Vegeta Ultra Ego vs. Goku Ultra Instinct: Who Would Win in a Fight?

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We all know that the entire Dragon Ball storyline follows Goku as the main character and Vegeta as the secondary protagonist. In most cases, Goku surpasses Vegeta, only for the latter to eventually catch up and become his equal once more. That was the case when Vegeta unlocked his Ultra Ego form, which was supposed to be his answer to Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct. But who would win in a fight between Vegeta Ultra Ego and Goku Ultra Instinct?

Goku’s Ultra Instinct is most likely more powerful than Vegeta’s Ultra Ego. The reason is that the drawback of Ultra Ego is its recklessness and lust for battle. Vegeta, in this state, is often too rash that it could be detrimental to him in any fight. In that regard, Goku is likely to win a battle against him.

There is no doubt that Vegeta is extremely powerful whenever he is in his Ultra Ego state, but there is a good reason why he was quite careful in using this power, as it made him quite rash and reckless. In that regard, the fact that Goku Ultra Instinct is a lot more careful in a fight is what gives him an edge here. But let’s look at this battle in a more detailed manner.


After Vegeta achieved his Ultra Ego form, he became one of the three most powerful non-god or non-angel beings in the entire universe as he ranks up there with Goku and Granolah. We all know for a fact that Vegeta’s strength is legendary because he draws it from his pride as a Saiyan prince. And whenever he is in his Ultra Ego form, Vegeta loses all of his moral inhibitions and is able to fight without thinking about whether or not what he is doing is either good or bad.

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Goku is at his strongest whenever he is in his Ultra Instinct form, as he was able to battle not only Jiren but also Moro, Granolah, and Gas in this transformation. We all know that this form allows him to achieve a strength level that is beyond what any of his Super Saiyan transformations could ever achieve, but Ultra Instinct is more about Goku’s speed and reaction time rather than his strength. Still, he is pretty strong in this form and is strong enough to hurt some of the strongest beings in the universe.


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The fact that Vegeta Ultra Ego loses all of his moral inhibitions is what makes him a bit stronger than Goku Ultra Instinct, which relies more on speed and reaction time. In that regard, Vegeta sacrifices defense for the sake of strength while in this form.

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Like any other transformation that increases the power level of the character, the Ultra Ego state makes Vegeta exponentially faster than he is in his base form. But the thing about this transformation is that he isn’t always utilizing his speed to its maximum because of the fact that he relishes straight-up combat and is more likely to face his opponent headstrong instead of actually being a bit more judicial with the way he uses his speed.

The first thing everyone noticed in relation to Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation is his increased reaction time and speed. He is so fast in this state that not even Jiren can keep up with his movements. That’s because Ultra Instinct allows Goku to instinctively react to his opponents’ movements and counter with his own attacks. He no longer has to think about how to dodge or how to react because his body moves instinctively, and that means that he is extremely fast in this state.

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While Vegeta is all strength in Ultra Ego, Goku’s Ultra Instinct is all reaction and timing. That’s why Goku is faster than Vegeta whenever he is in his Ultra Instinct state.

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When Vegeta enters his Ultra Ego state, he fills himself with the power of a God of Destruction as only those who trained as Gods of Destruction can gain access to it. In that regard, Vegeta is essentially a God of Destruction while he is in Ultra Ego, and that means that he has the power to wipe out entire worlds and universes in a hurry using his immense power. In fact, he is capable of using a large Sphere of Destruction while he is in his Ultra Ego state, as that was what he used against Granolah in their fight.

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Goku’s power levels are exponentially increased while he is in his Ultra Instinct state as he was able to overpower Jiren and fight Moro on par. Ultra Instinct is basically the base form that the Angels use as they have incredible fighting abilities and power levels as well. But Goku is yet to reach the level of an Angel, as seen from the fact that he still cannot defeat Beerus when he is in his Ultra Instinct form.

There is a possibility that Vegeta’s Ultra Ego has more raw power than Goku’s Ultra Instinct. That’s because Ultra Ego is the state that a God of Destruction is able to achieve. In that regard, it is possible that Vegeta’s destructive power is greater than Goku’s own power.

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As powerful as Vegeta’s Ultra Ego state is, it tends to make him rash and reckless. That’s because it reverts him back to his very nature as a Saiyan Warrior, who is someone that fights without ever thinking about anything related to morals. Vegeta has no moral inhibitions in this form and lacks the same kind of careful decision-making that a fighter needs to have in any fight. As such, he tends to be more headstrong and reckless than he already is.

While Goku is indeed great at avoiding attacks while he is in his Ultra Instinct state, the biggest drawback of this form is the fact that it tends to use up a ton of Goku’s stamina. Even after mastering it, he still cannot sustain it for a very long time as he needs to make sure that he has enough energy to access the state. Meanwhile, the physical strain it has on Goku’s body is also so great as it pushes his body to the limits. This is why Goku only uses the state whenever he has an opponent that his Super Saiyan Blue form cannot defeat.

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Even though the stamina drain and the physical strain that Ultra Instinct has is great, that is still better than Vegeta becoming more reckless in battle. Even if Vegeta is incredibly powerful in Ultra Ego, he can still lose a fight because of his rash nature.

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Ultra Ego Vegeta is one of the newer forms in the entire Dragon Ball canon, as he was able to achieve it in the Granolah the Survivor Saga, which is the latest arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga. He did not defeat any major opponent while in this state, even though he was able to overpower Granolah before the latter mutated his eye and matched Vegeta’s power. Meanwhile, Vegeta was not even able to defeat Gas.


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Goku, in his Ultra Instinct state, has defeated almost everyone he had to face in battle. He overpowered Jiren’s strongest state in the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, in the Galactic Prisoner Saga, he defeated Moro, who also had access to Ultra Instinct. Of course, in the Granolah the Survivor Arc, it was Goku who managed to defeat Gas after he was inspired by the image of his father, Bardock.

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There simply is no denying the fact that Goku Ultra Instinct has more feats than Vegeta Ultra Ego. After all, Goku is the hero of the Dragon Ball storyline, and that means that he should be the one to defeat the villain at the end of every saga that involves him.

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Vegeta Ultra Ego vs. Goku Ultra Instinct: Who Would Win In A Fight?

There is no denying the fact that Vegeta Ultra Ego is incredibly powerful and is just as destructive and as strong as a God of Destruction. But the fact is that Goku’s Ultra Instinct seems to be the better form to use in a battle because it doesn’t have the same drawbacks and is capable of minimizing the damage suffered by the user. Of course, Goku has the more impressive feats while in this state compared to Vegeta’s Ultra Ego, which is still in its early stages in the storyline.

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