‘Transformers: Earth Spark’ Ending Explained: Do the Autobots Manage to Defeat Mandroid?

Welcome to the Ending Explained for Transformers: Earth Spark. This is the latest installment in the long-running franchise, and it is now available on Nickelodeon and on the streaming platform Paramount+. The show counts on the direction of Steven Caple Jr. who will direct the next live-action installment in the series, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. So it might even be a good test of what it is to come in the franchise when that film finally arrives. However, we need to take into account that this series is mainly aimed at kids.

The series counts a great cast of voice actors; which includes Alan Tudyk as the new Optimus Prime, Rory McCann as Megatron and Danny Puddi as Bumblebee. The series creates a very family-friendly story where Robby and Mo, who are brother and sister, discover that Transformers are near their house. Kids and Transformers have always been connected, but in this opportunity, the new Transformers are born right on Earth, and they become a new subspecies named Terrans. It is quite an interesting development. It will be nice to see what the show does with it in the future.

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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Transformers: Earth Spark. Read at your own risk.

Are Twitch And Thrash The Only Terrans On Earth?

Unlike many iterations of the Transformers franchise, in Earth Spark, Megatron is allied with Optimus and the inhabitants of Earth. At least for now when they have a common enemy on Mandroid, a veteran doctor from the Transformer wars, the one that occurred during the original series from the 80s. Mandroid has been preparing his plan to basically eliminate all violent beings from Earth. This is his way to prevent war from happening. This is, of course, a very lofty objective, but one that he is executing in a very twisted way.

GHOST, the organization that serves as the liaison between humans and Transformers, is ready to celebrate their alliance with Optimus and Megatron, but sadly, their festivities are interrupted by an attack from Skywarp and Nova Storm. They are two Decepticons working for Mandroid. A battle ensues, and sadly, Dot and Megatron are both captured and taken to Mandroid’s lair. Mandroid wants to know the location of the place where the Terrans were born, Dot manages to escape, but Mandroid realizes that he needs the kids, Robby and Mo, so he sends the seekers on their way.

Meanwhile, Robby, Mo, and the rest of the Transformers are preparing to rescue Dot and Megatron, but Twitch and Thrash start asking questions about their origins. Mo and Robby take a trip to the cave where they were born. Inside, they find the Emberstone, an artifact belonging to Quintus Prime, who used to plant life on planets across the galaxies. This proves that Twitch and Thrash are definitely a new subspecies of Cybertronians. Nova and Skyward arrive and steal the Emberstone from the group.

However, before stealing the stone, Mo managed to activate it, creating three new Terrans in the process. Mo names each of them in turn. Their names are Nightshade, Hashtag, and Jawbreaker. They want to help save Dot and Megatron from Mandroid’s claws.

Does The Autobots Manage To Defeat Mandroid?

Mandroid continues to torture Megatron, but Dotty manages to create a distraction which also serves as a signal from Optimus and the others, so they can see where they are. Optimus and his team follow the sign and discover Mandroid’s lair. The new Terrans disguise themselves as Decepticons to enter the lair without being attacked. However, Mandroid sees through the ruse quite easily. A battle ensues between Optimus Prime, and the Terrans against Mandroid and his forces.

Our heroes manage to rescue Megatron and Dot, but Mandroid reveals his ultimate creation in the form of a huge mechanical beast. The gigantic robot is very much inspired by the design of Howl’s Moving Castle. The battle continues and all the Transformers join forces against Mandroid and his mecha. They destroy the beast and celebrate as Dot receives all the new Terrans into their family. However, Mandroid is nowhere to be seen, so it is expected that he managed to escape.

The episode ends with everyone celebrating their victory. Optimus Prime reaches Megatron, and they talk before the credits roll. Megatron feels disappointed that the GHOST forces didn’t help in the battle. He feels that for all their talk about an alliance, they are the ones that end up carrying the scars. Optimus assures him that the Terrans and the Malto family are the true Cybertronian/Human alliance and that together they might find a future for their race.

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