‘Thor 5’ Set for 2025 Filming as Studio Intensifies Search for Writer and Director According to Rumors

Thor Love and Thunder

There are over 30 projects rumored to be in development and scheduled for release within the next two years, with ‘Thor 5’ being one of them, according to increasingly loud rumors. Recently, Taika Waititi addressed the possibility of directing the fifth God of Thunder movie in the MCU, dismissing it by saying it’s not on his schedule at the moment.

Fans had mixed reactions, sighing with relief despite Waititi’s track record of delivering one of the best and one of the worst Thor movies.

Both Chris Hemsworth and the studio have now confirmed that ‘Thor 5’ is in development, but details about the project remain scarce. Notable scooper and leaker Daniel Richtman, however, has shared some updates.

According to his sources, the film is set to begin filming in the fall of 2025, and the studio is actively searching for a writer and director.

According to earlier rumors, the studio seems to have taken notes from the fallout of ‘Love and Thunder.’ Months ago, there were speculations that the tone of the next ‘Thor’ installment would be considerably darker, with the studio reportedly eyeing Gareth Edwards to helm the project.

The latest buzz from HolyField News suggests that the film is expected to undergo a tonal shift, with Thor journeying back to Valhalla to regain extraordinary abilities. Fans can also anticipate the highly awaited debut of Beta Ray Bill.

Additional rumors hint at the potential introductions of Thor Corps and Amora the Enchantress into the MCU. While Amora is a significant villain from the comics, likely tying into Secret Wars, Thor Corps could introduce a multiversal aspect to the storyline.

The incorporation of Thor Corps holds particular significance for the upcoming ‘Secret Wars.’ Regardless of how the movie unfolds, it’s unlikely to fare worse than the campy portrayal of Gorr.

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