‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 7 Ending Explained: Did Patrick Mullins Commit Suicide?

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Here we are once again for another Ending Explained on Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3. The series is back on Netflix with a new series of mysteries that will leave your head scratching. The series really complements the Halloween mood that we can find during the season because some of these mysteries are truly creepy stuff. Volume 3 offers quite a nice variety of mysteries, ranging from ghosts, murder mysteries, and even aliens. Episode 7 focuses on one of these strange murder mysteries.

The episode focuses on the death of Patrick Mullins, a man with a very normal life, a fan of going on boat trips, and living a good life next to his wife and son. Patrick was very well-liked in his community, so when Patrick is found dead and the police rule out the cause of death as suicide, things start to become a bit strange. Between the reluctance of the police to investigate the case and some major clues that could actually have solved the case but never did, this is one of the show’s most interesting cases.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Episode 7 of Unsolved Mysteries. Read at your own risk.

Did Patrick Mullins Commit Suicide?

Patrick Mullins, like every other member of his family, was an avid fan of boats. They lived, for the most part, near the water, and so going on boat trips was something that they did every single week of their lives. So, we can count Patrick as an expert when it comes to this activity. He was such an avid fan that he bought a very nice boat from a very good brand. He knew what he was doing every time he stepped into his boat.

However, one day, his wife sees that the boat is not in the proper place and her husband is nowhere to be found. She calls her son to see if he knows where his father is, but the son, acting perfectly normal, says that his father probably took the boat out and that he would return soon. However, Patrick doesn’t return, so his wife and other members of his family begin the search for Patrick. It is a desperate hour, but when they finally find something, it paints a very sad and dreadful image. They only find Patrick’s boat, without him in it.

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The boat seems to have run out of fuel and just kept going until it hit the place where they found it. Meanwhile, Patrick is missing and no one knows where he could be. For weeks, friends, and family searched the vicinity, expecting to find him or his body somewhere. One day, another boat avid from the area sees something strange in the water. It is Patrick’s body. The man describes Patrick as very clean, with jeans and a t-shirt, and without one shoe. Patrick is tied up with a rope around his body in a very intricate way. The rope is tied at the other end to a small anchor.

The police come and all the proper procedures are followed. However, something weird happens. It seems that Patrick didn’t die from being drowned, but from a shotgun wound to the head. After this shot to the head, his body fell into the water, where he was found. The police rule out the death as a suicide. Saying that Patrick tied the rope around his body in that fashion and then threw the anchor, then shot himself and fell into the water.

What Could Have Really Happened To Patrick Mullins?

Friends and family are not convinced about Patrick committing suicide. There are no reasons for it. Patrick enjoyed a very happy home life, his finances were in a very good place, and he seemed to have no personal or emotional issues that could take him down that road. And so, friends and family tried to convince the police that there is something more, but the police were reluctant to continue the investigation. For them, it is a case closed.

Friends and family continue to investigate Patrick’s death by themselves, and they find that Patrick’s boat was scratched on one side. The scratch left some red paint on the side of Patrick’s white boat, so it is very noticeable. The people who knew Patrick’s boat certified that it wasn’t there days before his death. So what could have left that scratch?

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Something weird starts happening somewhere else. A friend of the family, Damon, becomes obsessed with Patrick’s death. While Damon knew Patrick, they were never close, so Damon’s reaction to the death comes across as out of place for many people. Damon starts having breakdowns and says he cries constantly for Patrick. It seems Damon knows more than he is revealing.

A big red flag is that Damon’s boat is read, and one day at a party, he ties a knot just like the one that was tied around Patrick, around his own body. It is a very creepy thing to see. Damon doesn’t allow his boat to be searched or examined by the police, and he dies just four years after Patrick. Whatever he knew about the crime, he took with him.

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