‘Unsolved Mysteries’ Episode 7 Review: Was It a Murder or a Suicide?

Welcome to the review for Episode 7 of Unsolved Mysteries. The popular TV shows find themselves once again on Netflix‘s library with its third volume. The series has found a new audience while being on the streaming service. Many people are expecting a new batch of interesting mysteries to dig into, and that is exactly what Volume 3 offers. The mysteries come in many flavors, and you will certainly find something to watch in this new batch of episodes.

Episode 7 gives us one of the best mysteries of the season. This mystery involves a man named Patrick Mullins and his strange death, one that will possibly never have proper closure, not only for lack of evidence but also due to the supreme disinterest of the authorities in solving it. This is one of those cases where it also seems like the clues lead directly to the person responsible for the crime, and yet, there was this wall in between that just stopped friends and family from having proper justice.

The episode continues to use the normal structure of interviews and recounts what happened to Patrick Mullins in his last days. Patrick Mullins grew up near the water, and his passion for it was immeasurable. However, one day, he and his boat just disappeared, and when the boat was found, Patrick Mullins was not on it. The boat looked completely empty of any clues, with no signs of struggle or blood or anything. Sometime later, the most terrible thing would happen when his body was found tied to an anchor.

This one, more than any other episode in Volume 3 so far, offers a clear answer as to what happened to the victim of the case. This is strange because this often doesn’t happen in this kind of mystery. The police’s complete disregard for this type of lead makes you wonder if there was something else. There are clear connections the police never bothered to track down, and that leaves the case unresolved. The police force isn’t as present in the interviews as it is in other cases, for a reason.

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The episode also focuses a lot on trying to paint a picture of Patrick Mullins. We need to understand that while the police rule out his death as a suicide, every single person that knew it in life just doesn’t seem to agree with it. Patrick Mullins was not having financial struggles or problems at his house. He wasn’t involved in any criminal activities, and he didn’t even have guns in his house. So when the family finds out that Patrick Mullins died even before going into the water, but of a shotgun shot at the head, well, things start looking a lot more sketchy.

The episode also recruits the help of some experts that help recreate what could have happened to Patrick Mullins in his last minutes of life. It is very interesting to see all these details through the lens of someone who knows what they entail. This also makes the episode stand out from others in the season, as there is really a lot to be said and analyzed about the crime scene, even when the police don’t believe there is.

In the end, Episode 6 of Unsolved Mysteries offers a very big mystery to solve, but one that feels closer to that goal than any other in the season so far. The show excels in episodes like this one when they really can go deep into analyzing the details and proposing theories about what happened to this man in his final moments. We might never know what happened to Patrick Mullins, but there is certainly something off about the entire case, and things like this should not be happening anymore.

SCORE: 8/10

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