Unexpected Director Reportedly to Take the Helm of ‘Avengers 5’

kang dynasty 1

Of all the Marvel Studios movies coming up, the ‘Avengers’ series is the big one everyone’s buzzing about. With two new ‘Avengers’ flicks on the way, the fifth installment has had its fair share of drama lately.

Majors got the boot in December due to assault charges from his ex, and now, things are up in the air. The movie’s name switched from ‘Kang Dynasty’ to ‘Avenger 5,’ and we’re not even sure if Kang’s still the bad guy.

Jeff Sneider dropped some new info, or maybe just rumors, on us. On his latest Hot Mic show, he said the studio’s hunting for a fresh director who’s never directed a Marvel flick before, showing they’re considering all options. He also says his sources claim that the movie’s set to kick off filming early next year.

The movie’s journey has been a rollercoaster. Back on June 13, 2023, they pushed the release date from an unknown time to May 1, 2026. Then, on November 15, 2023, Deadline said Destin Daniel Cretton, the original director, bailed to focus on ‘Shang-Chi 2.’ Plus, on November 27, 2023, Michael Waldron jumped in as the new scriptwriter, taking over from Jeff Loveness.

At first, they planned to start shooting the next ‘Avengers’ in late 2024 in the UK. But with all the drama surrounding Majors, filming got pushed back again. Plus, there’s talk that the studio’s unsure which way to go with the whole Multiversal angle for this phase. Got thoughts? Drop them in the comments!

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