Undead Unluck: Who Is the Traitor in Union? Billy Alfred’s Story Explained!

Undead Unluck: Who Is the Traitor in Union? Billy Alfred's Story Explained!

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Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 18 volumes as of the time of writing. The story is a supernatural adventure filled with humor, so you can imagine the series will be filled with ridiculous powers and abilities. But, aside from these, the world of Undead Unluck is also filled with various intriguing characters, especially the Negators who are part of Under, as their stories are generally complex and tragic. The character we are going to explore in this article is Under’s leader, Billy Alfred, whose story is going to be presented to you here.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Billy Alfred is an important character from the Undead Unluck series, a secondary protagonist who turns out to be one of the major villains in the series related to the organization Under.
  • After the death of his wife and daughter, Billy wanted to use his Unfair ability to create a fair world with like-minded people; he was soon recruited by the Union, but he never believed in their power to fight God.
  • It turned out that Billy Alfred was the leader of the Union and that he was actually a traitor who never believed in the Union, which is when he became a villain in the series.

Billy Alfred’s treason is a result of his tragic past

The characters we’ve seen in Undead Unluck are interesting in more ways than one. Sure, most of them are ridiculous at the same time, but they are definitely intriguing. The latter part can generally be applied to members of Under, who always have some tragic backstories that explain why they are like they are. Billy Alfred is definitely a character to whom this fact can be applied, and this article will explain why that is like that.

As you probably know, every member of Under has a tragic background that drove them to become villains. Life had treated them unfairly and their villainous turn is actually a form of revolt, and while it is a somewhat repetitive motif, it makes these characters more interesting and more layered. Billy Alfred, as the leader of Under, definitely has one such story, and it actually starts many years before the present, when his wife and daughter were killed in an accident, and he himself could not forgive himself for what happened, which is why he decided to walk a different path.


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Before establishing Under, he formed the Horizon Balance group, which fought in wars to bring peace to the world. His ultimate goal was to create a fair world, a world where his wife and daughter would still be alive, which is a pretty solid motivation. He wanted to do right by them, so he wanted a world in which they would not be affected by the tragedy and still be alive.

After Horizon Balance failed, Billy went – one time – to his wife’s and daughter’s graves, where he was approached by Juiz, who offered him a place in Union, a group that also aimed to create a better world. Billy accepted, but once he got to know the members of the Union, he was unsure whether they would be able to serve his purpose and defeat Sun, the God of Undead Unluck. This resulted in him forming a separate group at the same time – Under – whose leader he became while being a member of Under and the Roundtable.

Of course, Under was an enemy of the Union, so Billy Alfred had to act as if he was loyal to the Union until the Unbelievable Arc, when Billy Alfred revealed himself as the leader of Under, thus confirming that he was actually a traitor and that he was not loyal to Union as everyone thought. He had organized Under because he thought that his like-manded Negators who shared a tragic fate just as him, would have a better chance at creating a more fair world than Union.

So yes, it can be said that Billy Alfred is, indeed, a traitor in Undead Unluck, although his reasons are not really that evil. He is not evil per se, but his agenda is his own and he sees Union as an enemy. He shouldn’t have – perhaps – infiltrated them and acted as a traitor, but it happened as it did, and with UMA Burn’s help, he was able to escape but he remains an enemy that the heroes will have to take care of later in the anime series. If you want to know what happens to him later, you can always check out the manga.

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