Vermithor vs. Balerion: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

Vermithor vs Balerion

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Dragons are the most lethal weapons that Targaryens have at their disposal. They are giants, they are able to roast a man alive, and are capable of large devastation. House of the Dragon gave us a bigger insight into the lives and workings of the dragons, and we’ve even managed to see a few historically important dragons. In today’s post, we’re going to pit two large dragons against each other. We’re talking about Vermithor and Balerion. One dragon died of old age and one of them died in a brutal three-way skirmish. When we compare Vermithor and Balerion, who is bigger and stronger? 

Balerion was both bigger and stronger than Vermithor. Vermithor was for a short time the largest living tamed dragon, but still, when it comes to size Balerion is still the largest known dragon that ever existed. When it comes to their strength, Balerion had dragonfire that managed to melt stone itself. While Vermithor was a formidable dragon as well, his flames and size come nowhere near Balerion the Black Dread. 

Now that we know which dragon was bigger and stronger, it’s time to analyze both dragons in a bit more detail. As we’ve already mentioned both dragons were at one time known as the largest living dragons, and both dragons were known to be powerful. If you’re interested keep reading!

Vermithor vs. Balerion: size comparison 

Balerion was at his prime, able to instill fear in just about anybody. He was historically the largest dragon that Targaryens ever had. His long life allowed him to grow until he reached incredible proportions. Balerion was described as being large enough that the shadow of his wings was able to swallow whole towns. He had jaws high large enough to swallow aurochs and hairy mammoths whole.

The mere sight of Balerion managed to keep Lords of the Seven Kingdom from even thinking about rebellion. 

The only dragon that ever came close to Balerion in terms of size was Vhagar. It is possible that she would have surpassed him if she hadn’t died at the battle Battle Above the Gods Eye

When it comes to Vermithor, after Vhagar’s death, he was known as the largest living tamed dragon for a short time. His relatively long life allowed him to grow to a superior size compared to other dragons. 


Vermithor was a giant dragon and one who was without a rider most of his life. After his first rider Jaehaerys I Targaryen died, Vermithor refused all other riders. He was eventually claimed by a dragonseed blacksmith’s bastard Hugh Hammer.

Vermithor vs. Balerion: strength comparison

What can be said about Balerion’s strength that hasn’t been said already? Balerion had dragonfires hot enough to melt stone, the walls of Harrenhall burned like candles under his flames. 

His teeth were long enough to be compared with swords. Balerion was by far the most fiercest dragon that Targaryen’s ever had.  During Aegon’s conquest between the three dragons Vhagar, Balerion, and Meraxes more than 4 thousand men were burned.

Near the end of his life, Balerion wasn’t as powerful, but his legacy still lived on. 

Not much is known about the strength of Vermithor, save for the fact that he was a formidable and large dragon. Called the Bronze Fury, Vermithor was known to be a stubborn dragon, refusing all riders after Jaehaerys I Targaryen died. He threatened to burn them all. 

Balerion skull

At 100 years old, his life ended after his rider Hugh Hammer turned sides, betrayed Rhaenyra, and joined the Greens.  Vermithor died in a battle between 3 dragons. He managed to take down both Seasmoke and Tessarion. 

The battle wouldn’t be so difficult for Vermithor if Tessarion wasn’t there to join the fight. Due to his age, size, and strength Seasmoke was an easy target for him. No matter what the objective strength of Vermithor was, it’s doubtful that any dragon alive at the time could stand his ground, as well as Vermithor did against two other dragons.

Sadly Vermithor didn’t survive as well. He managed to rip the head off of Seasmoke in a terrifying display of strength. Even if he was able to survive his injuries, he would probably not have been able to take flight ever again since his wings were ruined. 


Vhagar vs. Drogon: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

With everything said, between Balerion and Vermithor. It’s clear who the winner is. Balerion was a legendary fierce dragon, one that managed to conquer the whole kingdom. Vermithor was the largest tamed dragon at the time only due to Vhagar dying. 

And even though he managed to hold his ground in a fight against two other dragons, it’s questionable how would he fare in a fight against Balerion.

When it comes to Balerion, no other dragon was described as having dragonfire as hot as him, or teeth as monstrous as him. The winner of this fight is clear. Balerion was clearly a superior dragon when compared to Vermithor. 

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