The Lady Of The Lake, where both Yennefer and Ciri were captured and tortured by Vilgefortz.

Geralt saved both of them, but in the riots of Rivia that ensued afterward, Geralt was mortally wounded, and Yennefer nearly died trying to save him.

Depending on how you read into the ending of the book, Ciri eventually saves both of them, and they make their vows to each other when they finally wake up on a boat in a new place.

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