Thor: Love and Thunder Has Two Post-Credit Scenes!


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Thor: Love and Thunder is on its way to theaters, and there are already people who are looking to get to know more about what will happen in the newest MCU movie. Of course, there is an interesting discussion online about the post-credit scenes of the movie, considering that some people don’t want to get spoiled about what would happen in the actual film. In that regard, we are here to talk about the post-credit scenes of the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder movie and what they could be about.

How Many Post-Credit Scenes Does Thor: Love And Thunder Have?

The newest Thor movie, which is the first standalone MCU movie to reach four installments, is nearing its release date. In that regard, more and more Marvel movie fans are looking to know more about what could happen in the movie and who will appear in it. This leads us to those who have inside knowledge about the film.

Nevertheless, we do know that those who know something about upcoming MCU movies tend to be good at keeping secrets. Because of that, those who want to know more about the upcoming MCU movies tend to only reveal small things about the post-credit scenes. And that’s because people want to know how many post-credit scenes are there before they sit and wait for ten minutes in the movie theater.


Is ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ The Last MCU Movie For Chris Hemsworth?

Post-credit scenes have become staples in MCU movies because of how they set up the future of the movie installment or the entire Marvel franchise. On top of that, post-credit scenes are also great for giving fans minor treats that would leave them happy. So, how many post-credit scenes does Thor: Love and Thunder have?

According to this insider, there are going to be two post-credit scenes in Thor: Love and Thunder. That means that the first one is going to be a mid-credit scene, and the second one will be the true post-credit scene. Of course, both of these scenes will probably follow the usual MCU formula wherein the first scene sets up the future of the movie while the second scene is more of a treat for fans.

In that regard, for those who already have their tickets for Thor: Love and Thunder, you already know that you have to wait until the very end of the movie to see the second post-credit scene. That means that you need to get your bladders ready because they would have to wait for ten or so minutes before they could be emptied.

What Happens In The Post-Credit Scenes Of Thor: Love And Thunder?

The very same insider that posted about the post-credit scenes of Thor: Love and Thunder never gave away clear details regarding what the scenes will be. But that person did indeed give out clues. The first scene is about a new character, while the second scene is about an old character.

In relation to the first scene, this could be anything because we do know that the MCU is getting bigger and bigger and has been introducing a lot of different characters that would only make the Marvel Cinematic Universe a lot bigger than it already is. But there are some people who believe that it could be Hercules because of the connection established by Zeus, who will be in the movie and is probably going to die.


Then there is also the possibility of Beta Ray Bill, another character who has wielded Mjolnir in the comics, as the new character to be introduced in the first post-credit scene. Chris Hemsworth did say that he is unsure whether or not he will be doing a fifth Thor movie, and that is where a new Thor-like character can enter the picture. And we already know that Jane Foster is the wielder of Mjolnir in Love and Thunder, but she could pass the hammer on to a new character that’s worthy.


Meanwhile, the second scene is the one that has gotten fans quite interested because it’s about an old character and is more of a closure. Newsflash: it was already mentioned that the second post-credit scene would not be about Loki, although Loki will be talked about in the movie through flashbacks.

There are some people who think that the character that would be featured in the second post-credit scene will be Erik Selvig because he is the only other Thor character from the older movies that is still alive in the continuity but has not been seen in a long while. The post-credit scene might allow us to see what the character has been up to and how he has been doing, especially considering that he was recently mentioned in the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series.

Whatever the scenes may be, what we can say for sure is that we are in for arguably the biggest Thor movie ever because this could probably be Thor’s final adventure. And those who will get to see the movie first before any other country shouldn’t give out spoilers.

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