Vhagar vs. Drogon: Who Is Bigger (And Stronger)?

vhagar vs drogon

The world of George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) is one that’s full of different creatures, but none of them were ever as captivating as the dragons. Of course, there have been a lot of dragons that the history of Westeros has seen ever since the Targaryens conquered the continent. Two of the greatest of these dragons are Vhagar and Drogon, who both lived in different times. So, who between Vhagar and Drogon is bigger and stronger?

Vhagar is likely to win a fight against Drogon because he is bigger, stronger, and more experienced. Drogon is indeed quite big and strong for his age and could end up becoming the biggest. However, the last time we saw Drogon, he probably wasn’t half the size of Vhagar, who was close to Balerion’s size.

Even though Vhagar wasn’t the strongest dragon, its sheer size was what allowed it to become as fearsome as any other dragon in history. On the other hand, Drogon doesn’t have any advantages over Vhagar except for its speed. Still, as fast as Drogon may be, we believe that Vhagar is far stronger. That said, let’s look at this battle in greater detail.

Vhagar vs. Drogon Size Comparison

When it comes to George RR Martin’s dragons in his different books, he wasn’t too clear on how big they were because he didn’t use accurate measurements. Nevertheless, we do know that some of his dragons are quite big, especially when we look at their depictions in the series. As such, we will try our best to look at how big Vhagar and Drogon are.

Vhagar was born more than 50 years before Aegon conquered Westeros. This dragon was one of the three original dragons that Aegon and his sister wives brought to Westeros to conquer the continent under one Targaryen banner. That time, Vhagar was the smallest of the three dragons but ended up outliving both Balerion and Meraxes. But while it was smaller than them, Vhagar was still pretty big by any standards.

During the time of the Dance of Dragons, Vhagar was already quite old and was 181 by the time of its death. Because of its old age, it had grown to become quite big as dragons never stop growing. As such, Vhagar had become the closest to Balerion in terms of its size as it was bigger than Meraxes was at the time of its death. 

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We all know that Balerion is incredibly big and was capable of completely covering towns in darkness whenever it flew over them. Considering that Vhagar was close to Balerion’s size, it is possible that it was also capable of doing the same. We also know that Vhagar, during its final battle, was twice as large as Caraxes, who was a huge dragon but not quite as big as the bigger dragons in Westeros.

On the other hand, Drogon was never the biggest dragon in Game of Thrones because he was relatively young compared to all of the other dragons that the Targaryens had under their command. But, despite his youth, he was already quite big as his head alone was just about as long as Jon Snow’s entire body. 

drogon jon snow

Nevertheless, in the latest book, which is A Dance With Dragons, Drogon wasn’t quite as large as he was in the series because he only had a wingspan of 20 feet. Considering that Drogon probably wasn’t in his adult age in this book, it is quite possible that he might end up becoming as big as he is in the final season of Game of Thrones by the end of the entire storyline in the novel.

While Drogon was indeed the biggest of Daenerys’s three dragons, he wasn’t as big as the legendary dragons of the Targaryen dynasty. In fact, according to size comparisons, Drogon wasn’t even as big as Caraxes.

Considering that Vhagar is second to Balerion only in size and is twice as large as Caraxes, it is most likely more than twice the size of Drogon. As such, there is no competition if the battle came down to a test of size and strength, considering that Vhagar dwarfed the smaller and younger Drogon.

Vhagar vs. Drogon Strength Comparison

Vhagar was one of the three dragons that forced the kings of Westeros to kneel to the Targaryens as the entire continent was placed under Aegon’s rule due to a dream that he had. As such, this dragon was a veteran of countless battles against armies and dragons alike during the time of its death. By the time of the Dance of Dragons, there was no other dragon that was bigger and physically stronger than Vhagar.

three dragons

We all know that Vhagar has flames that could melt a knight’s armor and cook him inside. It could also swallow a horse down with ease due to how large it was. Of course, by the time of the Dance of the Dragons, Vhagar was the uncontested alpha of the dragons.

Nevertheless, Daemon, mounting Caraxes, challenged Vhagar, who was mounted by Aemond. Caraxes proved to be a challenge to Vhagar, and it was able to counter the older dragon’s size and strength with its speed and ferocity. As such, Caraxes and Vhagar fought to a draw, but it was Caraxes that came out of the fight alive as it dragged itself to shore before it died due to its wounds. This means that, while Vhagar may have been bigger and stronger than most dragons, it wasn’t as powerful as Balerion was in its prime.


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Meanwhile, Drogon showcased the same kind of ferocity that some of the most ferocious dragons in Westeros have ever had. He was able to burn down an entire Lannister army all on its own due to the sheer strength and heat of its flames. Drogon was also responsible for the destruction of King’s Landing. On top of that, Drogon proved to be a match to a reanimated Viserion, who had become much faster and stronger than the alive version.

drogon fire

Drogon’s scales are also very tough, and a bolt from a scorpion did not kill him. He was wounded after getting hit by the scorpion, but he still recovered quickly enough from it. And that was the only time we ever saw an adult Drogon getting wounded in Game of Thrones.

All that said, both Vhagar and Drogon had their moments in the history of Game of Thrones. It is possible that Drogon is faster than Vhagar, as Drogon is likely as strong or even stronger than Caraxes. However, the fact that Vhagar is a veteran of a hundred battles and is still physically bigger and stronger than Drogon gives it the edge over the younger dragon.

Vhagar vs. Drogon: Who Is Bigger And Stronger?

At its peak, Vhagar was a legendary dragon that was one of the symbols of the strength of the Targaryen family. That means that it was incredibly strong and ferocious even as it reached an advanced age. Drogon, on the other hand, may be stronger than most dragons that are just as big or even slightly bigger than he is, but he probably can’t do anything against a peak Vhagar’s sheer size. Nevertheless, potential-wise, we do believe that Drogon has the makings of the biggest and strongest dragon in history because he was already quite large and strong at his young age during the end of Game of Thrones.

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