All 19 ‘Undead Unluck’ Story Arcs in Order

All X 'Undead Unluck' Story Arcs in Order

Undead Unluck is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, which has been ongoing since January 20, 2020, and has now been collected in 23 volumes as of the time of writing. An anime adaptation also premiered in 2023. In this article, we are going to discuss the manga’s structure. This article will be your ultimate guide to the narrative arcs of the Undead Unluck manga, as we will tell you everything you need to know about them.

Editor’s Note: This reading order is regularly updated due to the manga being ongoing. The last update was in April 2024, with Chapter 201: Ready!!

Undead Unluck manga arcs in order (at a glance)

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of Undead Unluck manga arcs at a glance.

100th Loop Saga

  1. Intro Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 1 (1–3)
    • Episodes: 1–2
  2. Unchange Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 1–2 (4–8)
    • Episodes: 3-4
  3. Spoil Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 2-3 (9–20)
    • Episodes: 5-10
  4. Unrepair Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 3–4 (21–30)
    • Episodes: 11-TBD
  5. Unbelievable Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 4–5 (31–36)
    • Episodes: 16-17
  6. Autumn Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 5–6 (37–52)
    • Episodes: 19-20
  7. Winter Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 7 (53–56)
    • Episodes: TBD
  8. Summer Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 7–8 (57–67)
    • Episodes: TBD
  9. Spring Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 8-11 (68–93)
    • Episodes: TBD
  10. Ragnarok Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 11–15 (94–132)
    • Episodes: TBD

101st Loop Saga

  1. Union Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 15–17 (133–144)
    • Episodes: 1–TBA
  2. Negator War Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 17–18 (145–153)
    • Episodes: TBD
  3. Unfeel Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 18 (154–160)
    • Episodes: TBD
  4. Untruth Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 19 (161–167)
    • Episodes: TBD
  5. Unmove Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 19-20 (168–172)
    • Episodes: TBD
  6. Sick Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): 20–21 (173–183)
    • Episodes: TBD
  7. Unburn Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): TBD (184–187)
    • Episodes: TBD
  8. Unjustice Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): TBD (188-190)
    • Episodes: TBD
  9. Unstoppable Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): TBD (191-198)
    • Episodes: TBD
  10. Language Arc
    • Volumes (Chapters): TBD (198 – TBD)
    • Episodes: TBD

As you can see, the structure is somewhat different than usual. Namely, the story is currently divided into two major sagas, the 100th Loop Saga (which has 10 arcs), and the ongoing 101st Loop Saga (which currently has nine arcs). Luckily for us, the Arcs evolve in a linear fashion, so it is relatively easy to follow them.

In what order should you read Undead Unluck?

Fans of Undead Unluck will need to start with the first volume of the manga, but they will then have to follow the release order of all the chapters to normally follow the evolution of the plot. It’s a lot of material, but the best way to approach it is to simply follow the release order, as it coincides with the evolution of the plot.


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Undead Unluck manga arcs explained

100th Loop Saga

Intro Arc

image 2024 01 19 174719909

Manga: Chapter 1 – 3
Anime: Episode 1 – 2

A young girl who brings bad luck named Fuuko meets a man who cannot die, whom she gives the name Andy. The two of them have to become unwilling allies while getting to know each other and facing the mysterious organization known as Union.


image 2024 01 19 174912293

Manga: Chapter 4 – 8
Anime: Episode 3 – 5

In order to become new members of Union, Andy and Fuuko have to find and kill another member of the group, Gina Chambers, who – incidentally – has a history with Andy.

Spoil Arc

image 2024 01 19 175024417

Manga: Chapter 9 – 20
Anime: Episode 5 – 10

Fuuko and Andy are tasked with going to a town called Longing, Nevada, where they have to deal with the UMA Spoil. But, things don’t go as smoothly when Victor suddenly appears instead of Andy.

Unrepair Arc

image 2024 01 19 175142105

Manga: Chapter 21 – 30
Anime: Episode 11 – 15

Andy and Fuuko are sent to Brazil to deal with a black market auction. There, they meet Rip Tristan, Unrepair, and find out about a mysterious group known as the “Negator Hunters.”

Unbelievable Arc

image 2024 01 19 175301569

Manga: Chapter 31 – 36
Anime: 16-18

A sudden revelation reveals that Billy Alfred is actually a traitor, as UMA Burn is also released. Union have to deal with this situation, but also with the fact that a rival group, Under, also exists.


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Autumn Arc

image 2024 01 19 175409548

Manga: Chapter 37 – 52
Anime: 19-20

A new era begins for Unions, with some new members as well. UMA Autumn is the main quest here, but we will also find out more details about Andy and Victor, as well as the enigmatic Akira Kuno.

Winter Arc

image 2024 01 19 175545492

Manga: Chapter 53 – 56
Anime: TBD

The leaders of the two opposing groups – Under and Union – have to engage in a bitter fight over who gets the powerful and special UMA Winter. It is one of the shortest arcs in the series.

Summer Arc

image 2024 01 19 175725696

Manga: Chapter 57 – 67
Anime: TBD

The main focus of this arc is UMA Summer, of course, but it will also reveal more details about the history between Shen and Feng Kowloon, one of the strongest fighters from Under.

Spring Arc

image 2024 01 19 175843521

Manga: Chapter 68 – 93
Anime: TBD

Summer has been taken care of, but in order to keep a watch over Winter, Fuuko has to go to Under. As the two groups’ fight reaches its climax, the fate of UMA Spring will also be determined.

Ragnarok Arc

image 2024 01 19 180113977

Manga: Chapter 94 – 132
Anime: TBD

Andy has to try and save Fuuko after she has been assassinated by Ruin. At the same time, following the completion of the four seasons quests, the world entered the Ragnarok phase. This is the final Arc of the 100th Loop Saga.

101st Loop Saga

Union Arc

image 2024 01 19 180307217

Manga: Chapter 133 – 144
Anime: TBD

A new Loop is beginning and Fuuko wants to establish the “ultimate Union”, with her first and primary task being to revive Gina Chambers. At the same time, new quests have to be dealt with.

Negator War Arc

image 2024 01 19 180419358

Manga: Chapter 145 – 153
Anime: TBD

The new Union has a lot to do. They have to find the artifact Remember in order to stop a large-scale war but also stop the tragedies that led the former Under members to become evil.

Unfeel Arc

image 2024 01 19 180538671

Manga: Chapter 154 – 160
Anime: TBD

As part of their new missions and goals, the new Union members head into space. Why? Well, the reason is simple – they need to go there in order to stop the tragedy that was originally part of Phil’s past.

Untruth Arc

image 2024 01 19 180709274

Manga: Chapter 161 – 167
Anime: TBD

The Union members enter a martial arts tournament known as the Tenraisai. Why? Well, Mei requested their help in order to stop her brother, Shen, from fighting to the death against his mentor, Feng.

Unmove Arc

image 2024 01 19 183935083

Manga: Chapter 168 – 172
Anime: TBD

The new Union Members enter Chikara’s school and usurp it… but why? Well, they decided to spare Chikara from the tragic past he had and have him lead a normal life.

Sick Arc

image 2024 01 19 184316196

Manga: Chapter 173 – 183
Anime: TBD

The Union members are heading to recruit Rip and Letla, but they have to help them by saving Leila’s life from a Master rule related to the UMA Sick in order to get them to join their cause.


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Unburn Arc

image 2024 01 19 184731231

Manga: Chapter 184 – 187
Anime: TBD

The Union members decide to recruit Enjin in order to save Andy from Sun, the god of Undead Unluck. But there is a catch: in order to recruit him, they have to enter a ramen-cooking competition.

Unjustice Arc

image 2024 01 19 184715124

Manga: Chapter 188 – 190
Anime: TBD

Master Rules have become more active in the Quests, and Andy knows their location. In order to stop them, though, they have to recruit Juiz’s reincarnation, Julia U. Stitia, to join their cause.

Unstoppable Arc

Unstoppable Arc

Manga: Chapter 191 – 198
Anime: TBD

In ‘Unstoppable Arc’ of the manga series Undead Unluck, Fuuko and Julia travel to Brazil with Haruka’s assistance to recruit Top. However, their mission takes a dangerous turn when they encounter a Master Rule, leading to a survival challenge where only the strongest will prevail.

Language Arc

language arc

Manga: Chapter 198 – ongoing
Anime: TBD

Beast’s neutralization is successful, leading to the addition of two more seats to the Round Table, the 14th and 15th. In the Master Room, inside the Sun, the 7th Master Rule confirms Beast’s neutralization. Soul emphasizes the need to defeat the Negators to bring Beast to a more validated world. Change questions why Beast lost, recalling their previous fight against Sick.

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